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Ever thought of venturing into a flexible career that allows you to work in the comfort of your own home? 

If you enjoy reading and cannot help but point out mistakes in writing, proofreading may just be for you!

Become a proofreader
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There is a rising demand for freelance writers and proofreaders across the globe.

Companies understand the importance of content marketing as a business strategy. Many are not willing to let an opportunity that allows them to tap into the market go to waste.

For content marketing to work, you need to do it right. The quality has got to be top-notch and thus proofreaders have a major role to play.

As a leading African country, Kenya provides proofreaders for companies across the world. These are educated people willing to proofread business materials or academic works.

Besides, who wouldn’t want the comfort of remote working with flexible hours?

There are lots of factors that are contributing to more people taking up online jobs, such as:

  • Increased internet access
  • Government support
  • Youth unemployment
  • Technological advancements

Here we look at the best proofreading jobs in Kenya that pay through M-Pesa.

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft of a piece of writing. It involves correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting mistakes before publishing.

Many people mistake proofreading with editing.

Editing also involves removing errors from a piece of writing. Yet, proofreading focuses more on making sure that the document makes sense as a whole.

Proofreading involves removing all errors that were missed or introduced during editing.

Proofreading Training and Other Requirements

There are several requirements that make your venture into a proofreading career successful:

  • Strong command of the language
    For you to become an excellent proofreader there is a need to master your language. Think of grammar, spelling to syntax. Having an excellent command of the language saves you time and earns you some chums!
  • Flexibility dealing with various documents
    As a proofreader, you will encounter different types of documents. You should be able to tackle marketing content, academic papers, and so much more.
  • Reading and comprehension skills
    Proofreading requires you to go through huge chunks of materials. An innate love of reading will be a plus for any proofreader.
  • A keen eye for detail
    A proofreader’s job involves catching those grammar mistakes that one would miss. If you are detail-oriented, this might just be the opportunity for you.
  • Good reputation
    Being a freelancer allows you the flexibility to work with different people. Make sure to leave a clean track record as you never know how employers relate.
  • Training

    There is no better way to improve your proofreading skills than through training.

    There is a lot of online training available for online jobs. Get one that suits you and dive right in. It will be worth the trouble.

  • Patience
    It is not easy having to fine-tune words, sentences, and paragraphs.
  • Paypal account that links to Mpesa
    If you are working on an online job, you are going to get paid right? 
    Get ready to receive that payment by signing on to a Paypal account. This can link to your Mpesa for easy access to your money.

How Much Do Proofreaders Earn?

This is a tough one! It depends on some factors including:

  • The company
  • Your level of experience
  • Educational background
  • Whether you work full-time or part-time
  • Turn around time

Many of the online jobs available are freelance, meaning they pay per project. On average proofreaders earn up to $45,000 a year.

Freelance opportunities will pay per word at an average of $0.006-0.014 per word. Look for reputable companies that will let you know of their rates before you even start on the job.

Best Online Proofreading Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa


If you are looking for a flexible online proofreading job, then Flexjobs is the right board for you.

As the name suggests, this platform offers genuine flexible opportunities. These allow you to work fulltime or part-time. What’s more, you will find the latest up to date opportunities without much effort.

FlexJobs is a subscription service that will charge you a membership fee for a year.


Upwork is a platform that will offer you online jobs from the confines of your home. It connects you to businesses, agencies, and professionals in need of proofreaders.

One must complete a profile and get approved before submitting proposals to clients on Upwork. You must meet deadlines to be paid.


Fiverr is one of the world’s largest online jobs marketplace that is becoming more popular by the day. 

Besides offering you proofreading jobs, you can take up other freelance opportunities. Payment is mostly based on the kind of service you provide and it starts from $5 going up.


This is an online proofreading and copy-editing service available for you. 

Check it out to see some of the latest proofreading online jobs available for you. The registration opens in waves. To give it a shot, bookmark it on your computer.

Besides registration, Wordy also offers a one hour test to test your abilities. Once in, you will be able to get opportunities as they come in as they offer a first come first served policy.


This platform offers resume, business, and academic proofreading services. 

This platform gives a chance to proofreaders with over 5 years of experience. Proofreaders must have a graduate degree. You can easily earn up to $3000 a year on ProofreadingPal. allows you to work on flexible hours. Online proofreading jobs are available provided you pass their 20-minute screening test.

You can earn from $19 to over $45 per hour depending on the turnaround time.


On Wordvice, there is a constant flow of work. The payment is based on word count and the turnaround time given by the clients.


You must have at least five years’ experience in proofreading to be accepted at ProofreadNow. You must also be ready to undergo vigorous tests. In the end, all this will be worth it.


This platform mainly helps students improve their academic papers. Their proofreading jobs are open to fluent English speakers from all over the world.

Scribbr pays a fixed rate depending on deadlines, word count, and other services you offer.


This platform offers a flow of editing and proofreading. It is unique as it pairs you with projects you are passionate about.

You need 3 years’ experience in writing and editing to join Scribendi. They offer proofreaders training as well as other incentives.

Are You Ready?

No matter how good you are there is a need to test your skills occasionally in order to learn and to stay on top of the game.


There are several free online proofreading tests that you can do to check out your prowess.

There is no limit as to the number of tests that you can try.

Testing your abilities not only improves your proofreading skills. It also translates into better pay, which is what you want right?

Take a Proofreading Course

If you recently started out on your proofreading career, there is no need to worry.

Small Revolution offers various online courses to improve your skills and stand out from the rest.

Taking a proofreading course teaches you the basics. It also improves your skills and your turnaround time. This translates into better pay.

All you have to do is find an online course that best suits you and enroll.

Get Essential Proofreading Resources

You may spend some money on resources that will help you become better at proofreading. While you may feel the pinch, this will be a worthwhile investment.

Resources Include:

  • The free or paid version of Grammarly
  • An American Dictionary of the English Language
  • AP Guide to Punctuation

Before Signing Up for a Job

  • Research and set your rates
    If you are looking to grow your proofreading career, it is important to research and set your rates. Fixing your price enables you to know what to take up or leave. 

    Note: Some companies will pay per word or per page.

  • Create a winning resume 
    The online labor market is very competitive. Specialized training can help you stay ahead of the pack. 

Whether you’re starting out or simply looking to advance your career, Small Revolution is an online learning platform that will boost your career. 

Get started by enrolling in this Small Revolution Course. It will help you write a compelling winning resume that will land you a job. Lastly, submit the resume to Best of luck!

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I'm Katrina McKinnon, founder of McKinnon Group and Small Revolution. I'm using my 20 years' experience in building and operating online businesses to create engaging educational materials that helps others become successful online workers. Find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.