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Lornah Wanjiku Ngugi

SEO Copywriter, Copyeditor, and Digital Marketing Enthusiast

Education and Certifications:

  • Taita Taveta University: Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  • Google: Fundamentals of Search Marketing
  • LinkedIn: Editing and Proofreading Made Simple

Lornah has been a professional writer since 2018, working with 20+ clients during this time.

She began working with CopySmiths as a junior writer in June 2021, and has progressed to become a senior writer. In March 2022, Lornah was offered a role as a Senior Editor.

As an Editor, Lornah proofreads and fine-tunes grammar, spelling, sentence construction, language use and provides feedback to the CopySmiths writing team.

Over the past 4 years, Lornah has written 100+ articles covering eCommerce, online work, and digital marketing.

In her spare time, Lornah writes for her personal blog where she shares her unpopular opinions about motherhood and freelancing.