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Your product page is your single most important sales page. Make it sell!

Step 1: Search Amazon for your product or category. Eg: “kids bed linen”

Step 2: You’re now looking at the top-performing products.

Step 3: Read the product titles.

Desired Skills Traits
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    • How many words in each title?
    • Do they start with brand names?
  • Do they include conjunctions such as “with”, “includes” etc? (e.g. tent *with* carry bag)

Step 4: Edit the product title of your best-selling product

  • Is the title too short? It needs to be more than two or three words.
  • Do you start with the brand name?
  • Do you include additional features and use ‘joining’ words?

Step 5: Join Small Revolution to learn how to write product titles like pro-Amazon sellers

Step 6: Rewrite your top-selling product titles and re-publish. Be careful not to change your URL.

Want to learn all the steps? Learn how to write product titles like pro-Amazon sellers

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