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Congratulations on your product reviewer interview!

You’re excited, yes! But how prepared are you? We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked product reviewer interview questions and highlighted how you can answer them to give you a cutting edge over other candidates.

This quick guide will help you:

  • Prepare adequately for your interview
  • Be more confident with your answers
  • Understand what the interviewer is looking for in each answer
  • Frame your interview answers correctly

Keep in mind that to ace your interview, you must demonstrate the ability to communicate your answers clearly and concisely. 

So, researching the questions you’re likely to face, will ensure you go into it knowing exactly what the interviewer is looking for in an ideal candidate.

Do You Have Any Product Review Experience With Other Similar or Large Online Shops, e.g., Amazon?

potential employers interviewing a candidate

What the Interviewer Is Looking For 

This question is meant to test your product review experience. The interviewer wants to know if you’ll have a good understanding of the nuances of their product. 

They also want to know how quickly you’ll be able to look at their products and make good judgments based on your experience working with similar products for different clients. 

Finally, the interviewer will want to know your experience with larger and smaller brands. If they’re a small company, and you only have experience with larger brands—they want to know you’ll be able to downsize to a company of their scale (or vice versa). 

How to Answer This Question

Talk about your experience reviewing products for other online shops, as well as the types of products you have reviewed before.

If you have worked with one of the interviewer’s competitors or an online shop with a similar product line, mention this in a way that highlights the experience you gained. 

For instance, you can mention how working with the other brand allowed you to interact with your interviewer’s potential customers. With this experience, you’d be best suited to review their products as you already know what their target audience is looking for.

If you’ve not worked in the interviewer’s industry or are just starting out, mention whatever experience you have. Then, highlight how this experience will benefit the client and help you review their products. 

For example, let’s assume your potential employer sells cosmetics products, but you’ve never been employed as a product reviewer in this niche before.

You can mention that while you’ve never officially reviewed makeup products for a company, you’re a social media influencer with a larger audience that’s actively interested in the products you use. 

You can then highlight how your previous brand mentions on your pages have resulted in sales for the companies. It’s all about showing the interviewer that you’ve got what it takes to review their products.

Sample Answer 1: 

“Yes, I have worked with other online shops, including some on Amazon.

In fact, I have worked with XYZ online shop, which sells products that are similar to yours. So, I know the pros and cons of these products and can easily highlight them while offering solutions to help improve the end product. I absolutely loved being on that project which is why I’m confident I will be a great fit for your brand.”

Sample Answer 2:

“While I haven’t worked with clients in this industry, I have reviewed products for XYZ brand, and I believe this experience will be useful for your organization. They have a similar clientele to yours, so I know what makes your target audience happy.

I also did intense customer research into your company, and I can even offer you some advice if you want.”

Tell Us About Your Most Enjoyable Product Review Project. What About It Excited You?

candidate facing interview panel

What the Interviewer Is Looking For 

From the outset, this looks like a simple question, but it’s actually quite tricky. The trick is the interviewer doesn’t just want to know about the project details on your most enjoyable review.

They are sneakily asking what kind of projects you are passionate about and what drives you. They’ll then be able to determine if you’re a good fit for their company.

This question also gives your potential employer an idea of what projects to assign you if they were to hire you.

It’s also a subtle way to expand on the previous question, where they’re looking to see what kind of experience you have. 

How to Answer This Question

Share a project you worked on in the past and that you really enjoyed. Some of the questions that’ll guide you include:

What made it enjoyable for you? This can be anything from being able to review products that you’re very passionate about to being part of an engaging team.

Just highlight the features of that project that made you really excited. 

For example, mention how you really loved engaging with the different team members behind the project.

You can also highlight the specific features of the product that you enjoyed, or thought required areas of improvement. 

What were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them? Even the most enjoyable projects come with some unforeseen difficulties. Mention these challenges and highlight how seeking solutions made the project more enjoyable. 

For example, if you’re reviewing computer software and it doesn’t work on your computer, you can tell the interviewer how you had to borrow a friend’s laptop and still completed the task on time. 

This highlights your ability to overcome problems and shows that you’re a proactive thinker who doesn’t leave others to solve your problems.

Let the interviewer know that for you, the journey is as exciting as the end goal. 

What did you learn from the experience? Explain how the project enriched your experience as a product reviewer. For instance, you can mention that you experienced a minor hitch during the project that highlighted a flaw in your product review checklist. 

Sample Answer:

“I really enjoyed reviewing makeup products for X online shop. I’m passionate about skincare products, so I loved trying out the new items before they were released and giving my honest opinion.

I, however, realized that while my product review checklist has always been effective for other projects, it wouldn’t really work for this one.

This is because the company’s customers were mainly interested in the product ingredients and less in the aesthetics.

I, therefore, had to alter my checklist and make sure that a significant part of my review was focused on the product benefits.

What’s Your Product Review Process and Checklist?

give an honest opinion

What the Interviewer Is Looking For

The interviewer wants to see how organized you are and to get a sense of how you conduct product reviews.

They also want the assurance that you will review their products thoroughly and give an honest opinion without cutting corners to meet deadlines.

How to Answer This Question

Start by telling the interviewer the steps you take when reviewing a product. Mention anything that you feel is important for the review process. 

For instance, you can mention that you start by noting down the impression a product creates before reviewing its exterior (packaging & branding) to determine whether it has an attractive design. 

You then move on to its creativity and innovation aspects to identify and define what sets it apart from the rest. This can be anything from how the product is branded to subtle but unique features you’re certain the customers will love. 

Then, mention the final steps of your product review, such as functionality and effectiveness. This is usually the main focus for most brands, so show the interviewer how you test out these features.

For example, you can mention that you allocate more time to this part of the review process. You can then highlight how you assess functionality, e.g., if you’re reviewing gym clothes, mention that you actually wear the attire for your daily workout.

Then after an intense cardio session, you accurately define its sweat absorption qualities, level of comfort, ease of mobility, and stretch factor. It’s all about showing the interviewer that you take a hands-on approach to your review process.

Sample Answer:

“The first thing I look at when reviewing shoes is the packaging. I then unpack and look at the shoe design. How appealing or chic is it? If I found it in a store, would I buy it? On which occasions would I wear these shoes?

I then wear the shoes on an errand or function to test other important aspects like comfort, arch support, and heel quality.”

Don’t Worry; You’ve Got This

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it often boils down to how prepared you are. The key to impressing the interviewer and getting the job is answering the questions to the best of your ability.

So, relax. You’ve got this.

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