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Earn $100 a Day Online”

“How I Made Kshs. 100,000 in 2 Weeks Working From Home”

When you are job searching, you might come across online ads like these. Half the time, you dismiss them as marketing gimmicks by fraudsters. Secretly, you wish that you could magically find the best online jobs and get rich too.

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Online jobs were traditionally perceived to be ideal for stay-at-home moms and broke college students/graduates. Nowadays, they are sought after by professionals who prefer freelance work over conventional jobs.

If you already have a job, you can supplement your income with some part-time online work. By working online, you can:

  • Earn a decent income
  • Enjoy flexible work hours
  • Work from home
  • Save on overhead costs such as transport

Finding a genuine online job that matches your skills AND pays well can be an uphill battle. 

In this guide, you will learn about various types of online jobs for Kenyans. You will also find out where to find such jobs. Finally, we explain how to get started and earn a living online.

3 Popular Ways Kenyans Earn Money Online

1. Online Writing Jobs

If you have a way with words, this vital skill can earn you a handsome online income. 

Companies worldwide pay writers to create professional content for their marketing and communication channels. This includes articles, blog posts, product descriptions, case studies, ad copy, brochures, social media content, and marketing emails.

Individuals also pay for writing services when they need to make a great impression. For example, you can get paid to write a college entry essay or a biography.

Although many writers are college trained, it is not a minimum requirement. To be a professional writer, you need to have good research skills. You also need to have a good work ethic. This means you’re able to work with minimum supervision and meet deadlines.  

Jobs may include:

Writing jobs pay per word, per hour, per page, or per article.

Where To Find Online Writing Jobs

This platform is a marketplace for freelancers. Clients post jobs for writers to bid for. The client then selects the writer with the best offer and relevant experience for the project. 

Upwork collects the payment and takes a percentage of the fee. Writers are then paid via PayPal.

As a new writer, you sign up for free and create a profile. Here you can highlight your education, experience, location, availability, and rates. 

Recently, Upwork started charging freelancers to connect with potential employers.  

Guru works pretty much the same as Upwork. 

Sign-up is free. Once you create a profile, you receive notifications of new jobs that match your skills. 

Payments are secure and automated. 

It is easy to create long term relationships with clients who love your work. 

Unlike most other academic sites, Uvocorp allows freelancers to sign up. 

Applications are open a few times per year. You will need to upload your academic certificates to prove that you qualify for the fields applied. 

Writers pick from available assignments that pay per page (250 words).

2. IT Jobs

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Image from: wealthysinglemommy.com

Looking for freelance IT jobs in Kenya? You can earn a wage from an online IT career. The best online jobs in IT include:

  • Web Design 

Help brands connect with their audience by building stunning websites.

  • Software Programming 

Create cool computer or mobile apps that solve real-world problems.

  • Graphic Design 

Get paid to design appealing brand collateral such as logos and brochures.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO experts help company websites rank higher to capture and convert leads. Upwork’s 2019 Skill Index rated SEO among the top 20 fastest-growing skills.

All these online IT jobs require technical skills due to their nature. They pay an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on the scope of the project.

Where To Find Online IT Jobs

This is a unique platform for finding freelance IT gigs. 

Despite having a small sign-up fee, it is very popular

The name Fiverr comes from ‘$5’ which is the least amount you can charge for a gig. 

To create your profile, you list tasks you are willing to do and your rate. Buyers use the platform’s filters to find, interview, and engage you for gigs.

This is one of the oldest freelancing job platforms.

Sign-up is free and all you need to do is create a profile that stands out. 

Buyers peruse profiles when selecting a freelancer for their projects. 

Freelancer has a transparent tracking system. This system updates the client on the progress of the project. 

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Small business owners often need help to run their business. Virtual assistants fill this gap. 

To become a virtual assistant, you don’t need any technical skills. However, it helps if you have some administrative job experience. VA tasks may include:

  • Administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, data entry, and making travel bookings.
  • Book-keeping including maintaining sales reports and processing invoices and receipts. 
  • Customer service including handling inquiries, complaints, and sales orders.
  • Marketing activities such as sending client emails or updating social media pages.

Virtual Assistant jobs pay by the hour. They require great attention to detail as well as superior organizing skills.

Where To Find Virtual Assistant Jobs For Kenyans

This platform is free to sign up for but your bio will take some time to complete. You get 15 free bids every month after which you have to pay to bid for more jobs. 

Clients view your profile and send you invites to interview for open VA jobs. 

You need to set hourly rates for your service. Keep in mind that the platform takes a 20% commission on your earnings.

How to Get an Online Job and Start Earning Now

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Are you ready to start applying to the best online jobs?

First, read about some of the most common misconceptions about online careers to determine if it’s the right lifestyle for you. 

Next, let’s figure out how to get legitimate online jobs in Kenya.

  • What Do You Need?

You need a computer or laptop with access to a stable internet connection. 

Set aside time for bidding on jobs and doing the work. Most online jobs are time-sensitive so you should be able to work with deadlines.

You also need to create an account through which you can receive payment. Most job platforms use PayPal or Skrill. PayPal is easy to use and you can connect it to MPESA for easy withdrawal.

  • What Online Job Suits You?

Your education, work experience, and personal interests will determine the right online job. 

Do an honest analysis of your technical skills and soft skills such as communication. 

Decide on a job that you can fulfill comfortably. Remember, this could be your long term career.

  • Do You Have a Portfolio?

Clients like to see the quality of work you are capable of delivering. 

Create an online portfolio on a website or Google Drive. Post this on your profiles to strengthen your bio.

  • How Skilled Are You?

Having a passion and delivering quality work are not synonymous. 

You should consider investing in technical training to perfect your chosen craft. 

Taking short online courses can help you land more clients.

  • How Often Should You Apply?

At some point, you will become an established freelancer with regular clients. Before then, you need to pitch for many jobs to land one. 

Sign up on all the above platforms and allocate some time daily to bid for jobs. 

Polish your pitch. Apply some more. This is the hardest part. The competition is fierce, but you can make it with a bit of determination.

Invest in Yourself and Start Your Online Education

To recap what we have learned, the best online jobs include writing jobs, IT jobs, and Virtual Assistant jobs. To launch your online career, simply create a profile on freelancing platforms. 

Want to accelerate your career path? Get certified in your chosen field. Sign-up for Small Revolution’s self-study online job training courses and attract more job prospects and higher rates per hour.

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