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Some people gravitate towards jobs that require constant interaction with others. They’re more energized and productive when surrounded by people and activity.

Whereas other people may enjoy occasional collaboration, but are most productive when working away from people. This group prefers jobs with limited social interaction.

So, where do you learn the skills needed to help you find a job where you can work in solitude? Online course providers like Udemy offer them.

Do you also want to know how much you can earn from each job? We’ll give you those details, too.

Have a look at the jobs below, and find a fulfilling career that doesn’t require social interaction.

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Job 1 – Graphic Design: Create Engaging Visuals

company’s idea of the ideal vodka

As a graphic designer, you’ll create engaging visuals that express a company’s ideas in a way that informs and captivates its audience.

Choose to be a graphic designer and work in these jobs:

  • Product Design – Create packaging designs, marketing designs, product illustrations, and prototypes.
  • Branding Design – Develop a company’s brand through logos, letterheads, business cards, brochures, and billboards to give customers a positive perception of the company’s values, products, and services.
  • Animation Design – Create sketches and animations for movies, adverts, games, and social media channels.
  • Website Design – Design visually appealing and easy-to-navigate websites.
  • Publishing Design – Create eye-catching covers and pictures for magazines and books.

However, you’ll require a high dose of creativity to brainstorm design ideas. Having creativity helps you develop enticing visuals, and a knowledge of design principles also determines whether you’ll make or break a design.

Udemy offers both free and paid graphic design courses that will teach you the latest design principles, user experience (UX), and website design principles.

You can work comfortably at home selling your designs online or creating them freelance for companies. You can also retreat and work on your part of a job solo—even when collaborating with others on a project. 

The average salary of a graphic designer in the US is $20.06 per hour. Of course, the salary depends on one’s years of experience.

Here’s how much you can earn depending on your years of experience.

Years Of ExperienceEarnings
Less than a year$18.16 per hour
One to two years$19.05 per hour
More than 10 years$25.82 per hour

Source: Indeed

Job 2 – Dropshipping: Sell Without Owning a Physical Store

Dropshipping is a less expensive and more flexible method of selling products online where you won’t have much interaction with customers.

Your main job is to write good product descriptions that market your supplier’s products, and then pass customer orders to the supplier who ships the goods to the customer.

You’ll need a supplier, marketing skills, and an online store to showcase the goods. Reliable platforms to source suppliers include AliExpress, Alibaba, SaleHoo, Doba, and Worldwide Brands.

What are the benefits of a dropshipping job?

  • No social interaction between you and customers. The supplier organizes the delivery of goods.
  • Flexibility. You can run your store from anywhere if you have a computer and internet connection.
  • No physical store and goods. You can save the money you would’ve spent to rent a store and buy goods.
  • No upfront fees. You don’t pay your supplier a single cent until customers make their orders and pay you.

In 2020, the global dropshipping market was valued at $128 billion and is forecast to reach $476.1 billion between 2021 and 2026. Dropshipping is a growing market.

Udemy fills that demand by offering dropshipping courses such as Build a Dropshipping Empire From Scratch, where you’ll learn how to choose niches and products, set up your online store, and find suppliers.

 The dropshipping course has convinced me to start my first store with Shopify. Now I will open a Shopify account

Willem K

Dropshippers make a monthly salary of about $3,377 in the USA.

Job 3 – Web Development: Create Websites

Web developers can work as freelancers or contractors for employment agencies. You won’t socialize much except for a few instances of communication with clients. 

You may occasionally collaborate with other developers on a project, but most of the time, you work alone.

As a web developer, you’ll create appealing and easy-to-navigate websites using a programming language, such as HTML and CSS, and ensure that the website’s performance is optimized.

The table below shows the levels of web development and duties performed. You can work at any level from a remote location.

Web DeveloperDuties
Front-end web developer
  • Develops interface that enhances user experience
  • Strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetic design
Back-end web developer
  • Writes code and debugs
  • Manages data exchange between server and users
  • Ensures website responsiveness
Full stack web developer
  • Performs both front end and back-end web developer duties

Besides programming skills, being a web developer requires you to have problem-solving skills to build code, identify problems, and debug during website development.

Enroll at Udemy and learn programming languages, computer science fundamentals, and analytical thinking. Their courses currently have 11,369,241 learners.

number of web development course learners at Udemy

You can earn $68,616 as a web developer in the USA if you have less than one year of experience and a whopping $97,062 if you have more than ten years of experience.

Job 4 – Copy Editing: Become a Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Gatekeeper

document with highlighted edits

Are you adamant about using serial commas? Does using “9” instead of “nine” bother you? Can you feel your blood boil when a writer uses “their” in place of “they’re?”

A copy editor reviews writers’ copies and corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling—copy editors can also proofread.

Copy editing is a job you can concentrate on best when there are no distractions around. You may need to communicate with the author concerning the edits or with other editors, but most of the time, you’ll be editing quietly without social interaction.

 Let’s look in detail at the duties you’ll perform as a copy editor:

  • Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and check for the arrangement of words and phrases to form correct sentences. 
  • Check for correct capitalization and font usage.
  • Ensure whether the writer mentions one thing and contradicts it in the next section.
  • Check whether quoted people or statistics are correct and up-to-date.
  • Check for legal liabilities from information damaging an individual or company’s reputation.

Attention to detail is necessary so that you don’t miss out on any errors. You should also have excellent grammar skills and the ability to communicate your edits to the writer.

Udemy offers copy editing courses such as Become a More Effective Copy Editor. If you’re passionate about editing, you can enroll in such a course.

The average copy editor salary in the USA is $32.28 per hour.

Find Fulfillment Working In Solitude

If you aren’t comfortable with social interaction, you can work remotely in jobs like dropshipping, copy editing, graphic design, and web development.

These jobs are a fantastic solution that allows you to be your own boss and set up your work environment the way you want.

When you work away from the everyday interactions with clients and co-workers, you’ll be able to capitalize on your creativity and productivity, helping you find fulfillment in your job.

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