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A freelance copywriter is a person who writes for commercial use. The copywriter can be working on a contract basis with a client or through an agency.

Either way, you have the freedom to work from home and earn an income. This is a perfect way to be your own boss while bringing in money.

Your content could be used on promotional material such as billboards, brochures, and catalogs. Websites and blogs also get content from freelance copywriters.

There are many copywriting jobs available to a freelance copywriter. Entrepreneurs and businesses all over the world hire copywriters all the time. This applies to publishing content on websites, marketing material, and advertisement posts.

There are several tactics a freelance copywriter can use to make money. These include:

Tip 1: Research Your Preferred Writing Style and Find Your Niche

A freelance copywriter has the freedom to learn and explore different styles of writing. This will give the copywriter skills across the board that allows him or her to write any kind of content.

Research involves online-based reading and information gathering. Learning different styles of writing entails practice on content formatting and how to make one’s articles stand out.

If you perfect one or two styles of writing, this doesn’t limit you. By specializing you can still take advantage of the many diverse ways you can make money.

There are various online platforms that offer training on copywriting styles and skills. All you need to do is take the initiative to self-train and practice. You can visit Copyblogger or Quicksprout to learn more skills.

A freelance copywriter can write different content across various spectra. This means you can earn money across the board.

Several ways to make money via copywriting include:

  • Blogging
  • Microsite content writing
  • Editing
  • Online shop catalog creation
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • SEO content writing

Companies that deal with any of the above will seek copywriters, so it will be good for you to learn those skills!

Tip 2: How to Search for Copywriting Jobs on the Web

With diverse skills, you can search for businesses that are about to:

Rebrand their public image

A company may be planning to change their entire look from the theme to the website content. You can come in to write content for the website or edit the existing details.

Launch a new product

When a business is introducing a new product into the market, there is a lot of content that goes into marketing and advertising. As a copywriter, you can draft information they will use to market the product.

Merge with another company

It is usually quite a big affair when companies merge. This is because a lot of data and statistics have to be published in brochures, websites, advertisements, and other marketing materials. Copywriters will be highly sought after for the content job, which means you will be up for grabs!

Businesses about to venture into any of the above are highly likely to need copywriters to create content and publish the same.

This clear direction and purpose will help a copywriter know what to look for and who to approach.

Once hired, you will be able to make money and add a reference to your portfolio.

Tip 3: Presentation of Your Content

Publishing high-quality content

It’s critical that published content is of the highest quality. A copywriter can confirm the quality of their work in several ways, such as:

Good quality work is sought after by companies and agencies. A freelance copywriter will have the advantage of getting hired, as this attribute earns money for you.

Marketing your work

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As a freelance copywriter, it is beneficial to market your work, as this is the only way to become better known. Marketing your content means you will be in a better position to make money since several companies and agencies can view your work and offer you a job.

First, you need to create your portfolio. This is a summary of what you do and the skills you have. A portfolio is a basic introduction to who you are and the kind of work you do. An online portfolio needs to be refined and up-to-date in order to highlight both your past and recent assignments.

Create a plan of action and set your rates. This helps guide you toward what you need to pursue, as well as your target market. The rates you post show transparency. As a result, a client is able to have a clear picture of what it will entail to hire you. In addition, develop a freelance contract and have it included in your data.

Create writing samples and post them for reference. Your work will speak for itself, and the company looking to hire you will be able to decide if your skills are relevant to their interests.

Samples go a long way in deciding the kind of job a copywriter can get as well as the income.

Another way to market your work and make money is through attending networking events. This allows one to interact with different people from various industries. A copywriter creates awareness of their work and gets to learn what businesses need.

Putting yourself and your work out there will only mean that companies and other businesses are able to offer jobs to you. This is a good way of making money and building your resume as well.

Tip 4: Expanding Copywriting Work

As a freelance copywriter, you can expand your work and writing skills to generate more money.

Taking up projects and building a team

A copywriter can sign up for several writing assignments and hire other writers to work on them. This generates extra income for the copywriter since the team under his or her management gets to work on commercial content.

The freelance copywriter earns money from his or her content while getting an extra commission on the team’s work.

Publishing a variety of content that has been written by several people means more work is visible out there. Agencies are able to see more types of writing from a copywriter, and this brings more opportunity.


Making money as a freelance copywriter through training entails holding seminars and sessions. This means a copywriter invites other writers for training and they sign up at a small fee to learn a few things. The training can also involve a panel of businesses where other copywriters can pitch and market their work.

A freelance copywriter has to make sure they have enough material and course work for the training. This will reflect on the number of people who show up for the training, hence reflecting on income earned.

Get Started in Your Freelance Career Today

There are many ways in which one can be creative and find extra ways to make money. As a copywriter, the world is your oyster. Make the most of it by getting the best training available.

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