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Today, the world has become accustomed to freelance workers, and brands are adapting to publishing content written by freelancers.

As a freelancer, it can be daunting to find quality and well-paying gigs. With an established writing habit, you can easily create a career with freelance writing. And we’re here to show you how to increase your copywriter salary.

There are lots of writing gigs, but many job boards offer low paying jobs, and you’ll be competing with numerous writers.

However, there are job boards offering consistent and well-paying jobs, and we’ll compile the list here.

Top Copywriting Jobs Sites


Mediabistro offers an online career platform for media professionals. It provides writing opportunities for both locals and freelance writers.

Mediabistro is geared towards developing media careers. Whether you’re just starting as a copywriter or looking for your next opportunity, Mediabistro will offer you something at every stage of your career.

To get a writing opportunity at Mediabistro, you must have a perfect pitch! It’s not just about your resume and cover letter; you must prove that you can create content with a unique angle that has not been used in other publications. You must also have the ability to use creative applications.

Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ)

FWJ is not a job board; it makes posts with links to copywriting jobs. The site curates gigs from online platforms like Craigslist into daily blog posts. The best thing about this site is that it is updated regularly; so you won’t waste time applying to jobs that are already taken.

FWJ allows you to select jobs for different categories and even locations. The link provided by the site will take you to the actual job ad.

FWJ is an excellent place to cold pitch. Cold pitching is the act of emailing clients directly and letting them know you are a freelance writer interested in creating copy for them. It can be a perfect way to get high-paying copywriting jobs. With cold pitching, you must pitch only to clients in your niche.

FWJ tries to reduce fake listings in the posts they make. To avoid getting scammed, you should always research  the client doing the hiring before you make any application.


Problogger is a one-stop-shop for new and current bloggers. Founded by Darren Rowse, Problogger offers resources to bloggers to help improve their blogs and increase their income.

Problogger has the most curated online jobs. They offer various options to select. If you have a niche topic in mind, you can filter results based on the niche you want.

There is no sign-up process in Problogger, and you’re not required to have a profile. All you have to do is find a job that fits your expertise and pitch.

Most of the job ads in Problogger have precise specifications of what they are looking for. It’s pointless to apply for a job you don’t qualify for.

Using the same application copy in all the ads is not recommended because it doesn’t demonstrate your skills for the role. It shows that you did not bother reading about the requirements.

You must follow the application process in the ad. Carefully check your spelling and punctuation. Your assessment will begin the moment you start typing. Provide the client with samples related to the listing. The examples reflect your writing style and skills. If the ad asks for three samples, send three samples of your best work and not ten. Sending ten might look like you can’t identify your best work.


Flexjobs is a subscription service founded in 2007. It is a job board focused on part-time opportunities, freelance, telecommuting, and flexible jobs. Flexjobs is a genuine job search website with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Flexjobs is a unique website because they perform real person reviews on each job posting to ensure it is legitimate. As a member, you will have access to 32000 jobs from more than 49000 companies.

Flexjobs screens jobs, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or getting low paying writing gigs.

To use Flexjobs, you must look at the current job listings in the database and decide how long you will be using it. That will help you decide on the best subscription for your copywriting job searching needs. From there, you can proceed to the registration page and provide your details. This will gives you immediate access to full job listings, industry information, and weekly newsletters.

To use Flexjobs easily, you need to set up a resume profile. The profile allows the automated system to match you with jobs you might be interested in. It also helps to familiarize yourself with the keyword search tool; this will help you when you start looking for copywriting jobs to apply.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. LinkedIn was launched in 2003, and its growth has been phenomenal over the years. It now boasts over 645 million users across the globe.

You can use LinkedIn to connect with businesses that are looking for writers. Have you ever thought of asking your connections for an introduction to companies you want to write for? It can be a perfect way to leverage your network and create a new connection.

On LinkedIn, there are several ways to get copywriting jobs. You can use LinkedIn’s Job Board, Update Feed, LinkedIn groups, and company pages.

When searching for jobs on LinkedIn, you need to type the job title and see what comes up. To get more opportunities, make sure you choose the ‘Worldwide’ option.

While filling out your experience, you should not fill out your past or current work experience; instead, focus on your writing services. However, if your work experience complements your writing niche, add it to your profile to improve your credibility.

Consider putting your writer’s website and samples in your profile, and talk about the clients you have worked for.

When filling out the interest and groups section, ensure that they all relate to your niche or services you are offering.

To get copywriting jobs, you must optimize your LinkedIn profile by using keywords. LinkedIn uses a search algorithm to assist people with their results when they use the LinkedIn search bar. With the right keywords in your profile, your profile will pop up each time a person types those keywords. Your title or your Bio are the best places to use your keywords.

Identify brands and businesses you want to write for and follow them; their activity will always show in your feed. To get on the radar of these companies, always comment and share their posts.

Another great way to get noticed on LinkedIn is to write articles, especially on industry-specific or niche topics.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of sites to get copywriting jobs. However, you’ll have to accept low payment until you build your portfolio and learn to improve your writing.

Take the next step in your journey to becoming a successful freelance copywriter today! Enroll in a self-paced training course that will help you build the skills you need to get high-paying freelance jobs.

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