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Unaweza like kuwa virtual assistant?

At first glance, the title ‘Virtual Assistant’ is not appealing.

WhileVirtual has an air of mystery around it, the term Assistant dumps a bucket of cold water on it.

That said, wacha tu phrase hilo swali vingine.

How would you like to be part of a global movement worth $85 billion a year?

That’s right.

In 2018, this merry band of remote workers collectively earned billions of dollars from the comfort of their living rooms.

This revelation makes remote assistant jobs more appealing, doesn’t it?

You’d also be happy to learn that remote assistant jobs come in all shapes and sizes.

The remote assistant sector accommodates various skill sets and interests and cuts across all professional areas.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the typical virtual assistant jobs available to Kenyans.

Virtual Research Assistant

At any given time, entrepreneurs and business executives have more tasks than they can handle on their plates.

As such, they are keen to hire remote assistants to help them deal with some lesser tasks.

Research assistants help their clients gain an edge over the competition by keeping tabs on industry trends, consumer preferences, the competition, you name it.

Such in-depth information helps these companies to make informed business decisions, launch profitable strategies and live up to their customer’s expectations.

Some of your duties as a virtual research assistant include:

  • Combing the internet for data and information
  • Researching products and businesses
  • Carrying out keyword research for SEO purposes
  • Looking for service providers and suppliers
  • Identifying target markets and creating buyer personas
  • Writing helpful product descriptions
  • Updating the client’s website with useful content
  • Creating buyers’ guides
  • Creating a knowledge resource bank, including FAQs
  • Creating a content marketing calendar
  • Testing social media platforms for efficiency
  • Seeking out and identifying guest blogging opportunities
  • Carrying out market research to identify industry trends

Customer Support Service

Customer satisfaction is a critical ingredient in business success, and companies go the extra mile to keep their customers happy.

They resort to hiring an army of remote customer support agents to resolve a myriad of issues.

Outsourcing these tasks to remote workers enables these companies to lower overhead costs without compromising quality and service delivery.

Here are some of the roles you’re likely to play as a customer support VA:

  • Respond to customer inquiries through Live chat, email, or phone
  • Handle customer complaints and questions through email, phone, or live chat
  • Create and handle customer support tickets
  • Process online orders and manage the supply chain
  • Process returned items and manage the exchange process
  • Issue refunds following a product return
  • Manage the company’s email list
  • Generate data and manage the company’s database
  • Clean data and generate sales reports
  • Proofreading company emails and reports

Video Editing Virtual Assistant jobs

Videos are an engaging and entertaining mode of communication, making them an effective way to market and advertise products and services.

The target market can easily digest and follow the content effortlessly.

Therefore, videos make excellent marketing mediums, and companies are increasingly making them part of marketing strategies.

Since creating promotional videos is a time-consuming task, most companies prefer to outsource the work to visual assistants skilled in audio-visual technology.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll handle as a video editor:

  • Trim and rearrange audio clips and video footage
  • Correct colour and create smooth transitions between scenes
  • Enhance audio and remove background noise
  • Create and add an intro and outro to video and audio clips
  • Edit and upload the videos to YouTube, social media and other video sharing sites
  • Upload finished podcasts and videos to the client’s website
  • Edit and upload podcasts
  • Annotate videos
  • Caption video and audio clips

Remote Bookkeeping Assistants

Bookkeeping is the lifeblood of every business enterprise and entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for professional help.

Small businesses without the budget for a full-time accountant hire freelance bookkeepers to reconcile their books.

That leaves the business owners free to concentrate on growing their sales and market share without running into financial headwinds.

As a remote bookkeeping assistant, you’re likely to handle the following tasks:

  • Handle bookkeeping and accounting tasks
  • Issue and process invoices
  • Issue and reconcile receipts
  • Reconcile the firm’s business transactions
  • Track and log business expenses
  • Compile all financial information into a spreadsheet
  • Generate financial reports, as needed
  • Bill the client’s customers
  • Process payroll and send payments
  • Handle the client’s bills
  • Use specialised software such as QuickBooks, Xero and MYOB to keep the books

Administrative Assistant Jobs

Entrepreneurs and small business owners stay pretty busy and can’t handle all the tasks necessary to keep their businesses running smoothly.

To head off trouble, smart entrepreneurs hire remote assistants to complete administrative tasks.

Hiring a remote assistant increases productivity, efficiency, and lets the client run a tight ship and stay ahead of the competition.

As a virtual administrative assistant, you’re likely to handle some of these tasks for your clients:

  • Make travel arrangements
  • Schedule business and personal appointments
  • Prepare and edit business presentations
  • Data entry and writing business reports
  • Take minutes during online meetings
  • Screen and manage business calls
  • Screen and respond to emails
  • Transcribe podcasts and video files
  • Carry out online research
  • Process data to generate charts and graphs
  • Create business documents and templates
  • Prepare training materials
  • Onboard new recruits
  • Prepare tax statements

Remote Transcription Assistant Jobs  

In the race to grow their engagement and increase their market share, businesses leave nothing to chance.

They often go the extra mile of transcribing their video and audio content to make it accessible to everyone.

Such developments create a massive demand for skilled transcriptionists.

With excellent transcribing skills, you can help your clients meet some of the following needs:

  • Caption video footage and podcasts
  • Transcribe videos and audio clips into written content
  • Check transcribed content for accuracy
  • Clean up transcribed material to ensure a smooth flow
  • Turn podcasts and interviews into blog posts
  • Transcribe sermons, interviews, business meetings, phone calls
  • Translate content into different languages (if you’re multilingual)

Remote Data Entry Jobs

Data is central to the success of every business, and as such, companies tend to collect massive amounts of it.

Analysing the data lets companies make informed business decisions, as the results offer deep insights into the target market.

Given the voluminous amount of data involved, firms resort to hiring remote assistants to sort it out.

If you’re hired as a data entry assistant, you’re likely to carry out the following duties:

  • Collect data from various sources
  • Enter the data into spreadsheets and templates
  • Clean and sort collected data
  • Verify data for accuracy and relevancy
  • Perform basic data analysis
  • Generate reports from the data analysis results
  • Conduct online surveys and interviews
  • Create questionnaires and other data templates

Remote Graphic Design Jobs

Businesses often need colourful images and graphics to make their marketing materials appealing to their target audience.

They resort to hiring skilled graphic designers to provide them with brochures, posters, letterheads and posters bearing their brand colours and logo.

If you’re skilled in graphic design software, such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, or Adobe Illustrator, you can help your client meet these needs:

  • Create a marketing arsenal, including posters and brochures
  • Create logos and letterheads
  • Create visual contents, including infographics
  • Source and edit images for your client’s website
  • Conceptualise visuals for each marketing project
  • Revamp your client’s brand colours
  • Create web page layouts
  • Create colour schemes for the client’s communication channels
  • Create posters for various social media platforms

Join the Virtual Assistant Bandwagon Today

Now you have a pretty good idea of what to expect when working as a remote assistant in Kenya.

Some virtual assistant roles don’t call for specialised skills.

You only need a stable internet connection, working laptop and a little dedication to get started.

As you can tell from the various roles listed here, clients are looking for problem solvers when hiring a remote assistant.

As such, you need to refine your chosen skill set to a high degree to increase your chances of success.

Luckily, there are numerous resources on the internet, free and paid, to help you acquire and polish just about any skills you wish to learn.

Once you’ve refined your skills, it’s time to go full out in search of prospective clients.

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