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Are you a busy entrepreneur without enough time to deal with time-consuming Human Resource administration and other similar duties?

Good news:

Handling Human Resource responsibilities in your online company is among a vast array of tasks you could outsource to a competent Virtual Assistant.

A remote HR manager with proven expertise and diverse skill set can offer an extensive range of services to help you manage your employees successfully and save a lot of time and money.

Some of the HR activities that typically get delegated to a specialized HR Virtual Assistant are the following:

  1. Write detailed job descriptions and expectations or requirements from candidates with the aim of finding you the most relevant and serious one(s)
  2. Post a list of vacant positions within your online company on popular job boards and social media platforms
  3. Create and administer pre-employment tests to screen out the candidates who are not a good fit for a particular job or your team
  4. Review all the job applicants’ online profiles and resumes instead of you wasting hours and days on it
  5. Perform the shortlisted candidates’ background checks including employment history, references and the like
  6. Conduct initial Skype or telephone job interviews to figure out whether an applicant might be suitable for a certain position or not
  7. Schedule Skype or phone job interviews (or any other ways of interviewing job applicants you prefer) with the selected top-rated candidates
  8. Welcome newly hired candidates by sending them a courteous congratulatory email containing the following steps they should take and contact details of a person in charge for any further questions they may have
  9. Send an email with a job contract attached and/or a detailed explanation of a new team member’s responsibilities and standard operating procedures to be followed in your company
  10. Compile, update, manage and secure employee database containing all the necessary employee files and records
  11. Help the new employees with the whole onboarding process and provide the necessary support and mentoring in the first few weeks
  12. Create and update forms and other documents containing all your company’s procedures, policies (e.g. rewards, Paid Time Off, benefits etc.), vision, core values, rules and the like and ensuring every employee is familiar with the house rules and fully understands and accepts them
  13. Set up a payroll system, calculate, track, report and manage every employee payment and invoice
  14. Set up other tracking systems within your company, such as employee attendance to keep track of all your employees’ time off (holidays, sick leaves etc.) and presence at work
  15. File, update and manage all the relevant employee documentation, handle all the necessary administrative duties and other daily tasks related to employees and address their administrative queries
  16. Prepare reports on various employees’ activities (performance evaluations, training, grievances etc.)
  17. Prepare training materials and coordinate training sessions for new virtual employees
  18. Coordinate employee projects (deadlines), surveys, HR meetings, take minutes and similar
  19. Act as the liaison between the company and its employees (full-time, part-time or freelance) to ensure smooth communication and quick resolution of any queries
  20. Assist with any other daily HR operations such as ensuring a high standard of your online workers’ motivation and the like.

If you have an online business with 30 to 50 or perhaps even more employees, you unquestionably understand how much effort it takes to manage all those people, let alone handle a variety of personnel related administrative duties.

Luckily, a Virtual Assistant with the relevant HR, organizational and communication skills, as well as at least basic understanding of labor laws in your country can perform all the listed tasks for you and perhaps even more.

The right person will not only shave off hours from your work week so that you can focus on more profitable activities but help you scale your business.

Just make sure you always mind all your online data security and privacy when outsourcing any HR tasks containing sensitive information.

Nowadays, business owners from all over the world hire Virtual Assistants to handle administrative, organizational and HR duties for them.

Join them – hire your Virtual Assistant and start leveraging your online business and increasing your efficiency today!

Waste NO more time and money trying to juggle all the HR and administrative work by yourself.

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