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Going to college means spending huge sums of money on accommodation, food bills, tuition fees, nights out with friends, class supplies, trips, and so on.

And while you may be on financial aid, relying on your guardians, or have a college fund, some additional money is always welcome.

To enjoy the ultimate collegiate experience, you need to find a job.

But there’s a problem.

The job market is highly competitive. And with a tight school schedule, no experience, and no higher education certification, you aren’t sure that you stand a chance.

The good news is, there are numerous part-time online jobs designed for college students.

In this guideline, we will reveal to you 4 online jobs for students with no experience, show you where to get them, tell you how much they pay, and help you stand out when applying for these jobs.

But first…

What Should You Consider When Picking Online College Student Jobs?

  • Your skills and talents. You want an online job that’s easy to do. Going for jobs that you can easily handle will allow you to focus on your studies.
  • Your career path. Find a job opportunity that aligns with your career development goals.
  • Your financial needs. Choose a job that earns you enough money to cater for your needs.
  • Your class schedule. Your online job should not affect your class attendance or academic performance.

Let’s move on to our top picks for the best online jobs for college students with no experience.

Take Advantage of Your Free Time by Writing About Your Favorite Topics and Getting Paid

This gig is called freelance writing.

See, Google craves fresh content that ranks.

And most companies ride on this wave by creating content that’ll direct traffic to their websites.

Freelance writers come in handy by producing top-quality content and getting paid for it.

This job appeals to students due to its flexibility, potential financial security, and convenience.

As a freelance writer, you’ll have the luxury of picking niches and topics that you find interesting.

Below are some of the best paying freelance writing niches available to college students.

Types of Freelance WritingSkills RequiredPay
BloggingSEO Marketing,  Social Networking, Traffic Conversion, and Creativity$0.01 to $0.10 per word
SEO WritingSEO and Analytics, Critical Thinking, Marketing, and Persuasion$ 0.1 to $ 10 per word
Ghost WritingCreativity, Research, Adaptability, Organizational Skills$30 to $200 per hour
White PapersPresentation, Editing, Project and Time Management$15-$40 per page

If you feel that this is something that you’d like to pursue, we’d advise you to start a blog and use it to build a portfolio.

 Other ways to get the ball rolling include:

  • Bidding for gigs on writing platforms like Upwork
  • Applying for a job in writing agencies like CopySmiths
  • Uploading your resume to job search websites like Indeed
  • Pitching companies that are looking for content creators

Like in any other career, the path to becoming a great freelance writer involves constant learning and practice.

Taking the SEO Copywriting Course now will help you sharpen your skills, understand the basics of this online job—like SEO marketing and analytics — and even network with potential employers.

Flex Your Creative Muscles by Joining the Graphic Design Industry

Graphic design is one of the most lucrative online jobs for college students.

To stand out, you must keep up with current trends and visualize how they intertwine with the present commercial environment.

Some of the niches that may get your juices flowing include:

  • Motion graphic design. This involves creating animated logos, GIFs, movie trailers, and typographies used in online media.
  • Marketing and advertising. Involves creating captivating PowerPoint presentations, brochures, social media ads, magazine ads, and posters for digital advertising.
  • Visual identity design. This includes making logos, image libraries, and color palettes that resonate with company brands.
  • Art and illustration. You can combine arts and graphic design to make comic books, book covers, movie posters, stock images, album arts.

Vital skills in this field include creativity, innovation, design, and photo editing.

To find a job, we recommend creating a website that stands out and cold emailing clients in marketing and advertising agencies.

Earnings range from $25 to $150 per hour, depending on your expertise, discipline, and commitment.

Take Advantage of Your Detail Oriented Nature by Taking up Editorial Jobs

If you have strong attention to detail, you should consider being an editor. You’ll need your hawkeye to detect those typos, punctuation mistakes, and grammatical errors.

Additional skills that’ll work to your advantage include:

  • Adaptability
  • Computer literacy
  • Organizational skills
  • Good command of English

You can narrow down your online editing job to a role that best fits your talents and skills.

ProofreadingCorrecting bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, repetition, and poor sentence structure
Content editingCorrecting formats, flow, sentence structure, tone errors, and checking for relevance
Facts and reference checkingVerifying references and facts
Line editingHighlighting the writer’s tone, removing cliches, ensuring the writing level matches the audiences’ reading ability, polishing dialogues

Editing can be a pretty engaging venture. Therefore, avoid demanding projects and stick to niches that allow you time for your studies.

You’ll earn $20 to $80 per hour as an editor.

How do you get started?

Most freelance editors learn the ropes by working as freelance writers.

You can also pitch your school newspaper, publishers, magazines, and websites or upload your resume on Indeed.

Get Paid to Carry Out Administrative Jobs Remotely

Owing to their flexibility, virtual assistant jobs are a favorite among students.

As a VA, you’ll schedule appointments, manage social media accounts, make phone calls, write emails, manage travel plans, and perform data entry tasks.

Which skills will give you an advantage in your VA job?

  • Multitasking Skills: A VA should be able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Top-Notch Organizational Skills: You must keep track of activities and records for clients.
  • Communication and writing skills: In the virtual assistant field, communication is a norm; therefore, you must demonstrate eloquence and professionalism in work emails, faxes, calls, and reports.
  • Word processing skills: The VA job involves typing and data entry tasks.
  • Critical thinking and research: You should be quick to analyze issues and make decisions.

How much will you make as a VA?

Between $3 and $60 per hour. Your salary will vary according to your skills and responsibilities.

Join the VA field by uploading your resume to Indeed and pitching daily. Also, consider giving offers and trial periods for your service.

To stand out in this competitive field,you need to enroll in the virtual assistance course now.

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