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Live Chat for Customer Service

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This course will teach you how to provide stellar customer service over this highly popular real-time communication channel.

The introductory lesson will walk you through the top five most commonly used live chat tools you may encounter as a Customer Service Assistant.

You’ll find out why live chat is so vital for online businesses and get a basic understanding of the setup, installation, features, and options of these tools so that you know how to navigate them once you start working.

Moreover, you’ll be able to overcome a common fear of speaking to foreigners and boost your confidence with the help of many outstanding real-life example scripts for efficient service.

You’ll uncover the metrics employers usually use to track your live chat performance. These insights will enable you to figure out the best way for you to track time and ROI on live chat to prove your value to your employer so that you cannot be easily sacked.

Kick-Starting Sales Conversation

Perfecting your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure is vital when it comes to hitting the delicate balance between being friendly and professional at the same time in each live chat conversation.

Standard Greetings and Chitchat

Will teach you how to harness the power of effective, friendly greetings and immediately set the right tone for successful conversations with customers. You’ll also learn how personal those conversations can and should get.

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