How To Create An FAQ Page That Works While You Sleep

  When you start an online store you’ll have to manage a lot of things like creating unique content, designing the online store, attending meetings with staff members, and so on. This means that you don’t have a lot of time on your hands unless you have budget for more staff. So how do you… Read More »

How To Write A Refund Policy For eCommerce

Sometimes when customers are not satisfied with the product or service they received – either because of low quality or the product failed to work as expected – they return them and ask for a refund. Returns may either be converted to refund or exchange. This may not be a good thing for store owners,… Read More »

How To Write A Site Terms Of Use For Your Store

Site Terms of Use are set of rules created by eCommerce store owners for visitors, customers or users. It’s like an agreement that they need to accept before they can proceed in using services that the store is offering. It is also known as Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions. Terms of Use should contain… Read More »

How To Write About Us Page That Makes Your Store Shine

The first and most visited page on your website is usually your homepage. This is your best chance to leave a good first impression to anyone who will visit your eCommerce store. But if you want to create a lasting impression of a business that is reliable and trustworthy, you need to have a good… Read More »

How To Write A Contact Page That Saves Everybody Time

Every aspect of your store site is devoted to cultivating a relationship between you and your visitors, your Contact Page should be no exception. A good Contact Page allows for further communication between you and your potential customers. In some cases, a good Contact Page provides the final push to transform your store visitors into… Read More »

How To Write A ‘Why Buy From Us’ Page That Sells More

Your Why Buy From Us page is your final pitch to your prospective customers. If you did your work right, other pages on your website have already answered the questions of what you can provide them and why they can trust you. Your Why Buy From Us page is where you drive home the point… Read More »

How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Store

What Is A Privacy Policy A Privacy Policy is a statement or a document included mostly at the website’s footer to give information about how the business owners collect and use confidential and sensitive information they got from customers, clients, visitors who visit or make transactions on their sites. It is one of the most… Read More »

How To Use Trust Marks To Increase Sales

  Trust marks are often referenced to logos or badges that owners place on their eCommerce websites to prove that they have passed and are compliant with various privacy and security tests to reassure customers that it’s safe to purchase from their stores. A 2013 study by found that most online users are familiar… Read More »