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About Us

Are you sick of getting up at the crack of dawn and spending hours trapped in traffic or on crowded public transport commuting to the office and back… Every. Single. Day?

Living for Friday afternoon?

Not spending enough quality time with family?

Feel like your current job is turning you into a robot and that life is passing you by?

Imagine being able to work online from home… making a reliable income on your own terms.

With the flexibility you need to achieve the work-life balance you crave.

Luckily, you can do it and you’re about to find out how.

Work can be fun …

Small Revolution is about helping YOU kick-start your online career – wherever you are, whoever you are. The opportunity is YOURS.

The idea stemmed from founder Katrina McKinnon’s personal revolution after making her own leap of faith and believing that she could support her family and live her life on her own terms.

Taking your life into your own hands can seem a huge step, though.

So why do we call it a small revolution?

Isn’t revolution always about massive change?

Well yes… but from small things, big things grow.

It’s also about celebrating small business (every big business was once a small one) and serves as a reminder of all the “small” things in life that we shouldn’t take for granted.

What do we care about?

Our purpose is to help you find genuine, reliable online work and to build a career around it – to help you navigate all the bumps and obstacles of the online journey before you.

And to guide you through the whole process as long as you need us.

We want to help you realise and enjoy the enormous benefits of being able to work, see your family and friends, go shopping, pick up your children from school, arrange a doctor’s appointment or any other meeting – when and where you need it.

That’s the life we are all committed to – where work is flexible and not the other way round.

Where the work-life balance is just that – balanced.

It’s this work-life balance that we want you to enjoy as your own.

How can we help you?

We are here to help investigate any question or opportunities that you might come across. Have you seen unbelievable online job opportunity? Overnight niches? Promise of payment for little or no work? Click here to submit a review request and we’ll research the program on your behalf and publish online for the benefits of everyone.

Work to live, don’t live to work…

When we were starting our online journeys, many of those around us with “real careers” were skeptical about our choice of “career”. Most of them doubted we could make a steady income working solely online.

But 20 years later, we’ve proven the doubters wrong.

You might also doubt yourself and ask, “Is it really possible for me to succeed?”

The answer is YES – if you want it enough.

We Are All Children of The Revolution

The Internet – and the way people across the world use it to share and consume an extraordinary amount of information, products and services – is in itself revolutionary.

We’ve simply never been as connected as we are today.

Never before have we been able to connect with each other across vast distances to exchange our knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Working online is no longer considered just a side hustle. It’s as viable a job as any other and opens you up to more opportunity than most roles based in some cubicle or office with a manager breathing down your neck 40+ hours a week.

An online career is a REAL career because:

  • Internet speeds are faster than ever and more widely available;
  • telecommuting has become an acceptable work practice;
  • parenting is seen as a priority and society now accepts that it’s as important as working;
  • work-life balance is a primary focus in any sustainable workplace culture;
  • working from home has less impact on the environment via reduced traffic congestion;
  • less office space is required, which means we’re using less electricity and air-conditioning and taking up less space than big office buildings;
  • the rise of co-working spaces, making online careers more acceptable and viable.

You see? In 2019 you can take it as seriously as being a doctor, teacher, dentist or lawyer.

Who are we?

We’re a team of online workers, some newbies and some more experienced. We live what we write about: we have our own online businesses, as well as our agency clients.

Small Revolution is our outlet to give back and show the world that if we, as a very ordinary, normal group of people, can do it, then so can YOU.

We are mothers, fathers, married couples, singles, teachers, writers, accountants, marketers. NO, we don’t have any superpowers or access to things other people don’t. We’re neither super-organised nor super-industrious.

But, there’s one trait that sets us apart from the crowd…

We’ve simply had the tenacity to keep going and learning. That’s how we’ve been successful.

And we want you to be successful, too!

So join us on the journey and see where it can take you!