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As an online business owner without sufficient coding knowledge and experience, you may think it’s enough to buy an outstanding theme, do your best to customize it and your business website is ready to be launched.

Well, developing, designing and maintaining a website involves far more than that.

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Every serious, talented Web Designer or Developer or anyone else doing this type of work needs to have a thorough understanding of:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript or any other programming language(s)
  • compatibility between various devices and web browsers
  • user interface (UI)
  • web security principles
  • latest software packages and technologies and much more.

Obviously, there are tons of small, repetitive but serious and significant tasks that need to be completed professionally so that your website is running smoothly.

If you don’t want to deal with all those daily tasks, are short of time, or even haven’t got a clue how to perform them, there’s a simple solution.

Let an expert handle all those complicated but vital tasks for your business.

Don’t have enough cash for a professional in-house Web Developer or Designer? No worries!

Communicating with your Designers cost-effectively will save you money.

Even better:

You can hire a qualified Virtual Assistant with solid knowledge of web development and design, as well as enough practical coding experience and know-how.

Here are some of the technical responsibilities a trustworthy well versed Virtual Assistant with web development and design skills can successfully handle for you. Most of them are tasks typically performed in WordPress.

  1. Recommending and reserving a domain name
  2. Helping you choose a website hosting domain based on your needs and requirements
  3. Purchasing a web hosting plan for you
  4. Developing and supporting WordPress (PHP) websites
  5. Creating web pages
  6. Updating web pages
  7. Creating a website sitemap (including all sections and pages)
  8. Creating or moving a website database from the testing or staging server to the production one
  9. Creating user accounts
  10. Updating WordPress and other platforms
  11. Installing themes
  12. Selecting and customizing themes
  13. Updating themes
  14. Installing plugins
  15. Updating plugins
  16. Modifying and redesigning your existing website
  17. Making mockups
  18. Building and designing landing pages for websites to convert visitors into customers
  19. Setting up manual website backups on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly)
  20. Ensuring all backups are running
  21. Doing keyword research
  22. Setting up and managing blogs (in WordPress mostly)
  23. Researching blog posts
  24. Collecting content from writers and organizing it
  25. Double-checking website content, requesting and managing revisions and modifications
  26. Uploading and drafting blog posts
  27. Scheduling blog posts and managing editorial calendar
  28. Publishing blog posts on blogs
  29. Moderating comments on blogs
  30. Updating blogs
  31. Generating, editing or formatting website/blog traffic reports
  32. Uploading and embedding videos to websites
  33. Uploading and embedding images to websites
  34. Optimizing images
  35. Uploading any types of digital files to websites
  36. Implementing various graphics and visuals into a website (e.g. a Google map on your contact page)
  37. Making sure all the content and visuals on the website are either original work or properly attributed
  38. Ensuring all the metadata are original
  39. Designing, creating and uploading ebooks
  40. Header and logo design
  41. Creating page URLs
  42. Researching web design trends and staying updated
  43. Troubleshooting your website
  44. Testing websites and apps for mistakes and problems
  45. Improving your website functionality, responsiveness and pages’ load speed
  46. Making your website mobile-friendly
  47. Fixing various other errors and solving technical issues that may occur when running a website
  48. Providing technical support to your clients or customers
  49. Doing or assisting with SEO work
  50. Showcasing your products and special offers in the sticky sidebars
  51. Ensure appropriate interlinking throughout a website (among related inbound pages, as well as including outbound links to credible sources)
  52. Making sure that all website links work
  53. Fixing dead links
  54. Creating redirects
  55. Setting up and optimizing autoresponders
  56. CRM integration
  57. Social media integration
  58. Integrating payment gateway
  59. Installing an email ticketing system like ZenDesk
  60. Providing support and making sure the ticketing system works smoothly
  61. Integrating and maintaining MailChimp and other necessary automation tools for business growth
  62. Implementing appropriate security principles to websites (especially eCommerce platforms)
  63. Handle the coding
  64. Provide basic/general or more specialist training to other team members in the field of web development and design

Having seen what a professional Web Dev/Designer VA can do for you, wouldn’t it put you at ease to delegate all the tedious website maintenance and admin work to them while you’re squeezing more hours out of each day to spend them on your business development instead of some technical tasks?

You already have enough challenges without having to take care of your website maintenance, right?

Still, your website is a critical component of your online business where you’re showcasing your products or services, so neglecting it is NOT an option at all.

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An eye-catching, highly responsive, user-friendly and reliable website is an absolute MUST for your online brand credibility and business success.

That’s why hiring a Virtual Assistant specialized in web design and development is a wise investment. Go for it!

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