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Frequently Asked Questions

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In this page:

  • Getting Started
  • Courses & Lessons
  • Payment & Refunds
  • Employment Opportunities

Getting Started

We recommend that everyone starts with the Virtual Assistant Learning Path. It offers beginner lessons on everything from how to form good work habits right through to introducing you to common online work tools that you’ll use every day.

Courses & Lessons

How long does the training take?

Each course could take you between a few hours and a few days to read, study and then complete the quiz questions.

As your skills improve and the training becomes more advanced you may end up taking a bit more time to finish each course. Our goal is to give you a thorough understanding of the information and materials so you are more employable.

I don’t have online work experience. Am I still eligible to enroll?

YES. Our courses are designed not only to help tenured employees level up their skill but also teach newbies the basic skills needed to work effectively online.

Can I use my Smartphone or Tablet when taking the training?

Since your goal is to become a successful online worker you must have all the necessary tools needed such as a Desktop or Laptop, a good internet connection, a working headphone, and lastly a quiet work space.

Please note that there are lessons where we will be asking you to create a work sample, this is something that only computers can do.

Do I need to pay again if I decided to retake the course?

NO. However, you need to contact the student support team and notify them.


Does Small Revolution offer a job placement service?

NO. Small Revolution is not a recruitment agency. It is an online school that teaches both newbies and experienced online workers hone their skills.

Will I get a job right after completing the course/s?

Your chances of holding down a job online depend on how well you perform. We have a list of online employers who are looking for a skilled and reliable online worker. 

Yes, you read that right, Small Revolution works with Kazi Work.

Kazi Work is a directory of vetted freelancers who are looking for online work. When a student finishes the training and graduates they are highlighted in Kazi Work.