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A job interview can make anyone nervous, especially when unprepared.

When applying for a social media manager position, be prepared with the best responses to common interview questions.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common social media manager interview questions:

  • How did you get into social media?
  • Have you ever handled a social media crisis?
  • Can you manage multiple social media accounts at once?
  • What makes you the best candidate for this job?
  • What is your preferred tool for scheduling posts? Why would you want to work with us?

Today, we discuss these questions and offer tips on how to answer them in an interview setting.

Question 1: How Did You Get Into Social Media?

Interviewers ask this question to see that you have a passion for social media and aren’t just a casual user.

When answering this question, share what makes you a successful social media professional.

For example, you can tell the interviewers that you’ve been using social media for over a decade and have been doing it professionally for five years. Tell them how your interest in social media grew after seeing the unique and imaginative things brands were doing to attract their audience’s attention.

Finally, position yourself as a creative individual, and that you know this is a role where you can blend your artistic and strategic abilities.

Question 2: Have You Ever Handled a Social Media Crisis?

This question is an opportunity for you to share a past experience that required you to employ problem-solving skills.

Consider the most challenging situation you’ve faced on social media. Describe every step you took to remedy the situation and the lessons you learned from it.

For example, you can recount how a disgruntled customer once reported your company’s account to Facebook and convinced their followers to complain as well, resulting in a temporary suspension.

In response, you reached out to Facebook to explain what happened, detailing every encounter you’d had with the customer in question; Facebook reactivated the page after 24 hours.

Tell the interviewers that you now endeavor to resolve customer concerns early enough to avoid similar scenarios.

Question 3: Can You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts at Once?

Having several social media profiles is beneficial to many businesses. Interviewers want to know that you can develop interesting content for various social media platforms.

Consider the tactics you use to develop different content for each platform when responding to this question. For example, you can clarify to the interviewers that you’ve been in charge of a brand’s Instagram and Facebook pages in your previous position.

It’s important to create diverse content for each platform to keep users interested. Tell the interviewers that your strategy is to plan for each platform’s content a month in advance.

The company’s voice is used on each platform, but the content is slightly different. For example, tell them that your Instagram posts are more photo-oriented while Facebook postings highlight the brand’s corporate culture.

Finally, discuss how when developing your approach, you consider what audiences expect from each platform.

consider the tactics you see to develop different content

Question 4: What Makes You the Best Candidate for This Job?

Here, the interviewers want you to convince them that you’re a remarkable and unique candidate who stands out among the others.

For example, describe specific examples of your accomplishments related to the social media manager position.

Question 5: What Is Your Preferred Tool for Scheduling Posts?

There are many tools for scheduling posts: Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Later, Zoho, MeetEdgar, and Loomly.

Interviewers want to know which option you prefer.

Your response will help them figure out if you have experience with various social media platforms.

Consider all the post scheduling tools you’re familiar with when answering this question, and identify which offers the best:

  • User interface
  • Data analytics
  • Content management

Tell the interviewers about your preferred social media scheduling tool and how beneficial the tool is to you. 

A good post scheduling tool must:

  • Manage numerous accounts, plan posts, and repost
  • Use and provide relevant statistics

The table below outlines some of the advantages associated with different social media management tools.

  • Accessible browser extensions
  • Supports native mobile apps
  • Upload 500 posts with bulk scheduling
  • Manage ad campaigns and boost posts
  • Engage with your audience and monitor social media accounts
  • Gives social media analytics to track results
  • Connect with more than 150 apps from their app directory
Sprout Social
  • Creates posts tailored to each social platform
  • Receives notifications for failed messages and reposts them
  • Accessible browser extensions
  • Can delete and hide comments
  • Simple to manage posts
  • Plan and repost posts
  • Simple to use

Question 6: Why Would You Want to Work With Us?

With this question, the interviewers want to determine that you’re a good fit for the company.

Employees devoted to a company’s vision and mission are more profitable and tend to stay longer; convince the interviewers that you will be such an employee.

Make sure you’ve researched the company and that your principles align with the company’s objectives. Are you excited to work there? The interviewer doesn’t want to hire someone only looking to make money.

Give responses that demonstrate how your goals connect with the company’s values.

Additional Tips for Successful Social Media Manager Interviews

Now that you’re familiar with common social media manager interview questions, the only part left is to give the interview your best.

The video below illustrates how to conduct yourself during interviews.

Here are more tips:

  • Create a positive first impression. Don’t forget to shine your shoes, keep your nails neat, and inspect your clothing for holes, stains, or pet hair. Maintain a confident posture and a smile throughout.
  • Relate your responses to your abilities and achievements. It’s critical to tie your background to the position with examples of solutions and results you’ve produced when responding to any query. Take advantage of every opportunity to address the job description’s needs.
  • Prepare for your interview the night before. An interviewer can let you know the company’s dress code before the interview so you can plan your attire accordingly. If you aren’t familiar with the company, research what’s appropriate.

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