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The rapid rise of eCommerce stores and startup companies promoting their businesses online has led to the dire need for website testers. It has also made the field lucrative and attractive to many applicants.

However, as you apply for the web testing role, prepare adequately for the interview, so you can stand out and emerge as the best candidate. 

The interview questions to expect will primarily be centered on:

  • Qualifications: Are you familiar with Java? Content Inventory? 
  • Behaviors: How do you manage your time? Are you a quick learner? 
  • Skills: Do you have effective communication skills? Analytical skills? 

Below are web tester interview questions and their sample answers to help you stay ahead of other applicants and nail the interview. Keenly read through them and even save them as bookmarks.

Above all, believe in yourself and consider scoring the interview your first victory sign.

Question 1: What Makes You a Good Fit for This Job?

man in an interview session

An interviewer often asks this question to see if you understand your competitive advantage as an applicant and whether you’ve done research on the company. 

They expect you to connect the dots between your skills and the job requirements. So, your response must communicate that you can handle the job, how you can do so, and why. 

As you answer the question, consider the skills featured in the job posting and name some of them. Keep your response focused and precise as this makes you sound confident.

keep your response focused and precise

Sample answer 1

“I’m a great fit for this job because I joined the industry immediately after completing my software engineering degree 4 years ago. 

Additionally, my 3 years of experience in quality assurance (QA) has helped me understand what makes a website easy to use and navigate. Finally, I also design websites during my free time, and this has given me a better understanding on how websites operate.”

Sample answer 2

“I’ve spent 2 years as a team leader at (state tech company name), where I led teams of 4-6 individuals. My teams were able to deliver within the stipulated time, work with the allocated budget, and meet or even exceed the client’s expectations. 

I’m positive that my passion for guiding others and abilities of being a team player  and winning clients make me a good fit for the job.”

Question 2: What Are the Main Issues in Web Testing?

As a website tester, the interviewer expects you to know the challenges you’re likely to come across during web testing. 

Each issue has the potential to produce unrelated problems, all of which can still be solved if they’re identified appropriately and in time. That’s why the interview wants to test your knowledge of the problems.

Possible Answers

  • Performance issues: If the website takes longer than required (2–5 seconds) to load a page
  • Usability problems: Presence of broken links, tab keys failing to work, unfunctional keyboard shortcuts
  • Data flow: Failure to store correct information as entered by the user
  • Stress: Load causing the website to crash 
  • Navigation problems

Question 3: What Is the Best Moment in Your Web Testing Life?

An interviewer will ask the best moment in your testing career to gather the following information:

  • Your ability to present and explain a situation
  • What motivates and makes you happy
  • Your passion for web testing
  • Your overall personality

How to Answer This Question

This is a personal experience-based question, so your answer should emulate the same. Possible answers:

  • A website you recently tested is currently running successfully and being used by your friends and family. 
  • You discovered a critical issue that earned you admiration. 

Expert Tip: However, you may not have a “wow” moment in your web testing career just yet, so you can’t figure out a standing moment. That’s perfectly okay too.

Question 4: When Did You First Realize You Wanted to Pursue a Career in Web Testing?

An interviewer usually asks this question to know how committed you are to your web testing career and to understand your passions.

Always respond to this question with a specific time frame. It shows how you’ve planned your career and progressed over time. 

If you successfully handled past projects, which prepared you for your web testing career, this is the perfect time to mention these. They were probably the stepping stones that assured you that you belong in this field.

Sample Answer

“I knew I had a deep interest in computers and software after my dad bought a computer for work when I was fourteen. As an IT expert, he worked with computers a lot and would even let me borrow his laptop during the weekends for my school assignments. 

I was thrilled by most of the software installed on his computer and thought it might be a fun course to pursue in future. When I joined college, I majored in software engineering, and upon graduation, I began my web testing career.”

Question 5: Has Your Manager Ever Appreciated You for Good Work? Tell Me About It

For this question, your interviewer seeks to judge whether you’re a team player or not. 

Giving a response like “My boss never appreciated me for any work” is off-putting and leaves a negative impression on the interviewer. It portrays you as selfish and reluctant to criticism. 

Instead, remember and mention any positive feedback you’ve ever received from your manager, even a simple “Thank you” or “This is great” after completing a task.

Question 6: Why Is API Testing the Most Preferred Form of Automation Testing?

This question aims to evaluate your knowledge of specific facets of website testing. An interviewer expects an answer which displays your primary understanding of API testing. 

When answering this and similar knowledge-based web testing questions, aim to give at least three reasons for your choice, which in this case, is why API testing is the best for automation testing. 

Sample Answer

“API is the most preferred form of automation testing because it’s easy to maintain and gives fast feedback. Besides, it effectively verifies every functional part of the website I’m testing. Above all, API offers the most stable and accessible interface when compared to other automation testing software.”

Website Tester vs Website Developer: What’s the Difference?

Website testing and website development are great career options for students and graduates. 

But what’s the difference between the two? Let’s find out in the table below.

Website TesterWebsite Developer
Tests and analyzes the performance of a website, then address any issues foundCreates and maintains a website
Roles include programming, solving security issues for users, and ensuring the website functions properlyDesigns the website’s features and layouts, graphics, build WordPress themes, and create content
Require robust knowledge of Java, HTTP and HTTP Web servers, HTML and CSSKnowledge of animation skills, media programming, databases, design imaging, and content writing needed

Despite the differences, neither can work without the other since they’re correlated. For instance, after creating a website, a web developer can’t launch it until it undergoes tests of different levels conducted by a website tester.

Ace Your Website Tester Interview Questions Today

Whether you’re a college student seeking a part-time opportunity or a graduate just beginning your web-testing career, Small Revolution prepares you adequately for the interview so you get the job. 

We also offer online courses to help you take your career to the next level.

For instance, the working with Online Teams course teaches you to become a self-reliant employee who’s still productive even with minimal supervision. 

Here’s what our graduate Sheila says about our online university:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What tips will help you plan for a web testing interview?

These tips will help you adequately prepare for the interview: 

  • Bring along multiple copies of your resume for a physical interview.
  • Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) method for your responses. It ensures you give concise and focused answers.
  • Practice responding to possible questions in front of a mirror.
  • Arrive early for your interview.

What salary can you expect as a web tester?

As a growing field that’s high in demand, expect a 5-6 figure salary, possibly enough for anyone to live a comfortable life. You can also advance your career to a senior website tester, which comes with a higher income.

How do you become a good web tester?

To become a great web developer, you need to: 

  • Develop strong communication skills
  • Be passionate about learning the field’s techniques and skills
  • Become a perfectionist in cross-checking your work

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