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Do you ever find yourself bored at home with nothing to do? You’re not alone.

Many people struggle with finding things to do when they’re stuck inside. The best way to solve this dilemma is by leveraging indoor hobbies. These are hobbies that:

  • Don’t require you to leave the house
  • Can be done alone or with others
  • Are fun and engaging

There are many such hobbies and the good thing is that you can start immediately. They don’t need extensive preparation or capital to start because they depend on your creativity and rely on the available indoor gadgets and furniture.

Today, we explore four fun indoor hobbies. You can enjoy these whether you’re into arts and crafts or video games, we have something for everyone.

1: Playing Board Games

man holding playing board games
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Thousands of indoor board games are available in the market today. They come in different shapes and sizes, making them an excellent option for people of all ages.

Board games are usually easy to set up and don’t require much space. You can play them with friends or family members, making it a fun way to spend time together.

Popular board games to try:

  • Chess: One of the oldest and most popular two-player board games globally. It’s a game filled with bluffing and deduction elements as you try to analyze your opponent’s next move and react accordingly.
  • Monopoly: A classic game where players compete to own as much property as possible. The game involves rolling the dice, paying rent to other players, buying properties, and cursing at the dice.
  • Scrabble: A game where players use letter tiles to form words on a board. This game tests your vocabulary and thinking skills. It’s a fun and elegant game because it uses key elements of our language as components.
  • Battleship: This is a two-person game that requires an excellent strategy. You secretly arrange your ships on the grid and try to locate your opponent’s fleet. The game aims to sink your opponent’s fleet after locating it.
  • Checkers: A game where players try to capture all of their opponent’s pieces by jumping over them with their own. To be declared the winner, you must capture all checkers belonging to your opponent.

2: Arts and Crafts

asian woman making crafts
Source: Canva

Crafty hobbies are perfect for creatives who enjoy working with their hands.

Arts and crafts entail making different items using a variety of materials.

The table below shows a comparison of the different supplies you’ll need for various art projects. Moreover, it shows how you can use the project pieces you make.

  • Potter’s wheel
  • Clay
  • Sculpting tools, e.g., rubbing plates, rollers, and clay mats
  • Store different items like coins and jewelry
  • As a decor piece
  • Paint
  • Canvas
  • Brushes
  • Decorate your home by placing them on the wall
  • Give it to someone special as a gift
  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Beads
  • Beautiful neck or wrist accessories
  • Give to someone as a gift
  • Drawing paper
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Decorate your house by hanging them on the wall
  • Gift to your friends and relatives
  • Clay
  • Tools to sculpt the clay, like clay mats
  • A place to dry the sculpture
  • Decorate your home or gift someone you love
Rugs, placements, wall hangings
  • Fabrics
  • Tools to sculpt the clay, like clay mats
  • Weaving needles
  • Place at the entrance for people to dust off their feet

All the arts and craft items listed in the table above can also be sold to earn some money.

The greatest thing about arts and crafts is that you can be as creative as you want. You also have the freedom to choose from a variety of projects.

Craft is about seeing the seed of an idea and slowly growing and nurturing that seed until it flowers.

Helen Hallows

All you need to get started is a workspace and some basic materials.

Benefits of Arts and Crafts as a Hobby

  • They’re a great way to express your creativity
  • They can be therapeutic and help reduce stress
  • You can make gifts for friends and family
  • Some arts and crafts can be sold for a profit

3: Playing Video Games

hand holding joystick playing video games
Source: Canva

With the technological advances in today’s world, it’s now possible to play high-quality video games indoors. You no longer have to go to the game arcade to enjoy a good game.

You can now play these games in the comfort of your home, whether with a friend in the same room or online with people from all over the world.

Playing video games is always fun because you get to choose a game that tickles your fancy.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Video Games

  • The type of game: There are different genres of video games to choose from. Some popular genres include first-person shooters, role-playing games, and puzzle games.
  • Your skill level: You want to make sure you select a game that’s challenging but not too difficult. If a game is too easy, you’ll get bored quickly. If it’s too complicated, you’ll get frustrated and give up.
  • The graphics: Choosing video games with amazing graphics make the game more realistic and enjoyable.

Some popular video games include:

  • FIFA: A soccer game that allows players to compete against others from around the world.
  • Call of Duty: A first-person shooter game where players battle terrorists or other players online.
  • Mario Kart: A racing game where players race against each other using characters from the Mario universe.
  • Super Smash Bros: A fighting game that features characters from different Nintendo games.
  • Pokemon Go: An augmented reality game where players catch Pokemon in the real world.
  • Fallout: A post-apocalyptic role-playing game that’s sure to excite gamers.
  • Assassin’s Creed: A stealth action game set in different historical periods.
  • The Sims: A life simulation game where you control the lives of your Sims.

4: Writing

woman sitting while writing
Source: Canva

Writing is an excellent hobby for people who enjoy spending time alone. It’s also a great way to express your thoughts and feelings.

You can write about anything that interests you, such as your day-to-day life, particular topics of interest, or fictional stories.

You can explore your writing in different ways, such as writing poems, songs, short stories, or articles.

To streamline your writing hobby, join writing groups or online writing communities like Underlined,, and Reddit. In these spaces, you’ll receive feedback from other writers and authors on how to improve your writing skills.

it can be therapeutic and help reduce stress

Benefits of Writing as a Hobby

  • It’s a great way to express yourself
  • It can be therapeutic and help reduce stress
  • You get to improve your writing skills as you get feedback
  • You can publish your work to get noticed by other authors and readers
  • It’s a great way to connect with other writers and authors

Monetize Your Writing Hobby

Your writing hobby can earn you passive income without interrupting your regular duties.

However, you need SEO skills to make your content visible on search engines like Google and Bing.

If you love writing about personal traveling experiences, other people on the internet may find this content useful as a guide to their travel adventures. Therefore you can generate some income by monetizing your content through display advertisement or affiliate marketing.

Small Revolution can help you sharpen your writing skills to ensure your content ranks well on search engines. Enroll in our article training course to get the necessary skills to help you earn passive income from your writing hobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What new hobbies can I take up at home?

The new hobbies you can take up at home include arts and crafts, playing video games, writing, or gardening. These hobbies can be done in the comfort of your home, either indoors or outdoors.

What hobbies can you do sitting down?

The hobbies you can do sitting down include playing video games, writing, and knitting. These hobbies do not require a lot of movement, so they are perfect for people who want to stay seated.

Can I make money from my hobbies?

Yes, you can make money from your hobbies if you put in the effort. Arts and crafts items like paintings and drawings can be sold for a profit. You can also sell your written work or give it away as gifts to friends and family. Additionally, many people make money by selling the items they garden.

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