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Every business owner needs a good copywriter.

You may be able to do it yourself, but you need the words to sell your product well. That’s where SEO copywriting courses come in handy.

Learn how to select a copywriting course to earn an extra income—plus what to avoid—in the video below:

Enroll in one from reputable sites like Small Revolution to learn the critical writing ingredients required to hone your copywriting skills.

Here’s what a satisfied student had to say about us:

When I started the Small Revolution SEO Copywriting Course, I learned to keep SEO top-of-mind when creating any type of content…


However, if you’re a business owner with other engagements, it benefits you to find expert copywriters to write compelling copy. Their charges depend on their experience, article length, and payment plan.

The table below shows copywriters’ price range based on different payment plans:

Payment PlanAverage Price Range
Price per word$0.05 to $1 a word
Price per project$80 per 1,000-word article
Pay per hour$15 to $40 per hour

Perhaps you aren’t a business owner but want to learn a new skill to help you get a job or make money on the side.

In either case, becoming an expert at writing persuasive sales copy is a valuable skill that’s also fun to master.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to sharpen your copywriting skills without going back to school. Several websites offer classes and tutorials to help you develop your writing ability and hone your sales pitch.

Here are four top-notch online classes to sharpen your copywriting skills.

1: Blog MasterCrafter Course by Small Revolution

Crafting compelling blog content is an excellent way to increase traffic, engage your audience, and convert readers into loyal customers. 

Whether you’re just starting or have been in business for years, blogging helps you establish your brand and share stories that matter to your audience.

Blog MasterCrafter Course is a new course that’ll soon be available on Small Revolution.

In this short and free course, you’ll learn to write SEO copy for blogs using powerful, real-world tools and techniques.

Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to use the new skills you’ve learned to:

  • Acquire more clients
  • Charge more for your services
  • Build a lucrative copywriting career
blogging is a great way to establish you brand

2: Copywriting Secrets: How to Write Copy That Sells by Udemy

Udemy’s Copywriting Secrets course page
Source: Udemy

Are you new to copywriting? Maybe you’ve been doing it for a while and are looking for proven strategies to help you become even better.

If so, this is the course for you.

In Copywriting Secrets, you’ll learn the key to different writing styles and how to apply them in various fields—from white papers to case studies to press releases and how to write an optimized web copy.

In this course, Len Smith, the instructor, teaches you the tricks copywriters use to succeed based on over 20 years of experience he has in the field.

He uses real-world examples to explain the techniques and strategies that lead to high converting copy.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • How to write and structure a compelling sales copy
  • The art of writing powerful calls-to-action
  • How to write and publish professional press releases
  • The use of power words to create more sales leads
  • How to create persuasive case studies by interviewing end customers confidently

Additionally, the course has helpful downloadable resources, and you get a certificate after completion.

Copywriting Secrets is best for:

  • Copywriters who want to improve their skills
  • Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business owners who wish to excel
  • Anyone seeking to increase sales conversions and reach new customers
  • Marketing professionals seeking career advancement

3: SEO Copywriting Certification by Heather Lloyd Martin

SEO Copywriting Certification in-house copywriters’ page
Source: seocopywriting

SEO Copywriting Certification is an excellent introduction to SEO copywriting. Heather Lloyd-Martin has been in the field for over two decades. She teaches you how to apply SEO copywriting techniques to your content and gives you a solid foundation for writing web content that ranks well in search engines.

There’s always supplemental material updated in response to the latest search engine changes.

Plus, the lectures are short and easy to understand.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to optimize web pages correctly
  • Content writing tips to drive traffic
  • How to monitor your performance

Other benefits of the course include:

  • Eight lessons with a final exam
  • Lifetime access to SEO training, including resources like workbooks and videos
  • Email support, a Facebook group, and training calls to answer your questions
  • Access to exclusive teleconferences with Heather Lloyd-Martin and other SEO experts twice a month

The course is suited to SEO copywriters, including in-house, agency, and freelance copywriters.

4: The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro by Udemy

The Complete Copywriting Course page by Udemy
Source: Udemy

When you master the art of crafting compelling copy, you stand a chance of growing your online business significantly.

The Complete Copywriting Course offers scientifically proven techniques, tips, and formulas you can apply to take your blog, eCommerce store, or business to the next level.

Copywriting experts Rob Percival and Tamsin Henderson present fun and interactive lectures on the following:

  • How to sell more products and services
  • How to use timeless sales psychology to compel readers
  • How to grow a profitable business with sales psychology
  • Tricks, hacks, and valuable tips from the most successful copywriters in the world

The course offers:

  • Full-time access
  • 20 downloadable resources
  • Templates
  • Extra articles
  • Free tools to improve your writing skills

You also get a certificate after completing the course.

The course is ideal for freelancers and marketers.

Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills Today

If you’re passionate about writing, enroll in one of these classes. You’ll learn valuable skills and techniques you can put to work right away.

So, what sets these classes apart?

They’re not just a theoretical exploration of the craft of writing. Instead, they give you the practical knowledge you can use to become a better writer (for any purpose) and hone your existing skills.

Enroll in these online classes from reputable sites like Udemy to scale your skills to a higher level.

Here’s what Varun had to say about Udemy:

Udemy fit us like a glove. Their team curates fresh, up-to-date courses from their marketplace and makes them available to customers.

Varun Patil

Contact Udemy today and boost your copywriting to a whole new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is good copywriting important?

Good copywriting is vital in driving web traffic and profits. Through it, you can convince your target audience that the services or products you’re offering will solve their problems and offer them value.

Can I learn copywriting on YouTube?

Yes. YouTube is an incredible platform to learn copywriting from industry experts. However, there are only a few channels that cover the field.

Is copywriting worth learning?

Yes. A rich copywriting course speeds up your content writing journey while guiding you on ways to craft compelling content that sells.

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