How To Improve Internal Linking For Search Engine Love

Internal linking means linking your page with your other pages. You do that for navigational purposes like allowing your visitors to find what they need at the right time or to share link equity. Every page has a score that describes how important or valuable that page is. Any link coming from this page is… Read More »

How To Identify The Major SEO Problems With Your Store

  Checking and resolving problems on your site is something that you should do regularly. You probably have some issues on your site if you have never done similar process. On the outside everything may seem fine, but you cannot know how many of your potential buyers landed on an error page or are redirected… Read More »

How To Create A Video Sitemap For Your Store

Creating videos for your eCommerce store is just one way to help out and encourage customers to purchase from you. For example, if you have a new product that you’d like to introduce, you can use video instead of static images which you just paste within a specific page. Any eCommerce store owner will benefit… Read More »