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According to a recent 2019 study by FlexJobs, a 159% growth in remote working was recorded over the last 12 years, compared to a 44% growth in the last 5 years. With the global wave of technological advancements in the last 15 years, consequently, there has also been the creation of endless opportunities for people of different ages and educational backgrounds.

It’s no secret that being a student in college comes with a multitude of expenses such as commuting costs, lunch money and most importantly, extra cash to save up for a rainy day.

With the creation of entry-level remote-jobs, college students with little to no professional experience have the opportunity to work while still in school and gain some extra cash to support their needs.

Benefits of Entry-Level Remote Jobs

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Reduces Work-Related Stress

Today, most people dread having to sit at an office desk from 9-5 with a supervisor breathing fire down their necks over tight deadlines to be met. This obviously causes some form of stress that eventually has a negative effect on either your mental or physical well-being.

In Great Britain, the predominant cause of work-related stress, depression or anxiety from the Labor Force Survey (2009/10-2011/12) was workload, in particular, tight deadlines, too much work or too much pressure or responsibilities.

Entry-level remote jobs allow one to work within their schedule and plan accordingly. You basically become your own boss, as you can take breaks when you like and manage your working hours around your personal obligations, such as attending class and partaking in club activities.

Additionally, you are able to avoid the daily hustle of having to commute every day between your job and your college to attend classes.

By offsetting the stress of moving from one place to another, we already feel at ease and willing to work. This concurrently leads us to the next benefit of working an entry-level remote job.


Working while attending college is definitely not a foreign concept, and in fact, according to a study by Georgetown University, about 14 million college students work while enrolled. Working while in college can, therefore, be bearable. Working an entry-level remote job allows you to work from anywhere, at any day and at any time according to your schedule.

As a college student, you have classes to attend and more so, assignments to complete, all while trying to keep up a social life. Most students barely have time for themselves and wonder where they would also get the time to work a job while still studying.

Working remotely means you can work at your convenience. How amazing is that? This is different compared to an office job where one is required to report to a physical office location and work certain hours a day in order to earn the wages agreed upon in a contract.

Entry-level remote jobs allow you to conveniently operate within your free hours, at whatever time of day during the week or on weekends.

Why struggle when you can work from the comfort of your home?

Your working space can be anything from a coffee shop to a public library or even your garden gazebo. It is all up to you.

Little To No Experience Required

This is a big plus for college students because most jobs require applicants to have relevant working experience in order to be able to qualify for the job.

This would appear to be quite unfair because if all organizations or companies require college students to be experienced enough to apply for jobs, where would they get the initial experience from?

This is where working remotely comes in. Entry-level remote jobs are simple and most of them do not require one to have any working experience. These jobs basically require a particular skill set, such as the ability to use Microsoft Office Suite,  in order to make doing the work easier.

Other than that, there really is nothing much to it.

This means that literally anyone can apply for such jobs. While working remotely, college students are able to use the skills they develop from these jobs in their future careers and even broaden their network through online interaction with various individuals working in these organizations.

Extra Cash for Your Needs

As a college student, it is easy to feel the need to earn extra money to be able to cater to your personal needs without constantly relying on your parents for support. We would all love to be independent and this is definitely a great way to jumpstart your journey.

Working remotely allows you to work during your free time and earn money for this. Entry-level remote jobs pay per week, or even hourly, and the companies usually pay on time.

You can then use this money to offset the burden of struggling to make ends meet with a meager allowance.

Increased Productivity

Each of us is different, and we all have different abilities. Some of us are able to work well in the morning, while others are more productive at night. Knowing your capability is very important and the chance to work remotely allows you to effectively use this time to perform the tasks assigned to you.

While working remotely, you will realize that you are your own master, and you are free to do as you wish. By knowing your working capacity and bodily functions well, you are able to adjust your working hours and break times accordingly.

When you are overcome with fatigue or find it difficult to concentrate, you are able to take mental breaks and resume working whenever you are ready.

Compared to an office setting, as an employee, you have set break times during the day, or even none at all. Mental breaks are however very important. This has been proven to allow your mind to reset and restore your motivation.

The end result of working remotely is increased productivity, as your brain is able to exert its full potential, whereas, forcing it to concentrate for hours on end only causes more fatigue, and the inability to concentrate.

The following is a list of entry-level remote jobs and how much they pay. College students can apply for these jobs as they are entry-level and thus, most of them do not even require experience.

1. Social Media Manager

The fact that you have a social media account already makes you qualified for this position. This role requires the management of social media accounts of a company, monitor the content and drive traffic to their various sites, so as to promote awareness of the company or their products to the public.

This is achieved through content creation, interacting with potential customers and monitoring account statistics.

Payment: $16 per hour

2. Virtual Assistant

This is assisting companies with customer engagement, research, data entry and even organization of various events such as scheduling appointments.

Virtual assistants are usually required to help busy companies stay on top of their game and effectively achieve their goals.

Payment: $15.64 per hour

3. Online Data Entry Clerk

Anyone can be a data entry clerk if they have a laptop and a steady internet connection. This is because it involves the creation, editing, and organizing of data or text.

The pay may depend on how fast you can type and complete work assigned as well.

Payment: $16.22per hour

4. Online Tutor

You can use your talents and become a tutor in almost any field of your choice, such as languages, music, photography and even fashion. Your hobby can help earn you an income through tutoring individuals via online platforms that need assistance to develop these skills.

Payment: $10.20 per hour or more

5. Resume Writer

Very many people struggle to write a proper and presentable resume today. As a resume writer, people provide you with their resumes and you help create or edit them in a way that will make them more appealing to the eye as well as making the individual more marketable.

Payment: $50-100 per resume

6. Search Engine Optimization Copywriter

This involves writing with the use of key phrases, in order to help drive traffic to a company or product.

In this case, companies or brands approach copywriters with certain tasks, and it is the duty of the copywriter to produce content that is top-notch in providing succinct information to the target audience.

Payment: $25-35 per hour

7. Powerpoint Presentation Designer

As a college student, you have definitely come across Microsoft Powerpoint, so this is definitely a piece of cake. In this role, you are basically required to create a presentation with the information provided, and get paid for it. Imagine that!

Payment: $30-$50 per hour

8. Transcriptionist

A transcriptionist makes summaries of a document or audio as instructed, which will provide the necessary information the audience can understand. This is basically like taking short notes.

Payment: $15-$22 per audio hour

9. Freelance Writer or Editor

This could be an interesting entry-level job for you if you particularly enjoy writing or are a good writer. Magazine or newspaper publishers often require someone to correct grammar in articles or even write articles on certain topics.

Payment: $50 per article

10. Virtual Recruiter

Many companies look for employees while many people are looking to be employed, however, the two parties sometimes find it difficult to come together. This is why people often complain that they cannot find any jobs.

Virtual recruiters are often employed by companies in order to connect them with job seekers. This is definitely for anyone who enjoys interacting.

Payment: $23 per hour

11. Captioner

A captioner makes captions after watching a video- that simple. This would require one to be a good listener and a fast typer as well, in order to properly comprehend the video and caption it appropriately.

Payment: $0.40- 0.75 per minute of a video

There are loads more of paying entry-level remote jobs that come up almost every single day. Do not let the fact that you are young and lack professional experience hold you back from looking for an online job.

Your dream of earning passive income while still studying in college is just a click away!

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