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Ultimate List Of Excuses To Promote Your Products

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Looking for an excuse, any excuse at all, to promote product to your email list or store visitors? Well, we’ve got every reason listed under the sun!

Every month of the year provides many opportunities to promote special offers and discounts to your store’s customers.

You can choose from the major online sales promotion dates such as Free Shipping Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Winter Sales. Or go with the more obscure excuses such as Workaholic Day (perfect if you sell stress balls or holidays) and World Photography Day (perfect if you sell cameras).

Either way, put the most memorable and useful dates into your store’s promotion calendar and take advantage of the extra buzz flowing around the Internet on that day.

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Holidays and Observances


New Year’s Day – Jan 1

  •  The first day of the year. The best time to write about new year resolutions, plans and post sales schedules. Sometimes a slow sales day, so take advantage of people looking for huge discounts and hangover cures.

Poetry at Work Day – Jan 14

  • An unofficial observance day to promote love of work through the beauty of poetry.

International Hat Day – Jan 15

  • This is the best day to promote hats and offer discounts. Celebrated internationally.

National Hug Day – Jan 21

  • The idea of this day is to encourage the people to hug the people they love especially their families and friends more often asthis has mental and physical benefits to both huggers. On your site, to get your customers more engaged, you can create a photo contest where customers can send you their best hugging photos to get discounts and the best photo gets to be published and win a price.

Spouse’ Day – Jan 26

  • This day is dedicated to all the spouses all over the world and the best day to thank them for the security of a long-term relationship.

International Customs Day – Jan 26

  • This day is recognized by the World Customs Organization that has different themes every year. It recognises the customs officials and the services they offer. Good for stores that sell travel-related products.

Free Thinkers Day – Jan 29

  • This day falls on the birthday of Thomas Paine who’s a prominent thinker. This is a great day to celebrate people’s freedom of expression, to question and seek for the truth.

Inspire Your Heart With Art Day – Jan 31

  •  If you are selling papers or crafts, this is a great sales day for you. As this relates to promoting arts and creativity. This is also the best time to highlight or showcase artworks for inspirations.


Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day – Feb 7

  • This is the perfect time to greet  neighbors. This intends to build friendship and a closer relationships to neighbors.

World Radio Day – Feb 13

  • This day celebrates the radio as a powerful medium for communication. This promotes access to information and the freedom of expression. If you’re selling related products, now is the time to highlight them and offer discounts.

Valentine’s Day – Feb 14

  • This is a well known observance all over the world and celebrate it with loved ones. This is one perfect day to promote products that are great Valentine gift items, cards, Valentine shirts, and sweets. This is also a perfect time for selling these items with discounts or coupons.

Random Acts of Kindness Day – Feb 17

  • This is an unofficial day that is increasingly celebrated worldwide. This is a good way to associate your sales day with.

International Mother Language Day – Feb 21

  • This day promotes and recognises the local linguistics or languages as a cultural heritage, it is recognised by UN and UNESCO.

Ice Cream For Breakfast Day – First Sunday of February

  • This is a silly holiday often celebrated with an icecream for breakfast. This is also used as a fundraising events for charities.


Dentists’ Day – Mar 6

  • A day to recognise and appreciate the works of dentists all over the world.

Employee Appreciation Day – Mar 7

  • This is the day where managers, CEO and big bosses recognise and appreciate the presence of their hardworking and valuable employees. This is also a good time to sell items that are related to this special day and offering coupons and discounts.

International Women’s Day – Mar 8

  • This day celebrates and recognises woman who struggles for equality and independence. A great day to promote products for women and to offer sales discounts to women.

Panic Day – Mar 9

  • The best time to promote and sell items that promotes relaxation and destressing products is on Panic Day. It’s a reminder given to people to breath, slow down amidst  the stressful and overwhelming works.

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®– Third Thursday of March

  • This day, parents brings honor to the nation’s youth by asking adults to write letters of encouragement and inspiration to their incredible kids. You can associate this day with small gift items that parents can give to their incredible kids. This is also a great day to promote stationary papers and creative papers.

World Consumer Rights Day – Mar 15

  • This day commemorates the rights of the consumers. Perhaps promote your store’s excellent customer-friendly policies. Give visitors a reason to buy from you.

International Client’s Day – Mar 19

  • This is the perfect day that company owners and managers thank their clients. You can showcase your products that can be an excellent gift items to clients on this day.

International Francophonie Day – Mar 20

  • This day celebrates the French language and Francophone culture. Give your store’s homepage a French-themed makeover and highlight any products that can be used to party on this day.

International Day of Happiness – Mar 20

  • This day is recognised and observed by UN. It’s a global celebration through peace and engagement. This is also a great time to sell products that promotes happiness and give out discounts and coupons.

World Sparrow Day – Mar 20

  • This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the sparrow, which is the most common birds in the the world. Their decline in number indicates a continuing degradation of the environment. So conserving  them would most likely be conserving biodiversity as well. This is a good day to promote and sell eco-friendly products, organic products for a greener choice.

World Poetry Day – Mar 21

  • This day is declaired by UNESCO to promote reading, writing and teaching poetry in the world. A great time to promote paper craft materials, books and papers.

International Day of Forests – Mar 21

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – Mar 26

  • One of the favourite days of the year as people can make their own holiday and make it a special celebration.

National Doctors Day – Mar 30

  • This day is established to recognise the contribution and works of physicians. This is particularly celebrated in the US.


April Fool’s Day – Apr 1

  • This day is recognized by most of the Western World (except most of Spain), Iran, Brazil and the island of Minorca (within Spain). This day, people play pranks and making people believe something which isn’t really true.

International Children’s Book Day – Apr 2

  • This day is celebrated to give inspiration to children to love books and reading. This is the perfect day to sell books and give discounts and coupons.

Love Your Produce Manager Day – Apr 2

  • This day celebrates and recognises the hardwork of produce managers in bringing the best produce to your stores.

World Health Day – Apr 7

  • This day is celebrated to draw attention to current health issues and to promote better healthy lifestyle.

Take A Wild Guess Day – Apr 15

  • This day would be a great day to be interactive with your customers and audiences. You can come up with guessing activities in your site where you can give freebies or prices to participants while promoting your products in your store.

Book Mobile Day – Apr 16

  • This is mostly celebrated in the US to recognise the services provided by the public libraries. Children will be very excited for bookmobiles to come to their places offering different books of different stories and interests.

World Entrepreneurship Day – Apr 16

  • This day is celebrated to promote entrepreneurship, innovations and leadership. It’s also a way to share business ideas to people.

International Mother Earth Day – Apr 22

  • This day is recognised to promote awareness about the current state of Mother Earth and to encourage people to protect and conserve nature. This is the best time to promote your eco-friendly products or green choice materials and offer discounts to people who purchases these items. It’s also a good chance to write about this topic.

World Book and Copyright Day – Apr 23

  • This day is set to encourage everyone especially the youth to find pleasure in reading, and also to recognised authors and publishers. It is also symbolic day for world literature. This is the best time to promote books and literature.

English Language Day – Apr 23

  • This event was established by UNESCO to commemorate the history and culture and literature that is associated with the English language.

Hug A Friend Day – Apr 26

  • This day is to promote friendship and recognising them by giving them a friendly hug. You can sell your small gift items to make the day more special for your customers.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Apr 28

  • This day is celebrated to campaign about safety at work awareness and promoting healthy and decent working environment for workers.

International Dance Day – Apr 29

  • This day is celebrated for social awareness and to promote the art of dance around the world.

International Jazz Day – Apr 30

  • This day brings together the community, artists, schools, and jazz enthusiasts to learn about the history of jazz and its progress through the years.


May Day, International Workers’ Day – May 1

  • Also known as the Labor Day. This day is celebrated by labourers and work classes to promote international labour movement. This is a good day to give out sales and other promotions.

International Firefighters’ Day – May 4

  • This day recognises the firefighters all over the world  who dedicate their lives to service and commitment to the community, protecting life and property.

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day – May 8

  • This day honors the 7 principles of Red Cross, Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity, and Universality.

Europe day – May 9

  • This day commemorates the  9 May 1950, when Europe was organised and maintained peaceful relations with European countries.

International Migratory Bird Day, North America – May 10

  • This is the annual festival celebrating the migratory birds. This also makes a call to protect the environment to conserve biodiversity.

International Nurses Day –  May 12

  • This day, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale, is observed to highlight the contribution of nurses in the community.

International Day of Families – May 14

  • This day is proclaimed by the UN General Assembly to showcase the importance of the families to the international communities.

World Telecommunication and Information Society Day – May 17

  • This day is dedicated to the digital development of telecommunication to address the needs of the people.

International Museum Day – May 18

  • This day encourages awareness of the role of museums in the society’s development and promotes the connection that exists between the collections and their audiences.

World Goth Day – May 22

  • This day commemorates the history and beginnings of Goth. This is a great opportunity to promote gothic fashion themes and products.

World Turtle Day – May 23

  • The aim of this day is to draw attention and increase awareness to the welfare of turtles, tortoises and encourage people to help them survive.

Geek Pride Day, Towel Day – May 25

  • This day promotes the geek culture. This day promotes sci-fi board games, comic books, video games, anime and anything that relates to geek culture.

National Paper Airplane Day – May 26

  • This is an unofficial holiday in the US that commemorates the the simple aeronautical toy.

World Laughter Day– First Sunday of May

  • A good way to promote products is through the celebration of World Laughter Day which is a positive manifestation for world peace. The idea is to promote friendship and brotherhood through laughter. So you can tag along funny stories and jokes to your sales items or give free funny items for each sold item.

World Fair Trade Day – Second Saturday of May

Mother’s Day – Second Sunday of May

  • This day is a special day intended for mothers. It recognises mothers and motherhood as well as their contribution to society. This is a perfect time to sell gift items for mothers and give sales discount and coupons.


Global Day of Parents – Jun 1

  • This day is observed and proclaimed by the UN General Assembly to honour parents through out the world. This provides opportunities to the youth to appreciate their parents  and their sacrifices to nurture them the best way possible.

Say Something Nice Day – Jun 1

  • It’s a day to encourage people to say something nice and kind to people. This promotes kindness and politeness as well as to lessen stress while promoting better relationship with other people in the community.

World Environment Day – Jun 5

  • This day aims to encourage humanities to act on different environmental issues to conserve the environment.

Best Friend’s Day – Jun 8

  • It’s hard to find a best friend in life. So they are treasured like a rare and special stone. You can promote your products associating it to this very special day.

World Oceans Day – Jun 8

  • This day honours the ocean the the life within it. This is a global celebration to promote the welfare of the ocean and its conservation.

Fresh Veggies Day – Jun 16

  • This day nutritionists promotes the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables for a better and healthy lifestyle.

International Surfing Day – Jun 20-21

  • This day celebrates the sports of surfing and lifestyle where it promotes the sustainability of the ocean.

World Music Day – Jun 21

  • This event originated in France and has then spread all over the world. This day will bring music out onto the streets to encourage people to love music and the message it delivers.

Color TV Day – Jun 25

  • This day reminds people when television was first introduced and when the color television had been developed. This day also sets a reminder as to how far people have come.

Sunglasses Day – Jun 27

  • This day is a great day to promote sunglasses not just as a fashion wear but also to protect the eyes from harmful UV lights.

Fathers’ Day  – 3rd Sunday of June (in some countries)

  • This is the perfect day to promote products that can be gift items to fathers. This day recognises the role of fathers in the family and the community.  You can also offer sales discounts and coupons to fathers.

Social Media Day – Jun 30

  • Social media has far become an important factor either for personal or business used. So anyone can celebrate social media these days. On this day, you can promote your products or your site through social media connections.


International Day of Cooperatives – First Saturday in July

  • This day has been recognised by the UN which aims to promotes awareness on cooperatives and to strengthen partnership with international cooperatives.

World UFO Day – Jul 2

  • This day promotes awarenesss for people to watch the skies and identify strange objects.

Workaholic Day – Jul 5

  • This day sets a reminder to workaholics to set back and have a break. This promotes a more healthy working lifestyle.

Cousin’s Day – July 24

  • This day is dedicated to cousins, so it’s another day for gift/card giving.

Aunt and Uncle Day – Jul 26

  • This is the best time to thank and appreciate relatives. On this day, gift cards, discounts and coupons can be promoted to encourage your customers to make the day more special.

International Tiger Day – Jul 29

  • This day calls attention to people worldwide that a great number of tiger species have been extinct already. And that we need to preserve their habitat as they are vulnerable to extinction.

International Day of Friendship – Jul 30

  • This day has been proclaimed by UN to build friendship between people, countries despite cultural differences thus promoting peace and better relationships. This is also a day to celebrate local friendship. This is a great sales opportunity to sell items for friendship like a friendship bracelets/bonds, or include freebies to your sales items.

Father-in Law Day – Jul 30

  • This day is a great time to bond with in-laws especially with the father-in-law. On this day, you can promote greeting cards, or gift items especially for father-in-laws.

Christmas in July – Winter in July

  • In some countries in the Southern hemisphere like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, summer falls between December and January, while Winter falls between June and July.  So Christmas in July is a good sales idea to have a more Christmas feel during winter.


International Beer Day – First Friday of August

  • This day aims to celebrate friendship with beer and to enjoy beers of other cultures. It’s also celebrated to thank brewers and bartenders.

Sister’s Day – Aug 3

  • This day is special for siblings who have sisters. This is the best time to thank them and give them little tokens of appreciation.

Book Lover’s Day – Aug 9

  • This day is dedicated for those people of all ages who just loves reading and appreciates literature and great books. If you’re selling books, this is the best day to honour your avid customers and give them some token to recognise them for their passion for reading.

Son’s and Daughter’s Day – Aug 11

  • Same as the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, this day is celebrated to show love and appreciation to children. This is a great day to spend time with the children and give them presents to open. So gift products are also salable on this special day.

International Youth Day – Aug 12

  • This day is recognised by the UN. This aims to promote the youth and the role they play in the community. This also draw attention to issues that are related to the youth of today.

International Lefthanders Day – Aug 13

  • This day aims to recognise those left handers and celebrate their uniqueness and differences. You can connect this event to selling unique products in your store.

Relaxation Day – Aug 15

  • This day is all about recharging your energies, unwinding, and relaxing, taking things easy.

World Photography Day – Aug 19

  • This day highlights an exhibit of exceptional photos from all over the world. This also encourage photo enthusiasts to pursue their skills and talents and for the audience to appreciate the meaning and message of photography.

World Fashion Day – Aug 21

  • This day celebrates the spirit and art of fashion all through out the world. It also  aims to highlight the achievements of international people who played a great significance in the fashion world. On this day, you can promote fashionable items, apparel and accessories.


Labor Day – Sep 1 in the US

  • It’s a great time to associate a store sales with Labor Day. This is specifically celebrated in the US, although other countries celebrates this day but on another date.

International Literacy Day – Sep 8

  • This day has been celebrated by UNESCO for over 40 years already. This day reminds the international community that literacy is a human right and the foundation of all learning.

National Grand Parents Day –  first Sunday after Labor Day

  • This day honours grandparents, this too aims to encourage grandparents and grandchildren to strengthen their relationships through recreational activities.

Video Game Day – Sep 12

  • This day is celebrated by playing games and holding virtual competitions for players all over the world.

Women’s Friendship Day – Sep 16

  • This day is celebrated by women organisations all over the world to commemorate special friendship and common interests.

Preserve The Ozone Day – Sep 16

  • This day promotes awareness about the Ozone layer’s importance in protecting the Earth and the calls to preserving it.

Stepfamily Day – Sep 16

  • It may not be the ideal and traditional family setup, but stepfamilies deserve recognition for the love, care and support that they provide. This is the best time to thank and celebrate with stepfamilies. This day is also great for gift giving so you can associate this with your store’s sales date.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day – Sep 19

  • It’s a parodic holiday that encourages everyone to talk like a pirate. On this day, you can set your store with a pirate theme to welcome this day and to add fun and encourage attention from your customers.

International Day of Peace – Sep 21

  • This day is dedicated to world peace. It invites all nations to honor a cessation of hostile actions.

World Gratitude Day – Sep 21

  • This day gives people an opportunity to express appreciation and gratitude to others. This helps people to stay positive and think of something to be thankful for. On this day, you can create an acitivity or even a post in your store where you can let your customers or audience express what they’re thankful for or tell who they’re thankful for. Or you can also send thank you cards or emails to your frequent and loyal buyers. This will create a more meaningful and friendly bond with you and your customers.

Elephant Appreciation Day – Sep 22

  • This day is observed to show care and love to the elephants as they are considered one of the most fascinating kind. This is mostly celebrated by visiting the zoo, or giving donations to support them.

National Business Women’s Day – Sep 22 (US)

  • This day recognises all the women in the field of business. This day, it’s a great day associate your products with gift ideas or appreciation cards to business women like flowers, special treats, discounts or freebies so you’re not only promoting your products, you also get to be involved in this special day.

European Day of Languages – Sep 26

  • This day is celebrated to encourage language learning and promoting cultural diversity as well as the rich linguistics of each culture.

World Tourism Day – Sep 27

  • This day highlights the importance of tourism for social, economic, and cultural aspects. If your business is related to tourism, it’s a good idea to associate theme days or sales dates with this event.

Ask a Stupid Question Day – Sep 28

  • It’s a day that is sometimes celebrated in the US, mostly for teachers and students. This is dated on the last day of the school to encourage them to ask more questions. This can be done on the store too, so you can get more inputs from your customers and give you an idea of what they think. This makes an engaging activity for your customers and audiences.

International Coffee Day – Sep 29

  • This day is observed to promote and raise awareness for coffee growers’ plights. This also celebrated to simply enjoy a cup of coffee while remembering how it came about. To help celebrate this event, you can partner with coffee shops and offer coffee discount coupons to your customers who will purchase from your store.

World Maritime Day – Last Thursday of September

  • This day gives attention to the importance of maritime security, shipping safety and the marine environment.

Native American Indians Day – 4th Friday of September (US)

  • This day is recognised to honor the rich cultures and contributions of the native Americans in the United States.

International Translation Day – Sep 30

  • This day is a day is celebrated to pay tribute to translators who dedicate themselves to break language barriers so people can enjoy works or literature from a foreign language.


World Vegetarian Day – Oct 1

  • This day promotes the benefits of vegetarianism for both humans and animals.  This also provides support to vegetarians and vegetarianism promoters. This day, vegetables and organic products can be promoted and discounted for the support of the World Vegetarian Day. This is also a great way to write about delicious vegetarian recipes and healthy substitutes.

World Animal Day – Oct 4

  • This day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the animals as well as the people who show love and respect to them especially the endangered ones. It aims to highlight the plight of endangered species to prevent them from extinction.

World Teachers’ Day – Oct 5

  • This day commemorates all the teachers’ organisations all over the world and to recognise the teachers and their contribution to education and advancements and development.

World Architecture Day– First Monday of October

  • This day is established to celebrate and showcase the best buildings and other works of architecture all over the world.

World Habitat Day – First Monday in October

  • This day aims to promote awareness and recognition of adequate shelter as a basic need. This provides a great opportunity to highlight human settlement issues worldwide.

World Smile Day – First Friday of October

  • This day aims to spread little acts of kindness through one real smile. On this day, you can set your store’s theme to associate with the day and promote its aim.

World Post Day – Oct 9

  • This day is celebrated to commemorate the establishment of the Universal Postal Union which provides postal services and distribution of goods through out the globe.

Universal Music Day – Oct 11

  • This day is celebrated to promote and encourage music as an important language for expressing message to the community and give inspiration to people.

World Standards Day – Oct 14

  • This day is celebrated once a year to honour the efforts of expects who developed voluntary standards. It aims to promote awareness of the importance of standardisation for better economy.

National Boss Day (Boss’s Day) – Oct 16

  • This is the perfect day to show appreciation to your boss and improve employee-employer relationships. On this day, you can promote your products that could be a good gift item or token for bosses and offer discounts and coupons for loyal and frequent customers.

Sweetest Day – Oct 18

  • This day gives people a great opportunity to give Sweetest Day greeting cards, chocolates, candies or flowers to families, friends, neighbours and even to strangers in order to spread happiness and smiles. This is a great sales date opportunity too.

World Statistics Day – Oct 20

  • This day is observed to promote awareness of the important work of statisticians and build trust in official statistics.

World Development Information Day – Oct 24

  • This day is held to promote public opinion to development problems and to seek support in strengthening international cooperation in solving these problems.

United Nations Day – Oct 24

  • The UN day is the anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations. This day’s activities often include cultural performances and presentations by each countries.

International Animation Day – Oct 28

  • This day celebrates the art of animation and to highlight some best animations from the past to present.

International Internet Day – Oct 29

  • This day commemorates the history of Internet that made lives easier and the momentous start of telecommunication & technology.

World Egg Day – Second Friday of October

  • This event is celebrated all over the world to promote the healthy benefits of eggs as well as the nutrients it can offer.


Origami Day – Nov 11

  • This day aims to promote the art of paper folding like origami. This is a great time to showcase extraordinary paper crafts and sell special and art papers.

World Kindness Day – Nov 13

  • This day aims to encourage kindness regardless of races, cultures, countries or religion. It calls people to connect to nations and inspire others through kindness.

Take A Hike Day – Nov 17

  • The best time to do hiking is on Take A Hike Day where people get to enjoy the outdoor experience with a lot of hikers and hiking enthusiasts who share the same love for nature. This is the perfect promotional day for camping and hiking gears.

International Men’s Day – Nov 19

  • This day recognises the role and contribution of men in the society. This is aims to draw attention from the public about improving men’s and boy’s health, promoting equality and respect. This is a great day to associate with a sale especially for items that can draw men’s interests.

Universal Children’s Day – Nov 20

  • This day is intended to promote and protect the over all well-being of children all over the world.

World Television Day – Nov 21

  • This day recognises the impact of television in decision making by presenting different issues and situations through local and international news, documentaries and researches.

World Hello Day – Nov 21

  • This day is celebrated by simply greeting people. This aims to recognise that simple communication is very important.

World Philosophy Day – Nov 15 or Third Thursday of Nov

  • This day is proclaimed by UNESCO to honour philosophical reflections.  This day is open for people to share thoughts, ideas, discussions and challenges about current events and situations.

Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday of  November

  • This is a family festival to express gratitude to God and to the people for graces, love and support. This is mostly followed by Black Friday in the US where most, if not all, stores go on sale.

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day – Nov 24

This day, people share or post their unique talents and gifts to friends and colleagues. It’s not necessarily incredible talents, but something fun and unique that not everybody can do it.

International Sweater Vestival – Nov- Dec (Second Friday after Thanksgiving)

  • A holiday to wear sweater vests which comes the second Friday after Thanksgiving in the US. This is the best time people can showcase their vests.


International Mountain Day – Dec 11

  • This day aims to draw attention to the importance of mountains for ecological and economical sustainance.

International Day Of Heavy Metal – Dec 12

  • This day is celebrated by heavy metal fans and enthusiasts all over the world and promoting heavy metal music by playing the best music of this genre.

National Regifting Day – December (Thursday before Christmas)

  • The idea of regifting is to give away something you don’t like so it won’t go unused. This promotes recycling and reusing.

Christmas Day – Dec 25

  • Christmas is celebrated to honour the birth of Jesus Christ and it is also marked as the season for gift giving, forgiveness and get together


Autumn Sale

  • One of the best temperate season. During this season, you can showcase your new/Autumn products with Autumn or Fall theme or promotions. For Autumn photos to use for your promotion, you can visit our Free Images for Autumn.

Winter Sale

  • Winter might just be the right season to promote your products or give discounts and coupons. To give your store a more winter feel, you can add banner photos or write winter related articles. For free winter images, you can go here.

Spring Sale

  • The seasons of new beginnings. Flowers bloom and the sun is rising. Set your store with Spring theme for a more inviting and refreshing feel. These free images may also be used to promote your sales for Spring.

Summer Sale

  • The warmest season of the year. Sell your summer products with an effective promotional banner or post. To help you boost your promotions, you may get ideas from our list of free images for Summer here.

Easter Season

  • This is a season observed in the liturgical year of Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is a joyful festive celebration just like Christmas.

Christmas Season

  • A festive season of gift giving, get together and forgiving. This is mostly during with Winter however, sales are more associated with Christmas season as people are most likely in to buying gift items for loved ones.

Sporting Celebrations

Super Bowl Sale

  • The Super Bowl is mostly associated with TV sales, gadget sales, or sports gear sales as these are linked with the event.

Grand Final Day Sale

  • Australian Football League’s Grand Final Day draws a lot of attention so it’s a great idea to associate your sales date with this event as most people are in to this sport.

Children & School

Back To School Sale

  • School year may differ depending on the country. In most countries, the start of the school is after the Summer break. Back To School happens before the start of the school year. But this is a sale that specifically targets parents and students preparing for the new school year. Products to promote include bags, books, computers, school supplies and uniforms.

Graduation Sale

  • Graduation marks the end of the school year. This is usually associated with celebrations and graduation gifts, class rings, and photos. If your products are associated with graduation events, this is the best time to promote them or offer sales discounts and coupons.

Retail/Shopping Holidays

Black Friday Sale – Friday after Thanksgiving (US)

  • During this day, most, if not all, stores go on sale and start selling very early in the morning. This is a shopping holiday in the US. Customers love Black Friday as they already have an idea that prices during this day are very competitive and mostly with huge discounts.

Boxing Day – Dec 26

  • If US has Black Friday, some other countries like Canada, Britain and some states in Australia. The practice is mostly like the Black Friday where stores open very early selling products with huge discounts.

Cyber Monday Sale – Dec 1

  • This is the Monday after Thanksgiving. Most electronic and gadget stores go on sale with huge discounts. If you’re selling one, you might as well join this shopping holiday.

Free Shipping Day – Dec 17

  • This is a one day event held in mid-December usually on the 17th where stores give free delivery of items sold to be delivered before or during Christmas Day.

Store’s Anniversary Sale

  • On your store’s anniversary, it’s one of the best time to go on a sale to thank your customers and to promote your products as well.

Inventory Sale / Stocktake Sale

  • This is a sale to reduce inventory to give room for new stocks to come in. The date is upon the discretion of the owner after evaluating the store’s inventory.

End-of-Financial Year Sale

  • Most furniture, electronic, cars and appliances shop take advantage of this day to go on a sale.


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