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Every single person in the world wants to achieve success and live a happy fulfilling life starting today.

Know someone who doesn’t? Doubt it.

The urge to grow, dream big and make our dreams a new reality is inherent in every human being, isn’t it?

But, to achieve the desired results a strong determination to succeed is required.

The key to success is to be consistently inspired and motivated to act towards accomplishing your goals. Motivation is what makes things happen and what gets results when paired with your ability.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” – Remember the old adage?

Do you have the will? Or feel like giving up?

No worries.

Zig Ziglar motivational quote

The following 7 awesome tips to boost your motivation for success will help you get back on track and start living a happy life if you lose your drive to move forward and have no idea how to get unstuck.

When you master them, you’ll always be able to find new ways on your journey to success and deal with setbacks in life more easily.

1: Create Your Personal Development Plan

Jim Rohn motivational quote

What is YOUR definition of success and happiness?

What do you imagine your ideal life to be like?

Think about the major life areas such as your:

  • Health and well-being
  • Intimate and social relationships
  • Career and vocation
  • Work-life balance and free-time activities
  • Financial situation and the like

Feeling content? How close is your current life to your imagined ideal one?

Not sure?

Perhaps taking this life satisfaction test could help you figure out how satisfied you are with your life overall and which direction you want or need to take from this point on.

Good. Time for action now.

Let’s review each area above (and the others you’ve also added to the list if any).

Think about the following:

  • Have you found your true life passion?
  • Are you ready to pursue it no matter what it takes?
  • Which life areas are the most important to you?
  • Where is the difference between your desired and currently existing satisfaction levels smallest?

Find those areas and use them as your action starting points because they will be easiest for kickstarting all the necessary changes.

Then, take a pen and a piece of paper or use a whiteboard to brainstorm what you want to achieve. Set a few long-term goals and break them up into specific time-sensitive mini-goals that will work as milestones to your final destinations.

Want to switch careers, increase your income, graduate from university, buy a new house, a car or anything else that matters to you and that will make you happy?

When done with manageable goal-setting, start making a step-by-step action plan on how exactly you’re going to achieve it all. It’s essential to create your unique personal development plan so that you know where you’re going and what you’re going to do to increase your level of satisfaction with your life.

Revise your plans regularly, change them if you need or develop new ones. That will keep you on the right track to success and happiness, and also reignite your motivation to proceed.

2: Invest in Education and Your Personal Growth

Jim Rohn motivational quote

Based on the personal development plan you’ve created for yourself and the problems you’re experiencing, select adequate expert materials that can help you solve them, such as:

  • Books to read
  • Videos to watch
  • Podcasts to listen to
  • Social networking groups to join, or
  • Training programs to undertake

For instance, let’s assume that you’re dissatisfied with your work and experiencing a plateau in your career, a good idea for you may be to consider switching careers. Why not work online from the comfort of your home on your own terms?

Choose a lucrative industry according to your skills and areas of interest, get educated and earn certification to increase the chances for landing your dream job.

Do you see what we mean?

Now, explore what works best for you and act.

The educational activities you’ll decide to tap into should depend on your choice only. Let others recommend materials but make your own choices and stick to your decisions.

Investing in knowledge and experiences instead of material things is an excellent practice of feeling success.

3: Envisage Your Success and Happiness on a Regular Basis

Mahatma Gandhi motivational quote

Every day, set aside some time for at least a short daydreaming activity.

Yeah, you’ve read it right.

Employing daily imagery and rehearsing detailed scenarios of your successful and fulfilling life trains your brain to reach the desired goals.

Did you know that your brain does NOT distinguish what’s actually happening to you from what you’re imagining?

Scientists have proven that our mind cannot tell the difference between what’s imagined (visualized) and what we’re going through in reality. Our brain releases the same chemicals into our blood and the same areas get activated in both cases.

Isn’t that amazing?

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this powerful brain flaw and practice using daily imagery to get motivated and achieve success?

Think about your desired life:

  • What does it look like in as much detail as you can come up with?
  • What do you feel like?
  • Feel the happiness with all your senses. Taste it. Smell it. Hear it.

Use this effective weapon to orchestrate your destiny.

4: Sprinkle Each Day With a Sense of Adventure

Including a sense of adventure in every day is highly beneficial for you.

You could start by setting different small daily goals. For instance, try doing things in a slightly different way each day.

This approach can completely re-shape your level of happiness and satisfaction with your life.

Here’s a list of ideas to start playing with:

  • Take a different route every time you get back home from work, shop or anywhere else
  • Start each day with a different type of coffee or tea
  • Even if you work from home, dress in work attire before you start work every day
  • Epend each break from work doing different activities every day: have lunch, stay indoors, go for a walk in the park, phone a friend, go for a drink etc.

Not only will such small changes spice up your daily living and bring about boosting your motivation, but spread your happy vibes to all the people around you.

5: Carefully Choose Your Company

Jim Rohn motivational quote

Research analyzing social networks for 20 years has shown that “people’s happiness depends on the happiness of others with whom they are connected”.

Here are some excerpts from the summary of the findings:

Examination of the social network indicates that happy people tend to be connected to one another. Happiness can spread from person to person and niches of happiness form within social networks.

Clusters of happy and unhappy people are visible in the network, and the relationship between people’s happiness extends up to three degrees of separation (for example, to the friends of one’s friends’ friends). People who are surrounded by many happy people and those who are central in the network are more likely to become happy in the future.

Take a glance at the graph below that further illustrates the survey results:

Handmade Software

As explained in the survey, each node represents one person (circles are female, squares are male). Lines between nodes indicate relationship (black for siblings, red for friends and spouses).

The authors James H Fowler and Nicholas A Christakis pointed out that each node is colored according to the person’s happiness on a spectrum from blue (unhappy) to yellow (happy) to highlight the clustering of happiness.

Note: For a more detailed explanation of the results head to the original research.

David Sharpe once said:

your network is your net worth quote

You may want to listen to the Business Secrets Podcast With Robert Kanaat – Episode 15 to learn more about how to implement this quote into your life.

So, who are you hanging out with?

In a nutshell, people you’re surrounded by greatly influence your happiness, so carefully choose with whom you spend your time.

Edmund Lee motivational quote

Even your friends’ friends can increase or kill your motivation and happiness, so network with supportive people who inspire and encourage you.

Needless to say, avoid negative individuals at all costs. To do so, you must learn how to recognize and avoid psychological and emotional manipulation first.

Get to work now.

It is totally up to you to reflect on all your relationships and play smart. Get rid of all the toxic personal and business relationships and nurture only the healthy ones. You’ll get more positive vibes in your everyday life, which is bound to motivate you.

Also, you should think about your contribution to each of those relationships instead of focusing only on what you can get. Doing your best to become a better partner, friend, son/daughter and colleague will make all your relationships healthier and happier.

What’s more, your happiness and self-confidence will deepen on a richer level once you dedicate some of your time and effort to encouraging others to become better and keep focused behind the steering wheel of their life.

Supporting the people around you is an important aspect of a fulfilling life which will enrich your soul. You’ll be delighted when you find out how you can enormously benefit from living with purpose.

That’s the road to long-lasting internal motivation and a feeling of content.

6: Let Your Conversations Revolve Around Your Goals and Positive Thoughts

Jim Rohn motivational quote

We all share our desires, achievements and experiences with people, right?

Whenever you talk to someone, deliberately tend to focus each conversation on your constructive ideas, goals, plans, positive thoughts and the progress you’ve been making (if appropriate, of course).

By reframing your conversations like that, i.e. emphasizing particular thoughts, ideas and feelings, you’re signaling to your brain that they are significant to you.

Dwelling on positive life aspects prompts your brain to activate neural pathways to similar thoughts and feelings. That’s how you create greater chances of reaching your goals.

Don’t underestimate the power of training your brain to feel happier and more successful. The more you practice this, the more of these good desires and outcomes your brain will want.

So, check it out to get yourself more motivated for success.

7: Welcome Constructive Criticism

You may be surprised to find out that people learn better from making mistakes and going through negative emotions as a result than when everything goes smoothly.

It means you’ll be given a more valuable life lesson when others reject your ideas instead of always agreeing with you.

So, don’t be afraid of a trial and error approach. Make mistakes and observe each of them as a golden opportunity to learn and grow instead of seeing your failures as a great misfortune.

Once you manage to change your mindset for success it’ll be a piece of cake for you to turn every failure into success effectively and quickly.

Such remarkable skills will supercharge your internal motivation even in hard times.

Make Your Glass Half Full at Challenging Moments

Still feeling unmotivated?

Or you could consider including these 7 principles to live by, for an abundant, happy, successful life into your days:

As hard as it may seem at first sight, focusing your energy on seeing the glass half full when you face difficulties is well worth all the effort.

It may not feel so strange if you start practicing regularly, especially when you have good days. Remember to express gratitude for what you have that makes you happy and inspired.

Then, over time you’ll be able to rewire your brain to positive thinking automatically at tough times.

Employ the motivational tips above to help you through your journey to success. Restore and raise your motivation for success so that you can start pursuing a happier life.

There’s absolutely NO good reason why you wouldn’t start living your dream life today, just excuses you need to neglect.

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