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As technology continues to become more accessible to us at home, the demand for home-based roles has begun to rise in the United States.

Who wouldn’t want to work from the comfort of their own home? There are a lot of options out there nowadays and it can be difficult to know which work-from-home jobs best suit you.

Data entry jobs from home are some of the most sought after remote roles, many of which are offered in both part-time and full-time capacity.

Data entry jobs mostly include completing online-based office admin tasks, and, because of their popularity, competition for online data entry jobs is fierce. 

To get yourself this type of role and succeed in the data entry industry, you need to be focused, self-motivated, and organized.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry involves the transferring and logging of data from one or more sources to another. 

In a data entry position, you’ll likely be working with large amounts of potentially sensitive information such as health records, invoices, application forms, and surveys.

This information can include customers’ private details. Therefore a data entry role requires professionalism and trustworthiness. 

In some roles, you may also be expected to provide customer service alongside data entry tasks.

Luckily, there’s multiple diverse full-time and part-time roles within the data entry industry, from entry level to senior level positions — meaning it’s easy to find a role that best suits you.

A data entry position might see you working as a:

  • Data entry clerk
  • Typist
  • Data processor
  • Transcriber

The salary for these jobs can range from $14 per hour, as a data entry clerk, up to $60k a year as a data analyst. A freelancer in the data entry industry could expect around $22 per hour for a home-based role.

How Can You Do It Remotely?

At home full-time and part-time entry data jobs usually require the completion of online tasks that can be done on a computer.

This means all you’ll need for your data entry role at home is a good internet connection and a working home computer. Simple as that!

What Skills Do You Need to Get a Data Entry Job From Home?

Relevant experience is always helpful when applying for data-based work at home jobs. However, it’s not completely necessary. 

If you have these following four core skills, then you’re well on your way to securing that data entry position you want:

  • Being organized in work-from-home jobs is essential. You will likely be dealing with a high amount of data and information which can become overwhelming and messy if you do not ensure you are working in an ordered environment.
  • Developing structures, methods, and plans to organize your work day and the data you are working with — as well as keeping a clean workspace — can help you to stay focused and motivated.
  • A great way to do this is by signing up to online planner platforms such as Asana or Time Hero.
  • Knowing how to multitask and prioritize your workload is crucial in work-from-home data jobs, as you will be dealing with large amounts of data and information, and will often be juggling multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Working outside of a communal office environment means it is even more important to maintain good communication with your colleagues and managers
  • Being responsive on email, answering phone calls promptly, and updating your colleagues on your work progress is important to ensure you are staying actively involved with your company and are dedicated to your work.
  • You probably won’t be meeting with anyone in person, so, whether you are working full-time, part-time, or freelancing, good communication within your company network helps increase productivity, responsiveness, and forms better relationships with your coworkers.
General computing skills
  • It’s a good idea to brush up on your general computing skills before searching for any online based work-at-home jobs.
  • Make sure you’re up to date with the latest Microsoft packages, including Word and Excel.
  • A home data entry position also requires a lot of typing. If you are transferring data from one source to another manually, you will need to have ample skill to type both accurately and quickly.
  • Familiarizing yourself with commonly used online co-working platforms such as Basecamp and Slack can be handy, too.

Think about how each of these core skills can be applied to your past experiences and then how that experience can help you thrive in a remote data entry position.

Preparing For Your Data Entry Interview

If you manage to land yourself a data entry interview, then congratulations! You’re over the first hurdle.

Interview prep is crucial in making sure you present your best self and prove to the interviewers you have the right skills and adeptness for the role.

Interviewing for a remote role might mean you will meet over video call, so familiarize yourself with platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

Make a list of your previous experience and how it is relevant to the role. Which skills have you gained that are transferable into data entry?

Skills and experience can come from anywhere. You might:

  • Have customer service experience
  • Be good at math
  • Have taken charge in a charity high school fundraiser

All good skills and experiences to mention.

Don’t be afraid to talk about past employment, volunteer experience, high school clubs, and high school sports teams. The more varied the examples you use, the better.

Read the job description of the position and pull out key phrases and required skills. Use these in your examples when interviewing.

A great technique to employ when preparing for interviews is creating a few STAR examples. The STAR method is helpful when answering both behavioral and competency-based questions in an interview.

STAR structures your interview answers into sections: situation, task, action, and result. By addressing each section when explaining the relevancy of your past experiences, you will be able to focus your answer and impress the interviewer.

Another great way to prepare is to ask a family member, partner, or friend to rehearse likely interview questions with you so you can practice your answers and STAR examples.

Practice really does make perfect, and knowing you have rehearsed and prepared prior to the interview can really help calm those nerves!

Websites That Offer Genuine Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home

Data entry jobs are diverse and can vary from role to role. 

Whether you are looking to work as a freelancer or with a company, work full-time or part-time, and work in the United States or globally, there is a whole host of job sites that list genuine work opportunities for data entry home-works jobs.

  1. Capital Typing — Offers virtual, United States-based office jobs and data entry work where you can work remotely as an independent contractor. They advertise regular and long term work.
  2. FlexJobs — One of the most popular sites for remote freelance work. Advertises jobs that offer regular work, including data entry positions.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk — Offers data entry tasks that focus on data collection and fact-checking.
  4. Fiverr — Allows you to create your own profile to list your data entry services. Users can post and bid on advertised jobs.
  5. Scribie — A transcription job platform where typists can work as independent contractors. If your work scores above 2.75 on their 5-pointer scale, you’ll have no problem landing jobs.
  6. Clickworker — Assesses your skills and experience, then matches you to jobs that fit those skills. Independently contracts you to do varying data entry tasks.

Prepare for Your Data Entry Job

Data entry is a diverse industry that offers various career paths and multiple opportunities — from entry-level up to senior-level positions.

Work-from-home data entry jobs enable you to be flexible in both a full-time and part-time capacity. It’s always handy to expand your knowledge and skills in the industry you would like to find work in.

To help in securing both full-time and part-time data entry jobs, taking an online course to improve your computer literacy skills will give you an extra edge in applications.

At Small Revolution, we have multiple engaging and effective courses, as well as reading resources, that help online professionals gain specialist skills. These helpful courses can assist you in getting noticed by employers and securing that full-time or part-time data entry role.

Enroll in this Successful Behaviours and Habits course to learn how to excel in your remote job today.

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