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Remote jobs are here and they’re here to stay. Not only are they present in some industries but they’re also the future of most jobs. More and more people prefer to work from home because they find it more convenient.

But you already know this and probably feel the same way. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be searching for the best entry-level remote jobs and landing here, right?

According to FlexJobs, “3.4% of the total U.S. workforce consists of remote workers, up from 2.9% in 2015.”

The same job site conducted a 2019 survey with more than 7,300 respondents on remote jobs.

The business data website, Statista, predicts that in 2027 there will be 86.5 million freelancers in the U.S.

This will represent 50.9% of the total U.S. workforce.

ZipRecruiter estimates the average yearly salary for entry-level remote jobs in the U.S. at $47,085.

So you want to be a part of this global shift in job conditions. And you want to know how much you can hope to earn in the best paying remote jobs.

You’re in luck because we did the research for you, here!

The hourly salary averages included are from the Indeed jobs website.

Here are the top 6 best-paying remote entry-level jobs in 2019.

6. Help Desk Analyst

Average: $18.15/hour

A help desk analyst or technical support specialist works in the IT field. They assist customers with any computer hardware or software issues.

These IT specialists provide solutions to the manufacturers’ customer bases from a distance. Customers reach them online or through a phone call.

You know those men and women you call when your computer is acting up and you’re afraid you’ve ruined it or lost your data? Yeah, that’s them. They’re the heroes that make you breathe a sigh of relief after a few moments talking to them.

Imagine getting paid to make someone’s day better while sitting in the comfort of your home. Must be nice.

To become a help desk analyst, you’ll need:

  • Strong computer skills and knowledge of common software, hardware, errors and installation issues.
  • Empathy and patience to understand customers’ complaints and needs.
  • Strong communication skills to explain step-by-step solutions to customers
  • Experience in the IT field.
  • Ability to multitask on different issues at the same time.
  • Analytical and organizational skills to understand and record every issue.
  • A degree in a related IT major for many employers.

You can find remote entry-level work in this job on the FlexJobs website.

5. Remote Recruiter

Average: $19.26/hour

Being a remote recruiter or headhunter is exactly what it sounds like. You get hired to help in the hiring process at an organization outside of company grounds.

This job involves working with a company’s hiring or HR manager.

You first confirm with the HR manager which employee profiles the company wants.

You then have to review all the job applicants’ resumes before contacting those who are a good fit. You do this to provide more details about the position and get to know them.

Then you send the information you’ve gathered on the best candidates to the HR manager.

Finally, you set up an interview between each candidate and the HR manager.

If you can’t find any suitable candidates at first, it’s your task to come up with ways of doing so.

A remote recruiter needs:

  • Excellent communication skills when interacting with the HR manager and candidates
  • Time management skills to handle the recruiting process
  • People skills when communicating with applicants
  • A good judge of character
  • Knowledge of human resources processes
  • A bachelor’s degree in HR in most cases

Read about what it’s like to be a remote recruiter from Jessica Buck – a remote recruiter herself.

Remote is a good place to look for remote recruiter and other HR-related jobs.

4. Coding Specialist

Average: $21.88/hour

As a remote coder, you’d work in the medical field. You’d input and maintain patients’ medical databases.

According to, this job is all about entering codes into databases. These codes represent patients’ records – their diagnoses and medical procedures.

Remote coders perform this job outside of a healthcare facility. Though some organizations may need they still perform some work in the hospital. Coders may liaise between the healthcare providers and their employer’s billing office. And they also check patient information for preexisting conditions.”

This is an important job and you’d need to do it right. Avoid all errors because the codes are also useful in patients’ billing processes.

A remote coder shows:

  • Attention to detail when inputting codes
  • Focus and self-discipline when working from home
  • Extensive knowledge of hospital codes once you’re employed
  • At least an associate’s degree in Health Information Technology

Balance Careers has a list of companies offering remote medical coding jobs.

3. Content Writer

Average: $23.84/hour

A content writer creates content for the web such as the article you’re currently reading. The type of content can also include social media posts, podcasts, e-books, reviews, and more.

Content writers are in high demand because organizations realize online presence is important.

Content writers create a compelling and consistent stream of text. They do this to get your attention and persuade you to act. This means buying, using a service, or any other call-to-action.

A good way to kickstart your content writing career is by creating a blog and writing about a field you’re an expert in. This allows you to build a portfolio and showcase it to potential clients/employers.

Great content writers have:

  • Excellent grammar and writing skills
  • Ability to identify the intended audience
  • Ability to proofread the text
  • Extensive knowledge of a topic or field they specialize in
  • Time management skills to keep writing content
  • Good research skills when writing about a topic
  • Understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic traffic to websites

This listicle by The Balance Careers website lists companies offering remote writing jobs.

2. Project Manager

Average: $39.58/hour

A project manager is in charge of both the team and the project so they are responsible for its success or failure.

As a project manager, you plan and execute the project while managing its budget. You also manage the team and the expectations of the project. You have to make sure the team stays motivated and productive.

You’ve probably been a project manager at least once or twice in your life. Every time you had to do group work in school and you took charge. Every time you had to plan a surprise or a group trip.

You can become a good project manager if you have:

  • Excellent leadership and motivational skills
  • Good communication skills to keep everyone involved updated
  • Accountability for yourself and those working with you
  • Teamwork skills
  • The drive to get things done, keep learning and improve
  • Certification as a Project Management Professional

Here are 11 project managers discussing the pros and cons of remote projects.

You can find remote project management jobs on the Working Nomads website.

1. Business Analyst

Average: $42.98/hour

The International Institute of Business Analysis defines business analysis in the BABoK Guide.

Business analysis involves understanding how organizations function to achieve their purposes.” – IIBA

Companies hire these experts to take them to the next level.

Business analysts are outsiders because they can analyze without bias. They question everything so they are best placed to carry out improvements.

Business analysts work with project managers to achieve the goals they set.

Business analysts need:

  • Analytical skills to process an organization’s information and solve its problems
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills to explain their analyses and plans
  • An understanding of technical systems
  • A bachelor’s degree in a related field. Business administration, finance, statistics, sociology, accounting, political science or economics
  • The IIBA’s Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis
  • The Certified Business Analysis Professional 

FlexJobs is a good place to find business analyst jobs.

One career many remote workers choose is that of a virtual assistant. This job is popular because people will always need help with their tasks.  It also combines many of the skills mentioned.

We recommend exploring this career path when considering the remote work life.

Read this detailed virtual assistant salary guide today to learn all you need to know about it.

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