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Do online freelance writing jobs really exist? Can you earn enough from online jobs in Kenya, working from the comfort of your home?

These are some of the questions many young Kenyans ask, most of whom have given up on freelance writing gigs.

Are you one of those writers who believe that there are no well paying online jobs in Kenya?

Well, we’re here to demystify that myth.

Yes! You can make a good living out of online jobs in Kenya. You can earn enough to pay your rent and cater for all other bills that you have each month.

Many Kenyans agree that online writing jobs exist, but getting a lucrative online job seems to be the elusive dream.

The rise from a crappy paying online job to one that offers an attractive package takes some effort.

So, how does one make that shift?

  • Change your mindset:

    You’ve got to believe that these jobs actually exist and that you can get them.
  • Start looking in the right place:

    If you haven’t found a pro rates job, you are probably not looking in the right place. Change your direction and see what happens!

How to Land Better Paying Freelance Writing Jobs

Prepare Yourself

Get set, ready, go!

This is not a race but for you to stand out amongst your peers, you’ve got to prepare.

  • Change your attitude:

    The right attitude is everything!

    If you do not believe that lucrative jobs exist, you will not find them. Changing your mind shift helps you have the drive to search for new clients who will pay you at better rates.
  • Master your skills:

  • Update your resume:

    No matter how good you are, great employers will not notice you without going through your resume.

    Many online writers in Kenya, forget to include their credentials in their resume. This will not land you that pro rates job.

    If you’re not sure how to update your resume, enroll in a course that will help you create the winning resume you need.

Ditch the Crowded Job Boards

Freelance writing niche
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Most freelance writers who’ve given up on lucrative jobs are all looking in the same place.

Popular job boards are a good start, but if you want to move up ahead, you’ve got to stop looking there! 

Niche job boards have fewer writers with jobs that may need specialized writers.

What this means is that swimming in a smaller pool gives you higher chances of getting hired at good rates.

Market Your Brand

  • Create an attractive website:

    Having a professional blog or website will help attract those high paying new clients.

    It may not happen overnight, but having something going is a good start. Create a blog or website that shows your writing skills and share them with the world. You never know who might see it.

    Drawing in the traffic might seem like an uphill task. Learn your SEO skills and work on excellent content marketing skills.

    Important pages to include in your site include:
    • About page
    • Services
    • Contact page
    • Portfolio
  • Create a LinkedIn profile:

    Your LinkedIn profile is a minefield of opportunities. Focus on this social media marketing tool and you just might land that online job you’ve always dreamt of.

    Do not forget to optimize your profile with keywords in your niche. This will make it easier for the right client to notice you.
  • Use social media to your advantage:
     Affiliate Marketing Secrets
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    Social media is a powerful tool for marketing businesses but also for your services.

    Take advantage of this.

    Join social groups that are communities of the kind of clientele that you want to attract. Soon enough, they will notice you.

    Tips to attract clients online:
    • Write a winning bio description on your site and social media pages.
    • Share your website content but also mention others.
    • Grow your followers by joining target groups and writing guest posts.

Use Cold Pitching

Who said you cannot pitch to a client and ask them to hire you? In a nice way of course.

Cold pitching can indeed land you some good online writing gigs.

  • Pitch to individual companies:

    All you have to do is research on good-paying companies that need your services. For example, you may notice a company that is trying to grow an online presence that has no blog or website.

    Sit down, write that proposal, and send it in.
  • Create connections with brands:

    A good way of connecting with brands is by mentioning them in your posts and tagging them.

    What this does is to give you some mileage in developing a closer relationship with them. You may just be the brand ambassador that they need.

Follow Brands and Influencers

You cannot connect with brands or influencers if you do not hang out on the same platforms.

Based on their following, brands and influencers will occasionally share legit online jobs. 

There is no way they will put out a crappy paying job. Do not miss out on such opportunities. Follow the right people.

Ask for Referrals

Your family and friends may know of online writing jobs that are well paying. Start by checking with them.

If they are not in a position to offer these jobs they may just know someone who can offer you an opportunity.

Do not despise small beginnings. They are what you need to build that attractive portfolio that will land you a better paying job.

Pitch to Profitable Companies

If you are an eagle, you ought to be flying with eagles.

Know your target, perfect your pitch, and send it in!

  • Research on annual revenues:

    Pitch to profitable companies as these are likely to pay at better rates. Research the targeted companies, see their revenues, and let the figures guide you.
  • Target companies that sell goods and services:

    Companies that actually sell goods and services will have the figure rolling. Get in touch with them, tell them what you do and see where that lands you.
  • Consider companies time of existence:

    Startup companies are good when you’re starting out. But, if you are looking to find an online job that pays your bills, stick with companies that have tested the waters.

    This article shows you 7 underused ways to land online jobs in Kenya. By now you already have some useful tips to get you started.

One more thing!

Bonus Tip: Keep Networking

Keep in touch with brands, influencers as well as your fellow freelance writers. There is no telling who will refer you to your next online job.

Lastly, keep writing!

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