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Do you want your kids to start making money right now?

But, you have no cheap small business ideas to help your kids get started?

Guess what? You’ve come to the right place.

We all agree that kids love to be creative and DO STUFF, right?

Therefore, it’s important that you teach them the value of earning money from a young age.

And that’s why we’re ready to show you lots of great small business ideas that your little ones (or not so little anymore) can do and actually…

  • Make good money
  • Learn responsibility
  • Learn work ethic
  • Learn the art of buying, selling, and rejection early in life, etc.

So let’s jump right in and discover all the great kid-friendly business ideas for kids who want to make money.

Remember to guide your children as they started on the business ideas that they love. Okay?

Let’s do this!

1. Lemonade Stand Seller

We can’t discuss kids business ideas and fail to mention selling lemonade – certainly a popular business for kids.

With hot weather and months without school just around the corner, making a lemonade stand sounds like a brilliant summer business idea for your child, don’t you agree?

To get started nice and easy, on this fun business idea, you will need a Lemonade Stall Binder for Kids.

Basically, your Lemonade Stall Binder is a lemonade business startup guide. It contains every detail necessary to plan and successfully execute your lemonade stand business.

It is the best way to learn how to make a lot of money at a lemonade stand. Mainly by getting right your lemonade business pricing, product, promotion, and place.

Excited? Get your Lemonade Stall Binder now. And sell lemonade like a PRO!

Kids Who’ve Made It Big in This Lemonade Business

Some kids sell lemonade, he starts a chain: Jack Bonneau started a lemonade business at 8 years of age. With the help of his father, Jack ambitiously peddled cups of lemonade at a local farmers’ market.

He made around $2,000 and his profit was a cool $900. He went on to expand his business, built a website, and now sells lemonade at three more farmers’ markets.

On to another lemonade success business story…

Thirteen-year-old Mikaila Ulmer built a best-selling lemonade brand.* She’s now the chief executive of Me & The Bees Lemonade – a business she’s been running since she was four.

Here’s a highlight of Mikaila’s notable achievements:

  • In 2015, Mikaila was invited to the White House by former US President, Barack Obama who termed her as an “amazing young lady”
  • She appeared on entrepreneurship show Shark Tank. Her pitch managed to Daymond John, boss of clothing firm FUBU to invest $60,000
  • Her lemonade is stocked across 500 stores in the USA

See, your lemonade business can take you places. Get your Lemonade Stall Binder and get started already.

You can make it too!

2. Academic Tutor

If you are looking for school business ideas for your child, then you will love the academic tutoring idea.

As you well know, there are some children who struggle in certain school subjects. And all they need is a little tutoring to boost their grades.

And that’s where your child comes in to offer academic tutoring.

Let’s say your child is really good at math, reading, algebra, geometry or any other subject. He can offer to explain that subject to other children who may be struggling in that subject at a fee.

But be sure that he does the academic tutoring during his extra time and not during school hours.

Other kids are already doing academic tutoring. For example, these high school kids who are volunteering academic tutoring services. Take a look.

3. Actor

The truth is: there is a huge market for kid actors. Skeptical? Read on.

“The Disney Channel alone hires over 1200 actors every year, some of them without prior professional experience. There are roles for every “look” these days: actors don’t have to be blond and blue-eyed, and glasses or braces are often just fine” WikiHow

Therefore, if your kid loves acting, let him nurture his acting talent. He could end up being a movie star! You never know…unless you try.

Wondering where he can start acting?

  • In class
  • On stage
  • In short films
  • In local productions
  • In commercials
  • On online videos

By and by your kid may end up landing an awesome acting role and earn good money. Here’s the average salary of child actors.

4. Artist

Author Unknown quote

Is your kiddo artistic? Yes? Great! Because she can set up her very own art business.

From then on she can create her own art pieces (mostly paintings or drawings) and sell them directly to willing buyers including yourself.

Here are some interesting art business ideas worth checking out:

Also, take a look at this Pinterest kids’ art projects board for more inspiration.

5. Author

Isn’t Ariana an adorable, talented little girl, who is also an author? You can’t help but admire her confidence and vision, right?

Well, the good news is that there’s enough room for child authors out there including your kid who is keen on writing.

But how can you tell whether your kid is a potential author? Check here for the writer tell-tale signs.

All the while, you’ll need to support your kid and help her nurture her writing talent. Here are some helpful tips from a kid author.

6. Baby Sitter

Parents with little ones often need the services of a babysitter so that they can run some quick errands.

Therefore, this is a great teenage business idea for your older kids: to offer babysitting services at a fee.

Watching over younger kids on behalf of the parent or guardian can be fun especially if your kid loves spending time with small children.

Besides watching over the baby, there are some extra tasks that come with babysitting. Therefore, as a babysitter you may be required to:

7. Baker

Does your kid enjoy kneading dough and baking it into some mouth-watering baked goodies?

If yes, encourage her to start a baking business whereby she can sell the baked goods at a profit.

Can’t think of any yummy recipes? Not a problem.

Here are a few to get you started with: so you have no reason to postpone the baking business, right?

These are easy recipes. And besides bringing in the money, your child will have fun baking. Who knows what the future holds – she might end up being a renowned pastry chef.

For example:

cedricgrolet instagram post
Cedric Grolet

8. Balloon Artist

Mundane balloons are so yesterday. Nowadays, normal balloons can be twisted and transformed into wonderful creations. The endless options include a dog, a flower, a sword, and so much more.

All your kiddo needs to get started in this fun and lucrative business is an artistic mind. And to let her imagination take over.

The best places that she can start offering her balloon artist services are:

  • Restaurants
  • Wedding receptions
  • Shopping malls
  • Museums
  • Children parks
  • Kid festivals
  • Birthday parties

And guess what, if your youngster really loves this art business idea, she can do it all the way to adulthood.

Think we’re exaggerating?

Well, take a look at this next video. You can’t help but marvel at the lady’s balloon art creations. And that’s her job!


9. Bicycle Advertiser

Your kid got a bike? Help her turn that bike into an advertising machine.

Wondering how? Keep reading.

You see, as your child rides her bike around town, most people actually do notice and take a look.

For that reason, your kid can build a fun business by offering advertising space on her bicycle.

Local consumers will see the advertisement message as your child enjoys a bike ride around town. That’s how some businesses nowadays are reaching their targeted audience.

Clever, right?

10. Blogger

Blogging is a good source of income for many adults and kids alike. And your teenager can also get a piece of the cake by creating a blog and monetizing it.

Firstly, let her pick a niche that interests her. A niche means the category that she wishes to specialise in. For example, crafting, gardening, self-confidence, etc.

Next, your child will need:

Take a look at these best blog sites for kids and be inspired.

11. Book Seller

Selling books is another great kid business idea. Your child can sell used books (if you have a large collection of them), or you could find ways to acquire them.

And since technology has made life easier for everyone, why not take advantage of it by owning an online bookstore.

Better still, your kid can sell books on online marketplaces such as:

12. Website Builder

Hosting Facts quote

It is a no-brainer then that more and more businesses are taking advantage of the digital space by going online.

But that can only happen if they own a website.

However, the biggest challenge for many business owners and groups who desire to have a website is time.

Therefore, if your kid has web design skills, she can help the local business people take their businesses online by creating for them eCommerce websites.

13. Cake Decorator

In your lifetime, you must have seen a cake that is so well decorated that it is almost unbearable to cut it. (But it ended up in tummy town nonetheless).

Beautiful cakes are the works of cake decorators who use sugar art to make the cakes look visually appealing.

Your kid can offer cake decorating services to bakers, friends, and family members who are hosting special events.

How about you start off with these kids cake decorating ideas?. Sounds good?

14. Candy Maker

Candies are a favourite to many people both young and old. For this reason, your kid can take advantage of the ever increasing demand for candies by selling them. She can make and sell candies online or locally – depending on her business plan.

Here’s are a few candy types that are a favourite to many:

  • Lollipops and sours: They are hard candies mounted on a stick for easier licking or sucking
  • Cotton candy: comprises of 100% sugar. Popular at amusement parks.
  • Liquorice: A semi-soft liquorice flavoured candy.
  • Hard candies: Also known as boiled sweets. They dissolve slowly in the mouth.
  • Chewing gums: This is chewy candy. Also known as bubble gum or gum.
  • Gummies: They are gelatine based chew candies available in a wide array of colours, shapes and flavours.
  • Chocolate: Chocolate is made from roasted ground cocoa beans. And that’s what is used to make chocolate candy.
  • Caramels: Soft toffees, usually brown in colour

But don’t limit your options to the above list. You can come up with your own candy recipe. Just like Alina Morse who creates sweet treats that clean your teeth.

15. Car Wash Service Operator

Most car owners love their cars sparkling clean. And they don’t mind spending some money to achieve that goal.

On that account, let your child offer car wash services targeted at people within your community. It could be neighbours, friends, and even family members.

Items your kid will need for the car wash service are:

  • Hose water
  • Buckets
  • Soap
  • Sponges or rags

Learn how to start a car wash business as a kid and then get started already! It will be fun.

16. Catering Services Assistant

Your kid can offer a helping hand to catering service providers in the following categories:

  • Mobile catering
  • Hotel/restaurant catering
  • Private catering

Your child will pick valuable lessons besides earning some good money doing what she loves.

Here are some typical catering tasks to help paint the picture:

  • Creating the menu
  • Event coordination
  • Food preparation
  • Transport food efficiently
  • Set up tables, chairs, and lines
  • Serve the food
  • Cleaning up and tearing the dining area

Sounds totally doable, right?

17. Clothing Designer

Another cool business idea for your kid is designing clothing – especially if they have an eye for fashion.

Areas of specialization when it comes to designing clothes are women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel.

Here are some clothing ideas worth considering:

  • Belts
  • Underwear
  • Formalwear
  • Eyewear
  • Footwear
  • Sportswear
  • Scarves
  • Handbags

After identifying the apparels to design, your kid will follow these next steps:

  • Study fashion trends
  • Sketch the designs
  • Select the appropriate materials
  • And supervise or produce the designs

Upon completion of the clothing items, your kid can sell then online or opt to open a local store under your guidance.

Coming up is a video of a 4-year-old clothing designer: Fashion by Mayhem. Watch.

18. Recycling Service Provider

Recycling is one of the 3 R’s of environmental conservation besides “Reuse” and “Reduce”.

As a recycling service provider, your kid will be helping our planet to be safer.

Your teenager can pick up recycling items from people who are too busy to do their own recycling.

Some of the recycling items to be collected are:

  • Paper
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Metal

19. Colouring Book Designer

This business requires skills in designing and drawing. Sound like something your child can easily do? Then the next step is for your kid to create a colouring book and sell it.

Here’s how to make a colouring book from ideation to print:

  • Ideation: choose a theme, find out your audience, check for demand
  • Planning: choose a title, explore binding methods, set a page limit, think about the format
  • Creation: Hand draws on a paper/tablet, create digital colouring pages, design a cover
  • Printing: Set up your file correctly, select the perfect paper, pick the best binding, assign a quality printer

20. Computer Setup Services Provider

Skills In Demand Checklist
Download your free cheatsheet of Skills In Demand

Does your child have some tech knowledge? Encourage him to put that knowledge into good use by starting a computer set up businesses.

Some adults need help in getting up their computers upon purchase. Then, by all means, let your kid make some good money helping them out.

Here’s a list of computer setup services that adults may need:

  • Removal of unwanted programs and trial ware
  • Performing system updates
  • Optimising the start-up and shutdown
  • Creating system recovery discs
  • Installing internet security software
  • Setting up and transferring personal information

But that shouldn’t be the end of this business idea. Consider offering maintenance services from time to time besides the computer setup services.

21. Computer Tutor

Besides being a computer setup service provider as discussed above, your kid can also be a computer tutor.

Computer tutoring will involve helping other children understand computer lessons better. Moreso, in areas they may be struggling with.

Furthermore, your teenager can teach adults who may not be technically inclined but are curious enough to learn some more computer-related tips and tricks.

22. Content Creator

Benjamin Franklin quote

Content creation is simply producing useful pieces of information for use in media platforms. Content can be used in:

  • Blogs
  • EBooks
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers, among others

If your child is a keen writer with an excellent grasp of spelling and grammar, then content creation is a business she should definitely try out.

Your kid will sell the content she has created and get paid for her time and effort.

23. Costume Maker

Around famous holidays such as Halloween, your child can make costumes for other kids at a fee. It will be fun to come up with ideal costumes fit for each occasion.

Here are some holidays to keep in mind besides Halloween:

  • Easter
  • Christmas
  • St. Patrick’s day
  • Thanksgiving
  • President’s day

Now, head over to Pinterest and observe their Holiday Costumes for Kids gallery. It will help you get some ideas to start with.

24. Gift Baskets Creator (For Different Occasions)

As you can see from the video above, making gift baskets is as easy as ABC. And your kid can create her own gift baskets and sell them.


Go a step further and offer a gift basket delivery service to the intended recipients.

Here some useful resources to help you make gift baskets for different occasions:

25. Dance Teacher

William Stafford quote

Perhaps your kid is an excellent dancer? Let her offer dancing lessons to other children who are ready to master various dancing styles.

For example:

Is dancing beneficial for kids? Totally. Check out the many benefits of dance for children.

In a nutshell:

Edwin Denby quote

26. Seasonal Decorator

As seasons come and go, homeowners and businesses need to keep it fresh on matters decor.
With this in mind, your teenager can make some good money by offering seasonal decorating services within your community.

Here are a few ways:

  • Spring decorating
  • Summer decorating
  • Fall decorating
  • Winter decorating
  • Christmas decorating

Check out these decorating ideas for each month of the year.

27. Dog or Pet Walker

A good number of pet owners would use some help when it comes to taking their dogs for their much-needed exercise.

If your kid loves spending time with animals, then the dog walking business can be an awesome opportunity.

And if the dogs can get along, your kid can walk more than one dog.

The cool thing about this business is that your child will also be exercising while walking the dogs. That’s a win-win.

While at it, he can also consider offering:

  • Pet grooming services
  • Pet sitting services

28. Pet Poop Cleaner

Poop scooping for dogs and other pets doesn’t seem like much fun. In fact, you may find it a weird business idea.

But wait until you learn how much Kyle Graham of CallofDoodie charges – a minimum of $20 per poop scooping visit.

So there you have it. Pet waste removal can be a source of good income.

Go on, let your kid help pet owners keep their yards clean at a fee.

29. eBay Seller

Kids are already making money on eBay by simply reselling items.

Case in point: 14-year-old Lexi

But before your kid jumps right in, you better be familiar with the pros and cons beforehand. Also, be prepared to supervise.

Next, take a look at eBay and help your kid figure out what could be the best item(s) to resell.

30. Elderly Care Provider

The elderly people in your neighbourhood could use some care services from time to time.

Although your kid can not provide medical care or serve as a primary caregiver, she can offer other basic services to the seniors.

Here’s how:

  • Running errands
  • Doing house chores
  • Offering some extra company

31. Etsy Store Seller

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Etsy is an online store that sells handcrafted, custom, vintage, or unique items.

Wondering where to start with the Etsy Store business idea?

Start with wearables such as jewellery.

Perhaps your kid could use some inspiration from young entrepreneurs who are running Etsy stores? Have a peek at Zandra Beauty: sells lemon tea tree hand and body lotion.

Also, check out these crafts meant to help your kid with the ideation process.

32. Event Organizer

The idea is to organize an event or party and then get paid for the services. The most common events are birthdays, weddings, among other special occasions.

This business idea requires your teenager to be:

  • An excellent communicator
  • Creative
  • Super organised
  • Reliable
  • Detail oriented

Depending on the size and the purpose of the event, your kid may have to seek assistance from other service providers such as photographers, DJ’s, and a toastmaster.

Here’s a cheat sheet for planning excellent events. Have a look.

event planning landscape
Click here to view larger version

33. Face Painter

Face painting is a fun way to dress up children at parties or special events – no need for costumes.

As a face painter, you’ll be required to re-create the child’s favourite animal or character on his or her face.

For example:

  • Superheroes
  • Butterflies
  • Bunnies
  • Pirates
  • Dogs
  • Dracula and witches

Luckily, there are so many painting ideas for kids. Start from there and grow the face painting business further.

34. Food Grower

field of orange pumpkins
Image from Pixabay from adege

Could be you have some spare space in your garden?

Let your kid purchase some food plants and grow them in that garden.

Upon harvesting, he can sell the farm produce at farmers’ markets or other related venues. And in return make some good money.

There are easy to grow vegetables, fruits, and salads namely:

  • Peas
  • Potatoes
  • Radishes
  • Onions and garlic
  • Spring onions
  • Strawberry
  • Salad leaves
  • Beetroot
  • Tomatoes

Apart from growing farm produce, your kid can also rear some farm animals. She can keep chickens for their meat and eggs. She can also rear ducks, geese, turkeys, etc.

35. Gardener

Does your kid love gardening? Then, let him offer gardening services to the people looking for someone to tend their gardens.

Your kid can do simple tasks such as:

  • Pulling weeds out
  • Cleaning debris
  • Fertilizing the soil
  • Pruning plants, shrubs, and trees
  • Planting vegetables and flowers

While at it, he can also offer outdoor maintenance services.

36. Garage Sale Service Provider

Let your teenager find out the people who are intending to hold garage sales and offer them a helping hand at a fee.

But it shouldn’t stop there. He can also organise his own garage sale and make some good money disposing of unwanted household items (with your consent).

For a successful garage sale, there are items you need to include in your plan:

  • Flyers
  • Items on sale
  • Signs or placards
  • Folding tables and chairs
  • Cash in small bills and coins
  • Price tags or stickers

Here are handy tips on how to prepares for a successful garage sale.

37. Greeting Card Maker

Making greeting cards is a fun craft that can easily turn into a profitable business venture if done right.

Your child can create his own greeting card designs and sell them either online or offline.

But first, you need to know how to start a greeting card business, right? Read this.

Next, get the basic card making supplies. And that includes:

  • Stylus
  • Adhesives
  • Paper trimmer
  • Bone Folder
  • Retractable pick
  • Retractable pen knife
  • 12-inch ruler
  • Self-healing cutting mat with a grid

Once you have nailed that, take a look at this video for greeting card making ideas.

38. Inventor

Helen Frankenthaler quote

It is not too late for your child to invent something. In fact, there are other children just like him who have dreamt up great inventions. Take a look.

As such, your child can use his creativity to come up with ideas of new products or services and then go ahead and create them.

On the other hand, he can opt to sell his ideas.

Whichever way he pleases; he will definitely make some good money as an inventor.

39. Jewellery Designer

A majority of people love adorning personal ornaments such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. In view of this, your kid can start designing jewellery and selling them at a profit.

Check out these fun DIY jewellery crafts and ideas.

Remember how we mentioned that Etsy is a great place to sell crafts? Be sure to promote your jewellery on Etsy besides selling them at craft fairs.

Read on for types of jewellery you can start designing:

40. Juggling as a Busker

Juggling is a skill that only a few people possess.

Honestly, it is quite a challenge to throw several objects in the air, catch them, and keep them moving so that at least one is always in the air.

That’s why people find juggling entertaining and will happily pay to watch a juggler at work.

Think your kid can juggle? Let him start a juggling business today.

Watch this fascinating video of a 12-year old boy solving Rubik’s cubes while juggling them. Fascinating!

41. Mow Lawns

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes quite a bit of work – regular mowing.

But, most homeowners are too busy to mow their overgrown lawns. Or, they are just sick and tired of mowing their lawns.

No wonder there are teens making six figures by simply mowing lawns.

And your kid can join them by starting a lawn care provider business.

Caution: always consider child safety. Learn about lawn mowing safety here and watch this video for more information.

42. Leaf Removal

person using rake to gather dry leaves
Image from Pixabay from Greenstock

Are your leaves giving you dirty looks when you come home at night?

Are you giving the leaves dirty looks when you head out in the morning?

Neither of you need that kind of stress. It is time for a leaf removal service.

Your kid can start a leaf removal business in the fall – that’s when the leaf removal business is booming. Thus freeing up his client’s time so that they can enjoy the rest of their fall season (without giving dirty looks).

All he needs is a rake and a pair of quality well-fitting work gloves.

For a start, he can offer to rake the neighbours’ lawns at a small fee. And if all goes well, he can combine leaf removal with lawn mowing (which we have already discussed).

Picking up pinecones is also another clean-up exercise that could fetch him some good money.

43. Live Streaming Video Games

The Hustle quote

So here’s how your kid can make some dough.

Once he becomes a Twitch streamer, he can make money with a share of the site’s revenue which comes from donations, subscription fees, selling of their merchandise, and advertisements made on their own channel.

If you’ve never heard of Twitch.tv, then you will find this Twitch stats and facts interesting.

44. Make Stickers

Pipsticks kids quote

Wouldn’t it be great if your kid earned some good money making stickers? We bet you’d be delighted.

Stickers have been around for a while now. There are even sticker clubs in schools. But, what’s more, is that making stickers can turn into a great business for any kid willing to make an extra buck.

Watch and learn from this helpful video tutorial on how to make stickers from home.

Sounds good?

45. Mini Barista

Your teenager working as a mini barista is another great idea to earn money while getting some work experience.

Luckily, there are dozens of coffee shops and drive-through espresso bars in every town. That makes it easy for your entrepreneurial boy or girl to earn some money while working in an upbeat work setting (that’s an environment most teens wouldn’t mind).

You’ve must have noticed teens frequenting coffee shops, right? That is to say:

  • The coffee shops have now become a hangout
  • The coffee shop is the stopover before and after school
  • The coffee shop is a place for friends and a place to see and be seen

As your teenager offers mini barista services at a nearby coffee shop, these are the responsibilities he can expect to fulfill:

  • Preparing to open the store
  • Cleaning work areas, coffee machines, and equipment
  • Grinding coffee beans
  • Creating stock displays
  • Taking orders and ringing up payment
  • Preparing and serving light food and snacks
  • Keeping track of inventory and placing new orders
  • Preparing the store to close

Besides that, he will need to:

  • Develop solid customer service skills
  • Be able to work independently as well as in a team
  • Adapt to working in a fast-paced environment
  • Loving the smell of fresh coffee doesn’t hurt either

Being a mini barista is a great way to earn money and who knows, even tips may start rolling in.

46. Moving Service or Removalist

It’s no secret that moving an entire household is stressful. And those relocating could use an extra hand.

Your teenager can offer such people moving services at a fee.

Firstly, to work as a removalist your teenager will need to be enthusiastic and have a great attitude towards the work (remember it is job that involves a lot of physical fitness and strength).

Also your teenager needs to be willing and available to work on weekends and be able to follow an adult’s instructions.

A positive attitude such as being polite to customers will also go a long way in helping your teen learn valuable customer service skills.

Moreover, he must have common sense, good communication skills, and a real desire to learn.

47. Music Tutor

Albert Einstein music quote

If your teenager is a talented musician, she can offer music lessons to other children in the neighbourhood who may be interested in learning new music skills.

She can teach them how to play a musical instrument such as the piano, guitar, violin, or drums among other instruments. Also, she can also teach them how to sing and read musical notes.

How to Get Started as a Music Tutor

  • Advertise your private music lessons on social media, at school, music stores, etc.
  • Promote your music services through word of mouth starting with friends and family.
  • Create a YouTube channel and offer music lessons online.

48. Popsicles Seller

Did you know that an 11-year old boy invented the Popsicle?

Thanks to him, many kids all over the world are now reaping the benefits of selling popsicles.

For example, Beau Shell, founder of Lil’ Ice Cream Dude. Beau wanted to get into business from a young age. So on his 8th birthday, he asked for an ice-cream cart as his birthday gift. His parents got him a customised ice-cream cart that included:

  • An ice cream freezer
  • Welded frame
  • Old bicycle tyres

And that how Beau got into the ice-cream making business in 2012.

Here’s a video of Beau busy selling ice cream. Watch and be inspired.

And your child can also start his own business selling popsicles. Making ice cream along with popsicles is an excellent way to diversify the business in terms of variety.

Bonus Kidpreneur Ideas

  • Podcaster
  • Puppet Shows and Other Performing Arts
  • Rendering Services/Running Errands
  • Seashells Seller
  • Donuts Seller
  • Outside Sporting Events and Concerts Seller
  • Soda Seller
  • Trading Cards Seller
  • Selling Your Masterpieces
  • Snow Removal
  • Shuttle Service
  • Small Scale Manufacturing or Production
  • Soap Maker
  • Social Media Management
  • Sports Coaching
  • Stacking Wood
  • T-shirt Designer
  • Vending Machines
  • Video Blogging
  • Voice Artist/ Voice Over Artist
  • YouTube Personality/Star
  • Zine Seller
  • Delivering Newspapers (Paper Route)
  • Helping with Horses
  • Illustrator
  • Online Surveys
  • Flipping Sneakers

Let’s Wrap Up

You’ll agree with us that there is so much potential for your kid to make money.

And the best time for him or her to learn valuable business lessons coupled with hands-on experience is now.

Therefore, encourage your young entrepreneur to start any of these kid businesses that make money. You’ll have given your child a head start in life.

Photo courtesy from Freepik by prostooleh


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