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Global Language and Culture for Customer Service

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The perfect course for those that want to gain deep and systematic knowledge of the global working environment every Customer Service Representative will have.

What is considered funny in one culture, may be perceived as offensive in another. This can cause numerous misunderstandings.

Understanding Global language starts with understanding the tone and voice and how they differ one from another. Once you learn how to adjust your tone and voice, we will show you how to take care of your spelling and grammar in order to polish your language.

Unfortunately, there will always be disputes and unfortunate cases of trolling, discrimination based on gender, nationality and race. However, this course equips you with the most effective techniques on how to deal with those.

By the end of this course, you will learn all about the challenges and amazing varieties in Global Language & Culture which will set a good basis for your further training for the Customer Service Assistant jobs.

Being A Customer Service Assistant

You need to spot these possibilities for misunderstandings and prevent them from happening. That is the only way to keep your client’s customers happy and returning.

How To Understand Cultural Differences

Find out and understand about what are the best ways to respond to questions and pose them in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Make a conscious decision about the tone you’re going to use.

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