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Odds are you landed on this page because the thought of treading the freelancing path has occurred to you at least once.

You see landing an online job as a potential way out of financial struggles, you’re sizing it up now you’ve got a baby on the way or you’re doing it for entirely different reasons.

Now, the first question that comes to mind is ”Which online career path is right for me?”. Regardless of whether you only want a side hustle to earn some extra cash or you mean to take to working online full time.

Good online personality tests can help you get an answer to this question. They can help you crack your personality. And this, in turn, will empower you to make the right choices and choose your career path with more confidence.

You need an online job position that aligns with who you are.

So, before you take a pick at your next job training and start navigating online job boards, take a personality test.

Don’t miss out on some active soul searching. This time it’s bound to have some HUGE real-life implications. These 15 free personality tests will make this process much easier for you.

Personality Tests

Heaps of personality tests online are just for fun, but there are well-designed, standardized assessments that answer the purpose – give us an insight into who we are and how we act.

To give you an idea, your personality type will guide your hobby choices and determine whether you’ll be a god/goddess of networking skills or not much of a people person at all.

We may think we know ourselves well but reality often proves us wrong. As things stand, we seem to lose a sharp eye we have when figuring other people out – when it is us we need to probe.

Personality tests are tools that can shed light on these dark patches and help us get as accurate picture of ourselves as possible.

They will measure your general personality traits. Use this knowledge to figure out where you want to go in life.

1: Human Metrics

Human metrics personality test
Image source

A career shift! That promise of a better future that can literally keep us on the edge of our seats once we start seeing the first tangible signs of it coming.

For a good reason. All the hassle around making a career shift will prove worthwhile only if you choose well from the get-go.

Human Metrics test can help you out here. It will give you hints to help you to choose a job that corresponds with your inherent talents and interests.

This way you’ll feel more comfortable to judge upon your ability to succeed in a given online job position.

And how about finally being able to measure yourself against famous personalities you admire?

2: Quick Personality Quiz

quick personality quiz
Image source

Would you describe yourself as a strong-minded person or someone who’s quick to act on an impulse? Do you see yourself as someone who handles growing pains well and is more disciplined than casual?

The Short Personality Quiz is based on questions such as these. While completing it is as easy as answering a string of 10 simple multiple answer questions.

And the takeaway? The test results will give you an overview of your personality traits as seen through the lens of the Big 5 Personality Traits:

  • emotional stability
  • conscientiousness
  • extraversion
  • agreeableness, and
  • openness to experience

3: 16 Personalities

free personality test
Image source

Impatient to learn whether you’ll be more well-suited for a copywriting, virtual assistant or a graphic designer role?

The 16 Personalities test can help you connect the dots of your personality strengths and weaknesses and stir you into the right direction career-wise. A valuable tool for someone who’s just about to start up a freelancing career, wouldn’t you agree?

The test has gained considerable popularity over time, with 186,809,230 people having taken the test to date.

It is undeniably eerie how the description and traits nailed me so thoroughly. Wish I had known about my personality type 20 years ago, that would have saved me much grief.

The test is based on two psychological theories: Carl Gustav Jung’s study of psychological traits and the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It will identify where you fall on the scale of the following psychological polarities:

  • Extraversion vs. Introversion
  • Intuition vs. Sensing
  • Thinking vs. Feeling, and
  • Judging vs. Perceiving.

Once you snatch your results, use them as a driving force behind better life choices.

The knowledge of your personality type can also give you insights into how high your household income might be.

average yearly income by personality type
Image source

4: Test Color

free personality test color
Image source

What would you say if we told you how fit you are for leadership or if creative jobs are better suited for you than analytical ones – based only on which color you like better?

Yes, we can see you cringing. But Test Color will do just that.

Similarly, the test will tell if you’re more of a person who likes to keep things in order or you can’t help but spruce up your workstation in a more personal fashion.

Just to make it clear:

Test Colour has been authorized by a team of mathematicians, psychoanalysts, and clinical psychologists.

And not only that. It’ll give you more detailed info on your psychological make-up by looking at:

  • Your creativity and imagination,
  • Your emotional intelligence,
  • Your behavior in group settings, and
  • Your work, organization and management styles.

Emotional Intelligence Tests

Like it or not, personal and professional challenges will keep pressing on. And daily grind will start gnawing at your emotional stability sooner or later.

Now, the only trick there is to understand and come to terms with your emotions so you’re the one holding the reins.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that EQ, also known as emotional quotient is every whit as important as IQ, or intelligence quotient.

Your EQ might affect your leadership styles, the way you tackle interpersonal problems, etc, and as such determine your success – both in a personal and a professional setting.

Ready to crack your emotional make-up? Remember this will put you in a place where you can master your own and other people’s emotions and create better relationships.

Let’s take the plunge.

5: Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP)

emotional intelligence test questions
Image source

There are many paths to tread until you can become a seasoned communicator. Any work environment will call for good communication. Online work settings included.

Turns out gaining good people skills is more about the heart than brains. And when you start working for an online employer, you’ll need to build a good rapport with your CEO and co-workers.

IHHP test will help you pinpoint how well you fare in dealing with interpersonal problems. You may not realize this, but being good at interpersonal problem-solving will grease the wheels of your career.

Emotional quotient is more important for one’s success than the Intelligence quotient.

Gunjan Bugde

6: Goleman’s EQ Test

Goleman's emotional test
Image source

You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve had to face grueling misunderstandings in your professional career so far. No worries. There’s place for improvement.

Learning to navigate your personal and professional relationships will underpin your confidence both as an independent adult and a successful professional.

And we have some good news. EQ tests not only help you measure up your interpersonal skills, but they also help you improve on them.

Goleman’s EQ test is one of them. Based on scientific research by Daniel Goleman, psychologist, author, and science journalist for The New York Times, this test will measure your EQ by looking at the following EQ determinants:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-regulation
  3. Motivation
  4. Empathy
  5. Social skills

So, where does this leave you? Once you get the gist of how you act in a number of social situations, use this knowledge to sharpen up.

It’s easy!

Scour the web, learn your lessons and build on it from there.

Intelligence Tests

You either fall into the group of people who have already taken a standardized IQ test at some point in life. To the group of those who think taking an IQ test is a waste of time. Or those who are extremely skeptical about taking such tests.

Science has also probed into the question of whether existing IQ tests are reliable. And to put it simply, what psychologist have agreed upon is that IQ tests “grossly oversimplify the abilities of the human brain.”

Namely, scientists have come to agree that human intelligence includes many different subcategories that aren’t even measured in standard IQ tests.

To illustrate, they completely ignore skills such as creativity, social understanding, verbal intelligence, and other acquired skills.

That being said, IQ tests can show how you stand when it comes to general cognitive problem-solving skills. Speaking about getting some useful insights.

Ready to find out how smart you are? Let’s get straight to it.

7: Free IQ Test

Free IT test
Image source

This IQ test will tell you how well you score at problem-solving. It’s a 43-question test that’s based primarily on word analysis and spatial reasoning.

On completion, your results are verified against thousands of other candidates before you receive results that are PhD-certified.

Note, however:

This test is an excellent tool for you to figure out your intellectual potential. Your motivation to succeed has nothing to do with it. While your personal ambition is yours to shape.

8: The Mensa IQ Test

Mensa workout IQ test
Image source

Think you measure up to the nerds over at Mensa? It’s just the time to prove your gut feeling right.

This prestigious IQ society offers official culture-fair tests that are “designed to measure intelligence without the influence of cultural climate, level of education or verbal fluency… are non-verbal and require only that candidates be able to distinguish relationships in figures and shapes.”

So, if you’re serious about measuring your cognitive performance against some of the brightest minds of today, join a local test session.

But if you’re only interested in keeping intellectually fit to keep up with industry changes and exchange a few clever jokes with your co-workers, this online tests is just the ticket for you.

The procedure is downright simple:

  • You need to answer 30 questions within a half an hour time frame.
  • When you submit your answers, you get access to answers and further discussion.
  • However, exceeding the 30-minute time limit won’t negatively affect your final score.

9: My Personality Test

My Personality
Image source

My Personality Test is a carefully collated list of mind-breakers that uses standardized IQ scores based on Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS).

What this professional-grade IQ assessment gives you is not only a reliable IQ score, but also the useful info on the strengths and weaknesses of you right and left brain hemispheres.

And if you’ve never been able to come to terms with how smart you are (or it’s only that you can’t let go of high expectations), science jumps in to give you hope for the future.

Namely, the researchers have unveiled that human working memory can be improved, if given the right set of exercises.

And here’s where it gets interesting. There’s an online brain game that’s already giving some promising results. Now how cool is that?

Job Personality Tests

Transferable Skills Checklist
Download your free cheatsheet of Transferable Skills

You’ve been wrestling with the question “How do I choose an online career path?” for some time now. Yet there is a whole raft of career self-assessment tests that can give you direction when exploring your career options.

These specialized online tools will help you get a sense of where you are in terms of your aptitude for a particular job role.

And if your future online job is a mismatch, this won’t only affect your job satisfaction.

Research shows that employees placed in a position that doesn’t match their personality are likely to be less engaged with their work. Which dooms you at the start.

We’ve collected some of the best free job personality tests for so you stop this from happening.

10: Sokanu Career Assessment

career explorer assessment
Image source

You see a bright future in the online freelancing world. And you have a point there. Working online can give you a promising future.

But if you want to be a howling success, first you need to identify an area at which you’ll undoubtedly excel. And remember: finding your niche won’t only affect your bank account, but also the level of your happiness.

Having a job that is at least an 80th percentile fit for who you are is crucial to people’s health and happiness – to what makes humans human.

With a database including more than 800 careers to match you up with, Sokanu test can help you find a job that best fits your personality.

And it gets better. The test will gauge both your areas of interest and your skill level. An awesome way to narrow down your search, right?

11: PathSource

deatils about path source application
Image source:

Want a few tricks to help you fast-track your career decision-making? Of course you do.

Let’s get down to it then. PathSource can help push your online career forward and keep you sane during the process.

It’s simple. The test looks at your interest profile and your personality characteristics to figure out the list of your potential career choices.

And not only that. PathSource offers access to 2,600 informational interviews to its users so they get a sneak peek at how each job looks ‘behind the scenes’. An attractive offer, right?

Now, brace yourself for what follows. The test also uses your income expectations and lifestyle issues to come up with super-specific results.

12: Holland Code

Holland code career test
Image source

Built on the RIASEC model, Holland Code assessment uses valid and reliable scales to measure your personality.

It’s a 10-minute test and that gives you immediate results that list out your best career options as well as your scores in different interest areas.

It looks at your aptitude for different job fields by focusing on those 6 major job areas:

  • Investigative – Thinking, researching, experimenting
  • Realistic – Building, fixing, working outdoors
  • Social – Helping, teaching, encouraging
  • Artistic – Creating, designing, expressing
  • Enterprising – Persuading, leading, selling
  • Conventional – Organizing, categorizing, recording

13: Skills You Need

Interpersonal skills self assessment questions
Image source

Nurturing good interpersonal skills is a backbone of any healthy company communication – regardless of whether it’s doing business physically or online.

So your future employer is going to be interested in how well you can communicate within a team of online workers.

Are you quick to one-upmanship or flexible for working within a team? Are you assertive or you’re walking on eggshells? Are you strong-minded or can you be easily thrown off your game?

This test will show whether you score above, at, or below average at interpersonal skills give you an insight where you need to improve.

Skills You Need will reveal how well you score in four major aspects of interpersonal skills:

  • EQ
  • verbal communication
  • listening, and
  • teamwork

14: Red Bull Wingfinder

Red Bull Wingfinder
Image source

Wingfinder offers a few tricks to help you conjure up an image of what your plan of action should be career-wise.

This 35-minute online assessment will break your skills down into the below-given categories and show how well you perform at each:

  • thinking
  • creativity
  • connections, and
  • drive

It focuses on highlighting your strengths so you can leverage this knowledge and get ahead in your career.

The test identifies where you’re nailing it within a wide range of skill sets and equips you with tools to outperform yourself.

Wingfinder’s database is home to a good deal of professional advice coming from distinguished athletes and entrepreneurs that share your strengths. How awesome is that?

15: O*NET Interests Profiler

O Net Interest Profiler
Image source

Based on John Holland’s RIASEC model and administered by the United States Department of Labor, this test will shed light on jobs you’re compatible with.

O*NET Interest Profiler is made up of 60 carefully crafted questions. While the result you get is a number of real-life careers that pair up to your vocational interests.

The results are further broken down into five job categories signifying different levels of preparation needed for a given job role.

Now the best part! The website is also an excellent go-to source for job hunters, offering additional info such as job descriptions and salary information.

Take the First Step Towards Making Your Online Career a Success

Our personality traits, work styles and preferences can change over time. But sometimes all the signs you’re secretly sending to yourself are pointing to one conclusion only: It’s time to move on.

So, if you’ve been contemplating a career change and flirting with the thought of transitioning from a traditional to an online job, the time is ripe.

It is projected that in 2027, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the United States and will make up 50.9 percent of the total U.S. workforce.


The wild scramble for the online job market has already begun. Catch the wave while it’s on the rise!

The trick is to identify what your innate potential and skills are, find your niche, and grasp the chance with an online job opportunity that suits you perfectly.

The personality tests we’ve listed above can help you get there. As well as our online platform dedicated to job seekers. The folks over at Small Revolution keep it a priority to help people just like you that are on the verge of their own small career revolution.

Feel free to browse our blog and our online job training courses. We’ll give you all the support you need.

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