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Student Handbook

In this guide we help you understand how to make the most of your online learning experience.

  1. Get Started
    • How to enroll?
    • How to join the Small Revolution Facebook group?
  2. Courses & Lessons
    • How to enroll?
    • How to join the Small Revolution Facebook group?
  3. Scholarship Programme
  4. Graduation & Jobs

Getting Started

How to enroll?

Welcome and thank you for joining Small Revolution. To get started you need to enrol to Small Revolution school.

How to join the Small Revolution Facebook Group?

The Small Revolution Facebook group is exclusive to our students, hence, you need to be a student of Small Revolution school to join.

Here you can interact with other students and even those who already graduated. You will benefit in the following ways:

  • Getting helpful feedback on your assignments from instructors, graduates and also other students.
  • Get to ask questions and also give your feedback regarding a particular topic or lesson.
  • Help boost your attitude as a student and eventually as a successful online worker.

Courses & Lessons

The Small Revolution online training school offers 3 learning paths:

  • Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Become a Customer Service Assistant
  • Become an eCommerce Copywriter

Whether you’re new or an experienced online worker we recommend that you start with our introductory course which is the Become a Virtual Assistant. You’ll receive a solid education in online fundamentals such as how to work efficiently, basic file management, common tools, password security and more.

Each course is designed to help you hone your skills and develop a reliable, effective, and positive attitude towards work.


As part of our aim to help you become a competent online worker most of our lessons has a quiz at the end of it. These quizzes are meant to gauge your understanding of the subject lesson.

You only have two attempts to complete each lesson quiz. A pass mark of 50% is required. Please note that your quiz score also reflects your knowledge and how you understand the lessons given.


We believe that the best way to learn something is to try doing it. Practice makes perfect!

When doing your assignments you can follow the steps provided or create your example to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The aim is to apply what you’ve learned from the training and provide samples of your work and add it to your ePortfolio or resume. Your potential employers will be able to check your ability or skills.

Feel free to share your assignment in Small Revolution Facebook group to get helpful feedback. Have a look at the short video clip below, our students love to share their work.

Scholarship Programme

The Small Revolution Scholarship programme has been designed to assist people who truly need help to achieve their goals.

Those who get approved for our scholarship will have unlimited free access to the Virtual Assistant learning path. Whether you’re new to working online this learning path will provide you with important fundamentals to help you work effectively online.

Students, from all across the globe, are reaping the benefits, including better wages and fast-tracking their career in a growing industry, from the specialised training courses offered by Small Revolution.

Learn how the Small Revolution scholarship programme changed the lives of our students and graduates. 

Click here to watch their inspiring video testimonies and motivational message.