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Testimonials From Happy Graduates

There are so many great stories to share!

Students, from all across the globe, are reaping the benefits, including better wages and fast-tracking their career in a growing industry, from the specialised training courses offered by Small Revolution.

We used to be called eCommerce University and rebranded to Small Revolution in 2018.

Hear how these students have changed their lives, their thoughts on the training and their hopes for the future.

alvin g student profile photo

“This scholarship will enable me an easier transition into an online copywriting job which will enable me an opportunity to work at home. That will also give me a chance to explore other things that I like to do. Things like blogging and writing as I will be able to be in control of my schedule at all times.”Alvin M.

After completing his Virtual Assistant training, we asked Alvin about his experience. We’re blown away and felt honoured to be part of his journey.

Here’s what he said…

student testimonial alvin m

Indeed, doing what you’re passionate about will help you achieve your goal and become successful. Congratulations Alvin – well done!

student profile photo gethsun m

By the time he started his training Gethsun M. realise that there is still room for improvements.

student testimonial gethsun

“This scholarship will be a blessing and a dream come true for me. For a very long time, I have been trying to succeed in online working as I know this is the way I will grow my knowledge and wealth rapidly at the same time still having a great social time with my loved one.”Gethsun M.

student testimonial gethsun

Who would’ve thought that because of Small Revolution Virtual Assistant training, Gethsun became one of our highly recommended graduate. He discovered new ways to hone his existing skills and expanded his knowledge about the tools he can use to work online.

Brian N. graduate profile photo

“Desire! That’s the one secret of every man’s career. Not education. Not being born with hidden talents. Desire.” – Johnny Carson

These words perfectly describe Brian’s tenacity to achieve his ultimate goal, to become a SUCCESSFUL online employee.

“This scholarship will broaden my horizons as far as remote working is concerned. I will acquire fresh new skills and ideas and I will polish up on the writing skills I have acquired along with my writing career. I am passionate about my online career and I am eager for more work.”Brian N.

Brian student course feedback

He spent his time studying, applied the lessons he learned when doing his assignments (sample work), and most all discover new tools that he can use to work effectively online.

Brian student course feedback

Brian just started his trial phase. He nailed it!

student profile photo

Life is full of choices. The result may be different from what we expect, but all we need is to have faith. Switching career can be challenging but not for Maria.

I just got married recently and I cannot see myself working full time as a teacher while raising my future family. I plan, that when I will have children in the future, I can take care of them at all times. I will be at home attending to my family’s needs while earning at the same time.” – Maria E.

When she applied for the scholarship, her goal was clear – to work effectively online!

happy student testimonial

Not only she learned tons of things, but she also had fun! Now, she’s confident and ready to start her journey.

student profile photo

In recent years, online work hit like a rocket. There are various reasons why people opt to work online. Rosemary is an experienced online employee. She previous work as administrative support staff for a real estate in the US.

I have 15 plus solid experience working as Administrative support staff for Real Estate companies in corporate America. I will be able to have a good work and family balance working as a Virtual Assistant while serving growing companies that are in need of Virtual Assistants.” – Rosemary K.

Rosemary doesn’t want to settle to what she already knows. She was dedicated, optimistic, and determined to straighten her knowledge.

student testimonial

We’re pleased to learn that our Virtual Assistant course helped her and made her more confident.

Faith M. sr graduate

There are countless reasons why people nowadays opt to work online especially for moms like Faith.

“As in when you reach a point where you are giving and giving but getting nothing good in return. Not that I mean it is a bad organization, no. It is GOOD but too much office politics ruining the goodness of the organization.”Faith M.

Working online allow aspiring VA’s like Faith to take control of their career but be RELIABLE at the same time. Hence, she spent her time studying and learn more than just the basics of becoming a reliable Virtual Assistant.

student testimonial by faith

Now she’s confident that she has now a full understanding of IT terms, CMS, and more.

Michelle student profile photo

Michelle was one of our first graduates. She previously ran her cake making business, but she decided to switched career.

She invested her time learning new skills to work effectively online. And now, Michelle has been working full-time since October 2017.

Michelle student testimonial
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Read her latest update.

Micheller student testimonial

Mikko student profile photo

Mikko completed the Virtual Assistant learning path in August 2017. He did so well that he ended up working with us and managing our social media. We couldn’t let him go to any other employer. This is his story.

Mariche student profile photo

Mariche’s hopes were up to when she applied for the scholarship programme. Learning is a nonstop process especially when you have goals.

The process is not easy – it requires time, effort, and positivity.

And now, she’s one of our successful and happy graduates who got hired!

Mariche student testimonial

Henry student profile photo

Henry is one of our successful graduates who already possess the skills but wanted to expand his knowledge about eCommerce. Now, he is happy he was able to land a job after completing the courses.

Dream Rose student profile photo

Dream Rose completed her Virtual Assistant and her dream of holding down a job online came true! Watch her video to get an inside story.

And read how Dream Rose thinks to one of our courses.

Analiza student profile photo

Analiza is eager to improve her existing skills. Working from home allows you to work on your time, no need to commute, and be with your family most of the time.

Analiza A student testimonial

Now, Analiza is more confident to start her online career. Read her honest feedback regarding the Virtual Assistant course.

Khrystine student profile photo

Khrystine has been working to one of BPO company in the Philippines, but all because of her dream of becoming a full-time wife and mother she decided to stop her BPO career and invest her time with her family.

However, she’s also aware that they need a more reliable source of income for their future, hence, it made her decide to apply for online training to help her hone her skills and become a successful online worker.

Jayziel student profile photo

Jayziel’s motivation to be part of the growing eCommerce industry is indestructible. Watch her video to learn her story. Nothing is impossible when you have faith and eagerness to achieve your goal.

Mahfuzur student profile photo

Mahfuzur’s determination to expand his knowledge became his key to work successfully online. Although, in the beginning being able to work confidently online was merely a dream for him.

And now, all his hard work has finally paid off. Mahfuzur is finally working online.

Thea student profile photo

Thea is an experienced online employee, but she knows that she needed to learn more and be more competitive. Her perseverance and willingness to excel made her as one of the certified Virtual Assistant.

Shiela student profile photo

Sheila’s top priority right now is to take care of her parents but would also like to earn. She knows that one best way to do this is to work online. She invested her time learning the nature of eCommerce and hone her skills.

Now she’s one of our successful graduates and is happily working with one of the established eCommerce business owners.

Garrison student profile photo

Garrison also dreamt of working from the comfort of his home. His willingness to enhance his knowledge and skills helped him to accomplish his goal.

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Ruzica student profile photo

Ruzica has been an English professor for 20 years and a certified Court Interpreter for the English language.

She’s currently living away from her hometown with her family hence it is one of her reason to switch career and be one of the sought after Virtual Assistant.

Dennis student profile photo

Dennis is one of our successful students who recently landed a job after completing the courses.

Despite being a beginner, he uses his existing skills to understand every process, rules, and the things needed in order for him to become a certified Virtual Assistant.

Dreams do come true! Read his recent update.

Shara profile photo

Shara is an experienced Technical Support representative for one of the BPO companies located in the Philippines. Her 8 years of experiences in the BPO company mold her confidence and enhanced her communication skills.

However, her top priority now is to be with her small family while working at home.

Darja student profile photo

Darja is an experienced English Language and Literature teacher. She is an enthusiastic person and passionate about learning new things and acquiring new skills.

She gained her working experience as a part-time English teacher in a public school and also a freelance interpreter. She sees Copywriting as a new field that offers her a different perspective and opportunity to enhance her writing skills.

Noli student profile photo

Noli has been working in one of the BPO company in the Philippines for the past 6 years. But because of his determination to switch career, he joined the training at eCommerce University and successfully completed his Virtual Assistant course.

He’s now ready to take the leap of becoming one of the sought-after online workers.

Japhet student profile photo

Japhet has been working for the longest time but still saving something for his future was challenging. His knowledge and skills are not enough to meet the qualifications in order for him to hold down a job. Things are pretty tough for him…

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However, because of his strong determination to learn, he took his chances and invested his time to learn and equipped himself.

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Philip student profile photo

Philip recently finished his Virtual Assistant course and he is now being promoted in Kazi Work. He has 6 years of experience working in a BPO industry which helped him enhance his skills in managing projects and lead his team.

Now he is more than ready to start his online career

And now, the waiting is finally over!

Gladys student profile photo

Gladys is one of the first graduates of eCommerce University who land a job just right after she finished the Virtual Assistant course.

She has been a sales representative for the last 6 years and wanted to switch career in order to attend the needs of her daughters.

Aleksandra student profile photo

Aleksandra is currently taking the Virtual Assistant course. Although she finished Faculty of Law she wants to pursue a different career.

Indeed, working online will make you feel less intimidated and at the same time allows you to work comfortably. Read Aleksandra’s recent feedback regarding the eCommerce Virtual Assistant course and learn which one she finds very helpful.

Other than that her understanding towards sharing files and creating new files has improved to a whole different level.

Loise student profile photo

Being an undergraduate did not break Loise’s dream of becoming successful someday. She’s a young aspiring copywriter who’s determined to pursue her writing career amidst the challenges she has gone through.

Camille student profile photo

Despite the circumstances she had Camille never stop finding ways to hone her skills. Now, she’s one of our successful students who are happily working online.

Her goal is to earn more in order for her to support her family and save for their future.

Catherine student profile photo

Being a good provider means a lot to Catherine. She’s a mother of two and she in the process of enhancing her existing skills to become one of the sought-after online workers.

Sanja student profile photo

Sanja learned more depth for her existing skills. She’s an English teacher for more than 15 years. Her perspective change after she started working as an online teacher.

One of her reason why she finds work from home so appealing is that it offers equal job opportunities regardless of her age.

And after all the hard work and training she is now happily employed.

Here’s a short notification email from the CEO & Founder …

Grace student profile photo

Grace is an aspiring Copywriter who wants to level up her skills and knowledge. Although the lessons are a bit challenging for her she knows that she’ll be able to achieve her online dream career as long as she maintains a positive mindset.

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Angelica student profile photo

Angelica spent so much of her time hunting for the right job that will allow her to stay at home and earn more.

However, she knows that if she’ll be able to hone her skills and equip herself with all the things needed holding down a job online is just around the corner.

Tamara student profile photo

Tamara is currently working in a school for disabled children as a personal assistant. Working from the comfort of her home has always been her dream job. Watch her video testimony.

Billy student profile photo

Billy’s passion for the outdoor did not come his way to becoming an online employee. He completed his Virtual Assistant course in early November.

He now has a full-time online career and we hope his success continues. This is his feedback on the courses he completed.

Sheera student profile photo

Sheera has been working overseas for the past years and wanted to switch career. She’s currently taking the Virtual Assistant course. She’s eager to develop her skills and knowledge to become a successful online worker.

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Pia student profile photo

Pia‘s priority is to be with her family and attend to their needs. Hence, this is her number reason why she opted to work at home. Watch her video to learn her story.

Shahanni student profile photo

Shahanni has been working online for the past years but she clearly knows that she still has room for improvements. She’s been interested in eCommerce but didn’t know how to start.

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Leizl student profile photo

Switching career and working from home is not easy especially for someone who does not have any experiences of holding down a job online, just like Leizl.

But “giving up” was not part of her plan. Now she’s enjoying the life of being an online employee.

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Allen Joy student profile photo

Allen Joy is a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and currently working as an online Healthcare Virtual Assistant in Arizona, USA.

Although she’s already an experienced online employee she still wants to expand her knowledge and skills and educate herself in the eCommerce industry.

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Jamee student profile photo

Jamee is new to the online work industry. For the past years, she’s been hunting for a stable and a good-paying work but still end up getting only a contractual kind of job.

She endures the terrible commute every single day. But with her positive attitude and determination, she is one step closer to achieving her online dream career.

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Glessa student profile photo

Working from home lets you enjoy the time being part of your children’s everyday routine. The agony of being away from her child for work made Glessa decide to switch career …

Glessa recently completed her course and now she’s enjoying her first online work. Read her latest message …

Jordan student profile photo

Jordan is one of our dedicated students who wanted to establish a long-term online career. He formerly worked as an email advisor for an online retail account assisting Australian customers.

Although his previous jobs equipped him with all the knowledge, he knew that he needed to learn more in order for him to become a globally competitive online worker.

Jose Paulo student profile photo

Jose Paulo has been working in a corporate office for a long time now and wanted to switch career to achieve a good work-life balance. He’s been learning every aspect of becoming a successful online worker.

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And now he got a job! Read his latest feedback.

Analiza student profile photo

Analiza‘s passion for writing became her tool to switch career and start her career online. Because of her perseverance, she is now happily employed and started working for an eCommerce company.

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Relly student profile photo

Relly is a Data Specialist who wants to switch careers from working in an office to freelancing. He’s determined to hone his skills and become a successful online worker.

Now after being actively promoted to Kazi Work, he is now working full-time with two established Amazon Sellers.

April student profile photo

April has always been passionate about achieving her dream career and maintain a good work-life balance. She completed her Virtual Assistant courses in early October 2017 and has moved into full-time employment.

And now, April is now working as a supervisor for the FilterBuy offsite team.

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Sarah student profile photo

Sarah formerly worked as a Customer Service representative and has been through a different type of job.

She recently started working online but would like to equip herself with more knowledge and skills that she could use to make her a certified eCommerce Virtual Assistant.

Fides student profile photo

Fides is a former chef of several 5-star establishments in Manila, Philippines, and the United States. Her perseverance and positivity give her the chance of getting the eCommerce Copywriter course. Here’s her inspiring feedback.

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Yvonie student profile photo

Novie is a mother of 3 and has been working overseas for more than 10 years now. She always dream of being with her family especially be with her growing children.

Although she’s an experienced accounting officer and a supervisor, she wanted to enjoy the life of being an online employee.

Wilfredo student profile photo

Wilfredo is one of our first graduates to be promoted on Kazi Work. He passed the Virtual Assistant course with flying colours.

He gave us some feedback on how the training was going for him and also noted one lesson in particular.

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