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If you have ever thought about becoming a VA (even a Pinterest VA) this is the time to do it. You know how it is with different jobs, trends and ideas – if you catch the first wave, you are more likely to benefit from it.

Of course, being a VA is not the first wave, but Pinterest is coming and it is definitely the next big thing. However, it seems like Pinterest has been here for ages. It has, but it changed.

A lot of people think of it as of pastime for bored ladies who sip their tea on a couch and look at pretty pictures. Or moms that look for inspiration for the next school costume party or a birthday theme.

For a while, this description mightn’t have been that far from the truth, but Pinterest has grown out of its social network phase. It stopped being about followers and it started being about traffic and revenue. They’ve made some interesting changes and it’s time for you to be among the first to reap the benefits.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, rather than just a social network. Just like every other search engine, it has algorithms that choose which pins will be shown to people and which are not. Furthermore, it means that you can utilize Pinterest to gain more traffic for an eCommerce shop.

eCommerce shop owners are coming to this realization and they are hurrying to hire skilled Pinterest VAs to help them boost their business. Become a Pinterest VA and make the most of this moment.

This is all just a basic explanation of the importance of Pinterest. Let’s dig a bit deeper and find out 6 reasons why you should take a course and become a Pinterest VA.

1. Pinterest Use is Rising

It is true that people think of Pinterest as of just another social network. However, that is slowly changing. While it has some elements that make it resemble Facebook or Instagram, it also has a lot of features that make it more like Google.

Pinterest is becoming more and more relevant for business in terms of ensuring more traffic and more revenue. Here are some numbers that will explain the steeply rising curve of Pinterest’s importance.

Why are these numbers important to you? As Pinterest gains more traction the need for Pinterest VAs also increases. If you establish yourself as an experienced Pinterest VA, it will be much easier to land a well-paid job.

2. Fewer Pinterest VA Freelancers Are in the Job Market

Being a virtual assistant is not a new thing. This position has been around for a while. However, the competition is on the rise and more and more virtual assistants appear in the job market every day.

The Internet erased the borders in this regard, so when an eCommerce business owner looks for a VA, they can pick anybody from all over the world.

screenshot of the rise of VAs
The rise of the virtual assistant, The Week

There is only one thing for you to do – specialize. Stop being a generalist VA and develop skills that are needed to stand out from the crowd. Given that Pinterest is the next big thing, it would make for a great new specialization.

3. It’s Easy to Master Pinterest VA Work

If you’ve already mastered the skills needed to become a virtual assistant, learning how Pinterest works will not be too difficult for you. Those VAs that like to create visuals and enjoy design will definitely excel in Pinterest.

Every Pinterest VA needs to know how to do the following:

  • Create a Business Account
  • Connect the eCommerce website with Pinterest
  • Create pins
  • Group pins into boards
  • Understand Pinterest analytics

All these skills are reasonably easy to master, especially when you know where to look for information. The fastest way to become a Pinterest VA is to take a good course that gives you all the information you need in one place.

4. You Can Choose from Different Payment Models

Virtual Assistant Checklist
Download your free cheatsheet of Virtual Assistant Freelancer

So, does becoming a Pinterest VA means you’ll get a job in a company and work 40 hours a week, but from home? The answer; only if that’s what you want.

When it comes to VAs and other online workers, there are threecommon payment methods. Choose one and discuss it with your potential employers.

  • Retainer payments – This means that you agree on weekly or monthly fixed payment amounts. The advantages of this include a regular amount of money that you can rely on.
    It is easier to plan when you know how much you’ll get during a certain period of time.
    The downside is that you may have a bit more workload than you imagined. That is why you should roughly define the workload your employer expects from you.
  • Hourly payments – This is self-explanatory. You agree on an hourly rate with your employer and then multiply that amount with the number of hours you’ve worked over a period of time. You’ll need an online time tracker for this type of payment. Some of the free versions are Hubstaff and TopTal.
  • Per-project payments – Sometimes, you can simply offer a package of services to a client as a one-time purchase and charge it per project.
    For example, make an offer to set-up their account and create 10 pins for their business. This is a great option for those that want to work a side job as a Pinterest VA.

5. You Don’t Have to Limit Yourself to One Client

Some virtual assistants don’t like to be tied down to one client or one company. They say that having more clients makes them more independent and it gives them more security. Even if one job falls through, they have a safety net of other clients.

If this describes you, think about looking for part-time jobs and pitching your per-project services to potential eCommerce clients.

Since Pinterest is here to stay and you’re about to become a highly competitive Pinterest VA, you’ll have the luxury of choosing your preferred model of business.

6. Pinterest VA Work Is Creative and Fun

After everything else has been said and done, you should never underestimate this essential feature of Pinterest – it’s fun!

Working with gorgeous pictures and designing engaging pins is simply a great way to spend time – and you get paid for it. If you are a visual and creative person, you should definitely pursue a career as a Pinterest VA.

Now that you have all the facts, it is time to take the first step and get some training for your new specialization.

You can rummage through the Internet and look for information on becoming a Pinterest VA. Or you can enroll in a course and use the content that has been curated for this purpose specifically.

The choice is yours, but we recommend you take the course and save yourself time and money.

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