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Videos are becoming a good tool to catch the attention of potential customers in the eCommerce industry. Videos are more interactive than a simple banner, a product photo or an advertisement.

Since online customers are unable to touch, smell or taste the products they like, it’s an excellent idea to include videos on product pages and ads so they can see the products in real life conditions. It’s also important as there are online visitors who simply don’t like to read long texts. Aside from that, human voice filled with feelings and emotions can convert information into meaningful content than plain texts. With the fast growing technology today, we can now present high-quality and sensible videos easily.

To assist you on making quality videos to add to your eCommerce stores, here is a list of video editing apps. Make use of these accessible and easy to use applications to create stunning and useful videos for your customers.

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1. ReelDirector

ReelDirector is a fun and easy to use video editor designed for Apple products. It is powerful enough to give you full control of your video editing. It is said to be the 1st and the most feature rich video editing app for iOS. It produces high quality HD videos which can be re-compressed if necessary. With minimal quality loss due to editing. It was named as APPLE’s Rewind 2010 – Hot Trends in Apps and APPLE’s Rewind 2009 – BEST APP.

ReelDirector is a powerful, easy-to-use, and fun iPhone app for creating videos with titles and effects. – tuaw

File this one under “sent from the future”. ReelDirector is a pretty full-featured movie editor” … “a quite amazing demonstration of the march of technology.” – Wired.com Gadget Lab



ReelDirector on the App Store on iTunes


By: Nexvio Inc.
Price: $1.99
Get it here: Apple iTunes Store
Tutorial: Learn how to use ReelDirector


2. VideoTrim Pro

VideoTrim Pro is a great video editor that you can also use as organizer for Android. It has a lot of editing features like trimming, framing, real effects, transcode and converting options.

“Works great Was looking for better way to take individual frame shots from video but other apps crashed or worked poorly, this works great and I like the other features like adding music to video. Also, great support, very fast response from developer regarding any questions.” – Harold B. Johnson IV

superb! this app continues to exceed my expectations. definitely worth the purchase! -Peter Paul Gil


screenshot of VideoTrim Pro


By: Goseet
Price: $4.21
Get it here: Google Play Store
Tutorial: Learn how to use Vidtrim Pro


3. Instagram

Instagram is not only a great way to capture and share photos. It can also be used to make your videos special by providing options to customization and beautiful effects. Features include breathtaking cinematic stabilization for video recording, and linear and radial tilt-shift blur effects for extra depth of field.

Instagram on the App Store on iTunes By: Instagram, Inc.

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Instagram

4.  Splice

Splice lets you combine HD photos and videos with ease. You can edit your videos, add tracks, you can even add your own voice in your video. Now, it supports HD videos, and has an advanced audio editing feature. It’s said to be the most advanced portable video editing and audio production app in the market today.

“With all the…not so great apps out there…it was a breath of fresh air to try your app.” – AppAdvice.com

“Basically amazing! Love everything about this game. The complexity, the graphics, even the music! It all comes together to provide a FINE gaming experience for your mobile. Easily worth the money, hands down.” – Steve Le

Splice Video Editor Free on the App Store on iTunes

By: Path 36, LLC

Price: $3 for Android, Free for iOS

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Splice


Montaj is a free video app available for iOS that allows you to make video storytelling accessible and easy. Features include shuffle clips/audio by sharing the phone, rearrange clips, and add soundtracks from iTunes.

“The MONTAJ app is a really strong application for video editors and Filmmakers looking to shoot quick, strong videos via their mobile device. Editing and sharing clips is fast and easy thanks to the streamlined editing system embedded into the MONTAJ App. Capturing videos clips is also easy thanks to the quick one button set up to record and capture. This is an app for skilled videographers working on their iPhones or novices just beginning their filmmaking” – Xay90

montaj video editing and sharing app By: Montaj, Inc

Price: Free

Get it here: Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use MONTAJ

6. Magisto

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Create stunning and beautiful edited movies from your video clips and photos packed with music and creative effects. Magisto has a fun and easy to use editing features so you can share these videos to social networking sites. Features include video camera stabilization, filters, effects and transitions.

“If you want a cool fresh perspective on some of your video clips, done in a very unique way, THIS IS THE APP. Although it doesn’t have as many custom editing features one could want, this app makes up for it with the look and feel. I just downloaded it 30min ago, and I was blown away. I’m going to get creative and see how far I can push this app! It also renders in the background and already has a community of different videos from other users, to view. GET IT!” – MusicFeel&Vision

“Greatest video app I love this app!! So easy and fun and then you have all these awesome videos!! I definitely recommend this app!!!” – Pentak Karter

Magisto Magical Video Editor on the App Store on iTunes

By: SightEra Technologies Ltd

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Magisto

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7. Viddy

Viddy lets you capture, create and share short mobile videos over the social networking sites with ease and simplicity. It has an advanced video camera where you can pause and resume recording to capture multiple clips of up to 30 seconds.

“Viddy, an App That’s Like Twitter for Videos” -WSJ

“I’m into Viddy because I can just be me and show my fans the fun parts of my day.” -Justin Bieber

“If you’ve seen what Instagram has done for phone-shot photos, you can imagine that Viddy may soon do the same for videos.” -NYTimes

Viddy on the App Store on iTunes

By: Viddy, Inc.

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Viddy

8. Cute Cut

You can create your own movies in an instant just by dragging and dropping video clips using Cute Cut video editing app. It has a user friendly UI with 30+ drawing tools, brushes and editable effects. Plus it support adding 6 types of media into movie – video, photo, self-draw, text, music and voice.

“Awesome !!! I used 3 diferents editors including magisto, and that one, was the only capable to give you a real professional result, I recommend, seriously guys, great work!” – Pedro Bittencourt

Cute CUT Full Featured Video Editor on the App Store on iTunes


Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Cute Cut

9. Vyclone

Vyclone is a video app that can automatically and intuitively syncs your videos with others’ footage altogether to create one seamless video. Its main feature is to co-create videos with footage from others to add to your own.

“Great idea I can imagine the possibilities in the near future. If we all get on it and capture important events, it can be interesting what we can collaboratively create and capture. Only if the zapruder film was made with this app..” – Christian Meza

“Game changer. This app makes collaborating for creating video seamless, after trying it out with the creators at SXSW it made me a believer.” – Clyde Grant II

Vyclone on the App Store on iTunes

By: Vyclone Inc.

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store, Apple iTunes Store

10. Lapse It

Lapse It is an intuitive, powerful but easy to use and app that you can use to capture amazing time lapse and stop motion videos. Unique features include the use of camera Full Sensor, stunning different filters, square formatting, adjustable focus, white balance and exposure and a well designed user interface.

It is an award-winning app that was featured on the English TV Show “The Gadget Show” http://youtu.be/QjjayQVHnrk

“Looking to do time-lapse with your mobile device? Lapse It is a very appealing option” – Erez Zukerman, PCWorld

“Lapse It is by far the best time lapse application I’ve come across so far” – Robert Iagar, AppStorm

Lapse It • Time Lapse Stop Motion • Free on the App Store on iTunes

By: Interactive Universe Price: Free Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store Tutorial: Learn how to use Lapse It

11. Socialcam

Socialcam lets you capture and create unlimited video length and share your videos. Now it’s now improved with vintage video filters, custom styles and soundtracks. Plus you can store unlimited videos to their cloud.

“Super. Social cam is awesome. It allows you to post videos add titles and captions on the go.” – Cephus Harris

“Very nice app its easy to uploading the videos Its easy to uploading the videos since Long time people are waiting for like this App thanks to creater” – Salahuddin Kaleem Qureshi

Socialcam on the App Store on iTunes

By: Autodesk Inc.

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store Apple iTunes Store

12. Video Edit

Video Edit is use by a lot of people especially in educational institutions because it’s the fastest way to edit and render videos on iOS platforms. This is good for people who just want to shoot, trim and stitch videos without spending too much time editing the videos. Its simplicity and speed is what makes it stand out from the rest.

“For a simpler and more straightforward video editing on iOS, I like Video Edit for its minimal design and easy-to-use interface” – NYTimes.com

“Video Edit is a perfect app for those of you trying to edit a video in quick takes. The app is simple to use and offers very fast rendering compared to other apps out there.” – CompTalks – Top 5 Fun Video Apps

“The video rendering in this app is extremely fast, but that’s because that’s the purpose – quickly mash up some videos together to share. It does one thing and it does it very well.” – AppAdvice

Video Edit on the App Store on iTunes

By: Video Edit

Price: $2.99

Get it here: Apple iTunes Store

13. Vine

Vine is a great app that lets you create short, beautiful and looping videos in a simple and fun way. With Vine you can instantly post your videos to social networking sites plus it has free unlimited uploads.

“The best thing that ever happened to me I love this app I think the person that made vines is a genius” – Tupou Latu

Vine on the App Store on iTunes

By: Vine Labs, Inc.

Price: Free

Get it here: Google Play Store, Apple iTunes Store

Tutorial: Learn how to use Vine

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