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Life of a real estate agent is hectic and there’s a lot of organization and paperwork to be done on a daily basis besides meeting clients and helping them sell their property or find a new one to buy.

Doing all the mundane daily tasks eats up real estate agents’ precious time and draw them away from the tasks that bring revenue and grow their business.

Just think about how much time would you have to close more deals if you didn’t have to read through a whole bunch of emails, answer hundreds of phone calls, keep an eye on your finances and make appointments every day.

The list of those ordinary yet time-consuming tasks is endless.

However, outsourcing such routine and perhaps even more creative tasks to an experienced specialist real estate Virtual Assistant would free up a lot of your time so that you can focus on your core duties.

Here are some of the basic and more challenging tasks a trained real estate Virtual Assistant can do to help you win back your time, no matter whether you’re a single real estate agent or working in an agency team, based on their skill set and level of expertise.

1. Administrative Real Estate Tasks

By delegating monotonous admin tasks to a real estate Virtual Assistant, your time will become better organized, which will boost your productivity.

Just imagine all those dull but unavoidable duties being professionally handled by a reliable VA:

  • Getting through hundreds of emails every morning, filtering them, responding to inquiries, sending follow-up emails to home buyers, and handling other back and forth emailing
  • Making and answering phone calls (including the ones irrelevant to your business), diverting them when needed
  • Communicating with agents, receiving and screening calls from buyers or sellers
  • Taking messages for you, noting down the important facts
  • Managing your personal and work calendar, setting up meetings, rescheduling appointments
  • Gathering and organizing all the paperwork, filing documents
  • Entering data into spreadsheets and organizing them
  • Reviewing and proofreading various documents
  • creating business files, curating and updating the data in them,
  • Calculating costs, monitoring your work results and creating weekly, monthly etc.reports
  • Handling payments and coordinating other financial transactions
  • Reminding you of upcoming events and obligations in advance, and many more other admin tasks

Wouldn’t it be a relief for you having someone take care of your logistics and leaving you enough time and energy to devote to more important tasks?

2. Marketing Tasks

Depending on how knowledgeable your real estate Virtual Assistant is about marketing, there’s a wide range of basic and advanced tasks that can be taken off your plate, such as the following:

  • Crafting your online marketing campaigns
  • Designing and creating brochures, catalogs, signage, flyers and forms (both for digital and print media)
  • Creating, posting, scheduling, optimizing and updating content on your business website (e.g. business blog) and on your social media platforms
  • Collecting, creating, and organizing visuals for your advertising campaigns
  • Posting adverts on social media and engaging with your audience there
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations for home buyers
  • Taking marketing photos and videos for campaigns
  • Making and editing property ads or any other marketing material
  • Adding audio comments to house virtual tours
  • Creating and scheduling and automating email marketing campaigns
  • Doing keyword research
  • Link building to boost your website organic traffic
  • Generating leads and converting prospects into customers
  • Monitoring your marketing efforts, examining stats and your competitors, and creating reports so that you can easily figure out which approaches are working for your business

Wouldn’t you be able to meet more clients and generate more sales if an expert VA built your public profile and did all these and many other marketing tasks for you?

And all of them are an absolute necessity if you want to stay competitive in today’s market.

Of course, you’d be able to focus on what really matters to your business and accomplish more if you found a true gem – specialized real estate Virtual Assistant to fit your business’ marketing needs.

3. Managing Your Listings

Your specialist real estate VA can make sure:

  • Your listings are always up-to-date in your Zillow or MRS account
  • Your leads are entered in your CRM system, and
  • All the other data is current

In short, they can handle your listing presentations, coordination and updates, so that you can always rely on the data you take from the listings without worrying about any data entry work.

4. Researching Your Leads or Listings

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Googling the name of every single lead to find out more about their needs and requirements before you approach them with your business offer is a huge time drag.

This is another task where a trained real estate Virtual Assistant can prove handy. After spending hours doing research and organizing the results, you’ll be able to immediately answer almost any common question from hunters, such as:

  • How many property bedrooms are overlooking quiet streets?
  • Which of your listings have kitchens facing west?
  • Which properties are close to the highway?
  • Are there any businesses in the neighborhood buyers wouldn’t want close to their home? etc.

By doing research and creating relevant profiles, they can help you find out who you’re dealing with and get prepared for the job.

Your real estate Virtual Assistant can be a gold mine when it comes to your leads relevant details which can sometimes make or break your business.

5. Coordinating Property Showings

Scheduling, rescheduling and canceling showings at the last minute is overwhelming. It can take up a lot of your energy until you find the most convenient time for every party – buyers, sellers and agents.

Avoid the headache by letting your VA manage your calendar professionally and get all the necessary prep work done for your successful property showings.

You can even take it a step further and entrust your Virtual Assistant the work of showing houses to clients if they excel at that field and live nearby.

6. Customer Feedback Tasks

Reaching out to your clients after the deal has been closed if a critical part of building long-term relationships with them.

Your VA can be a huge help in keeping your finger on your clients’ pulse by creating and customizing feedback forms and collecting data or even asking them for new referrals.

You can even provide scripts for them to make sure they’ll be able to get honest, valuable feedback from buyers’ agents.

Doing follow-ups, gathering and analyzing this feedback can also help you significantly improve your marketing campaign effectiveness a lot.

7. Preparing Meeting Materials

This task involves creating presentations, videos, or handouts about what people need to know before purchasing a particular house, as well as drafting a list of questions and other important points regarding property so that you arrive at your meetings fully prepared and that you avoid forgetting critical details.

All these and similar tasks can be delegated to your trustworthy and experienced real estate Virtual Assistant.

These are just a few of numerous ways a qualified real estate Virtual Assistant can help to scale your business while you’re focused on making your ROI grow.

They can do a wide variety of other specialized tasks to help you make more money in less time, as well as to avoid mental and physical exhaustion.

As soon as you hire a specialized real estate Virtual Assistant, you will notice your productivity goes up. Your path to daily, weekly or monthly goals will be totally cleared with the help from a seasoned expert who knows all the ropes of your business.

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  1. Neil Jordan

    Thanks for your explanation on these 7 Real Estate Jobs for Virtual Assistants.
    I must say, A capable Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take important tasks off your plate so that you can focus on more property selling.

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