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Choose Your Shortcuts Carefully: Don’t Cheat

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We have a confession to make–we’ve been watching our students take their tests.

Don’t go rushing to put some tape over your webcam. It’s nothing like that. We don’t really spy on you! Well…just a little bit. And only while you’re reading the lessons and taking the quizzes. Honestly!

Now, seriously. In order for us to improve and the quality of our graduates that we promote to the online employers, we needed to know how people do on their quizzes.

That is why we use something called MouseFlow that shows us the mouse movements and the clicks you make while you read the lessons and take the quizzes. We need to make sure you are taking the tests seriously.

We have found a couple of things that need our and your attention:

  • People taking the quizzes too quickly without the time to consider the answers
  • People trying to copy the correct answers and retake the quizzes

Let’s stop for awhile and understand why these things happen and what they actually mean.

People Taking the Quizzes Too Quickly

Why might people rush through the quizzes? There can be many reasons. They may be in a hurry, they may lack the patience or they just want to blaze through the entire course and finally get to the end of it all and start looking for a job.

All these reasons are quite understandable, but, unfortunately, that doesn’t quite work like that. Why? This method will backfire. You may run into several issues with your employers if this is the attitude you have toward your training.

Firstly, no employer wants an impatient employee who makes a lot of mistakes. By rushing through your lessons, that is exactly the impression you are making. Some people want you to be fast, but that doesn’t mean they would tolerate the mistakes that come along the way.

If you choose to have the speed as your strength, make sure to turn it into efficiency, or otherwise, you are just sloppy.

Take a look at this quiz transcript:

screenshot of transcript

Less than a minute, a minute and a half…this person really didn’t have the patience to do this test. The result – retaken quizzes and less than perfect scores.

If you were an employer and you invested your time and your money to your online business, hoping it would become a big hit, would this be a person you’d like on your team?

Would you be worried that they will have the same attitude toward the work you’re entrusting them with? We would. So, don’t be that person!

People Cheating

You know, a lot of our writers who create these lessons are actually teachers. Be sure that, every time you cheat, they KNOW! It’s like a sixth sense!

OK, not really.

Still, it doesn’t mean you are off the hook. We noticed that some of our students take the quiz only to see the correct answers given to them after completion and then go back to the same quiz, taking it again.

Why do people do this? People always cheat for the same reason – they want the result quickly without putting any real effort to it. Ask yourself again – is that the type of worker you want to be? Do you want to base your career on that attitude? You can, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last.

The tests are not there to make your life harder. They are not there to make you ‘suffer’. They are useful because they help you check how much you’ve learned.

Due to this kind of behaviour, we limited the number of times you are allowed to take the test and we don’t show the correct answers in the end anymore:

screenshot of Facebook about training transcription

By cheating and getting good results without studying, you are only cheating yourself. What is your perfect score worth if you get a job and have no idea how to do it? You cannot rush or cheat your way through knowledge and the knowledge and the skills are your only keys to a successful online career.

Of course, there are people who are taking their time with the quizzes and are taking them quite seriously. This is one of the good examples of transcripts.

screenshot of good transcript

This person was fast were they could be fast and they took their time on the quiz questions that required thorough and careful examination. You can notice that they have a perfect score.

Don’t bother with trying to get that perfect score. It is not essential for everything to be 100%. You can slip here and there and it is totally understandable. Mistakes happen. Do the best you can and take your training seriously. Quizzes are there to help!

In Summary

Testing your knowledge is not something to be afraid of. Testing gives you an opportunity to pinpoint your weaknesses and work on them until you improve them.

As a way of testing your knowledge and giving you a chance to improve yourself, we created quizzes after our lessons. We noticed, using the MouseFlow, that some candidates rush through the quizzes or even cheat to get great results.

Of course, it is understandable why somebody would do such things. They want to finish quickly and start earning their money sooner than later. Also, they want to have the perfect score even if they haven’t studied that hard.

However, this approach to your training can backfire. Employers want hard-working and ethical employees. They want people with knowledge and skills. If you present yourself as a cheater who hasn’t actually learned anything from the lessons or a sloppy person who just blazes through their task at hand – you are not looking at a long and fruitful career.

Therefore, take the time to read the lessons and learn them. Understand the questions and carefully choose the answers. Gain the necessary skills and knowledge and start your new career with confidence.

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