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Did you know that learning isn’t the same as education? The difference is that learning begins way before you step foot into a classroom and continues even after completing your education.

You learn to breathe and feed when you’re born. As you grow, you learn how to walk, talk, and socialize. Learning is a constant process that happens both consciously and unconsciously; and while all students are different, you learn best when:

  • You don’t give in to your failures.
  • The lessons are fun and engaging.
  • You apply what you learn in your life.
  • The lessons provide real value to you.

Yet, no matter how interesting the subject, learning new information requires a lot of effort. Online learning, in particular, needs discipline and commitment.

And there’s no guarantee that it’ll get easier as you progress.

However, a little motivation goes a long way, so we’ve crafted this list of inspirational quotes to help keep you going.

1: “Play Is the Highest Form of Research”– Albert Einstein

friends playing sack race
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You may already know the importance of play for children, but did you know that adults can also learn through play?

When you incorporate play into your learning, you engage the creative side of your brain, which can help you see problems in a new light and come up with inventive solutions. Play also helps to:

  • Improve brain function
  • Inspire teamwork
  • Nurture problem-solving skills

Most importantly, play is fun.

Completing word puzzles, shooting hoops, sketching, and joking around with your peers are all examples of play that can improve your learning.

You can also use game-based learning tools, such as Lifesaver to practice your skills using interactive scenarios. Bad News is another tool that teaches about disinformation in a playful and fun way, leading to more productive learners.

This quote from Albert Einstein reminds you that sometimes, you need to get out of the classroom to learn. Students have preferences in the way they receive information. Some may prefer to read, while others may rather watch a video.

Play is especially important for students who prefer kinesthetic learning techniques. In the following table, we compare four types of learning to help you see the difference:

Forms of LearningDescriptionExamples
VisualLearning through visual aids, such as patterns and shapesLearning through images, maps, graphs, and charts
AuditoryLearning by listening and speakingLectures and group discussions
KinestheticLearning by doingPlay, simulations, and experimentation
Reading/WritingLearning through reading and writing textWritten quizzes and assignments

2: “He Who Laughs Most, Learns Best” – John Cleese

happy student
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This quote isn’t an invitation for you to be the class clown—learning is both fun and serious, and you need to find a balance.

Don’t have too much fun that you forget to study, but don’t focus on studies so much that you forget to enjoy the learning process. 

Simply put, this quote from John Cleese reminds you not to take yourself too seriously.

Setbacks are inevitable and when they happen, it’s important to remember that failure doesn’t define you.

Laugh off your mistakes, however painful, and keep learning.

laugh off your mistakes

3: “Anything Worth Doing Well Is Worth Doing Poorly at First” – G. K. Chesterton

frustrated learner
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A lot of learners are afraid of failing or looking foolish before their peers, so they never explore new horizons. This quote from G.K. Chesterton criticizes perfectionism in learning and assures you that you don’t have to be immediately excellent at everything you do.

To those learners who are afraid to take a leap, we say:

  • It takes time to learn how to do something well.
  • Failure is a normal part of learning that you should embrace.

For instance, if you enjoy singing but can’t carry a tune, do it anyway. If you want to learn how to paint, consider going through a YouTube tutorial or a paid Udemy course and start at whatever skill level you’re comfortable with.

You’ll become an expert with time and practice, especially if you’re learning about something you enjoy.

Your limitations shouldn’t stop you from embracing what you love to do. Allow yourself to fail without giving up on your journey. 

4: “The Beautiful Thing About Learning Is That Nobody Can Take It Away From You” – B.B. King

When you learn something, it becomes a part of you.

Whatever you learn in school, at home, or online is yours to keep, and you can always apply that inexhaustible knowledge over and over again.

If you start a business and it fails, you’ll still have the knowledge needed to start another business, and then another. Nobody can take away your experiences, confidence, understanding, and all the other gifts from learning.

5: “Learning Is the Most Important Currency and Anyone Can Be Rich” – Lewis Keegan

online learning
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Learning isn’t reserved for people of a certain class or race—it’s there for everyone.

You can take an online course in copywriting today and trade the knowledge you acquire for a well-paying job and a fulfilling career in copywriting.

We know that it’s not as easy as it sounds, but no matter your skill level, consistent learning and practice will make you an expert.

6: “To Teach Is to Learn Twice Over” – Joseph Joubert

teaching computer skills to a senior
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Students learn at different paces depending on the subject. If you happen to learn faster than your peers, we encourage you to help them out.

This practice will shape you into a better learner because:

  • It allows you to go through the course material again and test your comprehension.
  • You’ll get a chance to correct any wrong conclusions you have made.
  • It encourages the exchange of ideas among learners and peers.

7: “You Never Really Learn Much From Hearing Yourself Speak” – George Clooney

active listening
Source: Picryl

Listening is the most important part of learning, and we mean active listening which involves:

  • Paying attention to the speaker
  • Reflecting and responding to the message
  • Retaining the information to use later

If possible, while listening, translate the course content into your own words so you can better understand it. To learn well, always resist boredom and distractions (such as your phone), and focus only on your current task.

Are You Ready to Learn?

We’re positive that these quotes will inspire you to keep learning.

At Small Revolution, we believe learning is the key to freedom and our students agree. Our online courses are designed to make you marketable as a copywriter, virtual assistant, or customer service assistant.

I am proud to inform that I am now a virtual assistant. I will be starting my job next week (PHT). I thank you and eCommerce University for guiding me always.


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