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Oh, no! Not that horrible sneaky feeling of aggravation and distress again.

You know when it occurs?

People typically get frustrated when they’re unable to achieve their goals or make a change they long for.

Now you’ll say it happens to almost everyone every single day, right?

Well, you may be right, but that’s not what should bother you. Instead, think about how to find your way out of that unpleasant situation.

Here are several effective ways for you to get back on track in no time when you find yourself frustrated.

1 – Sort Out Your Past Problems

Life has not given us all the same cards to play. No one says it’s fair.

Some people have gone through deeply traumatic incidents in their childhood, which they’ve kept burying deep inside themselves.

Still, experiencing hard times in the past should not be an excuse for you to spend the rest of your life beating yourself up over that.

Almost everyone has some painful experience or unresolved issues from the past. And we all need to cope with those past ghosts inside us to break free and let go of the frustration they have caused.

For start, it’s enough to simply acknowledge your past pain so that you can better understand your present emotions and reactions.

Recognizing the reasons for your frustration only can be surprisingly liberating. Combined with some self-improvement work, it’ll enable you to let go of the nightmarish feeling.

Here are a few tips that will help you figure out how to let go of the past and embrace your future:

2 – Express Gratitude for What You Already Have in Life

It’s human nature to always strive for more and better, but it’s not wise to let that struggle totally occupy our mind forever.

Instead of lamenting on what you’ve been longing for but don’t have, take a few moments to notice what you do have in your life.

We’re all bound to find at least a single thing to appreciate, right?

Do you appreciate what you have around you?

Learn how to express gratitude.

Then, practice gratitude on a daily basis until it becomes your habit. Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to cultivate gratitude.

Soon, when you feel numerous scientifically proven benefits of gratitude, you’ll realize it’s healthier to shift your focus on all the good you already have than to waste energy on constant mourning.

benefits of gratitude

So, listen to expert advice and start counting your blessings instead of burdens.

3 – Confront Your Fears

The feeling of frustration that holds you back in life is likely to spring from fear. It may have started small at first but kept building up into a real monster over time.

Understand that you cannot get rid of frustration unless you face your fears and start fighting them hard. Step by step. Tenaciously. Do what scares you.

You’ll feel free of frustration once you get to grips with your fears and beat them, may they be:

  • huge or small
  • well-founded or irrational
  • fear of the unknown
  • failure
  • rejection
  • pain
  • being judged or
  • of whatever kind of fear is debilitating you

Whatever your fear is, be aware that you are NOT alone. Everyone is afraid of something.

Still, if you want, you CAN overcome the fears that prevent you from reaching your true potential. Here are a few quick tips on how to do it:

4 – Let All Your Failures Teach You Valuable Life Lessons

Experiencing failure after failure usually leads to frustration, doesn’t it? It’s completely understandable.

However, if you choose to change your perspective and view every failure as a valuable lesson, you’ll be able to develop instead of getting stuck and frustrated.

And this is just one of many effective strategies for dealing with failure successfully. Check out some more and learn how to take control of your life and feelings.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to see an obstacle or a learning opportunity in the same situation.

Still, you can considerably benefit from turning your failures into lessons and using them as motivation for future wins.

5 – Learn How to Get Unstuck

The feeling of being stuck in a rut is sometimes tricky to spot at first.

Wondering why?

Because you may sink into your familiar daily routine without even realizing how dull it is and how it dries you up. That’s where your frustration may come from.

We’ve all been there once.

So, to prevent it from draining you, you can fight it by taking a closer look at your day-to-day reality and including a meaningful novelty into it.

That will help you get unstuck and move forward instead of getting increasingly frustrated. (Follow the link to learn 10 powerful strategies to break free when feeling stuck.)

6 – Regain Control of Your Life

If you start losing control over your life and feeling powerless, you’re very likely to end up being extremely frustrated. Don’t you think so?

The truth is that you cannot control everything. And you shouldn’t tend to do so. For example, you can’t control the weather or other people’s emotions and opinions.

Here are some other things you cannot control in your life:

On the other hand, there are certain aspects of your life you CAN and SHOULD control, such as:

That’s what you should focus on.

Here’s another video that will help you realize how much of your life is actually under your control:

The point is – you are not powerless!

The sooner you regain the power, the better. Just choose your battles carefully.

Some advise that you’ll be able to take control of your life when you choose to have an internal locus of control. Here’s what this is about:

So, start taking responsibility and shaping your reality the way you want it.

7 – Stop Adding Fuel to the Fire

Unnecessary frustration can also be caused by constantly comparing yourself to others.

Some time ago, it would perhaps be your friend or a neighbour. But in today’s hectic world, omnipresent social media and virtual dimension we’re exposed to keep adding fuel to the fire.

So, you may now compare yourself to strangers and celebrities because you can take a peek in their lives at any time.

It’s critical for you to understand that what you see there is a kind of a filtered reality if it can be called a reality at all.

Therefore, taking a break from the virtual world and social networks can do a lot of good for you. You’ll be able to avoid getting competitive and frustrated by irrelevant things such as likes or dislikes you get.

We’re not saying you should disappear from the Internet. Just don’t reach for your phone to check notifications every couple minutes and you’ll see how much better you’ll feel.

Studies proved that happier people check their social media less often. So, choose to have a real purposeful life over getting a like.

Stop comparing yourself to other people whoever they may be!

8 – Start Living in the Present

We all feel more or less pressure on creating the perfect life in the future, don’t we?

And it’s OK to have future plans up to a point.

The problem arises when we become deeply preoccupied with what the future holds for us. That’s when we get frustrated because the feeling of uncertainty becomes overwhelming.

It’s a similar route to getting stuck as sticking to unresolved past issues. Remember?

Today is what you have and what you can control. The present moment. So, grab it and seize the day!

Concentrate more on the here and now. See how you can improve your life in the present day and don’t stress too much about unforeseeable circumstances in life.

And what’s coming tomorrow, next month or next year?

Well, take a deep breath and focus on doing your best NOW. After that, ‘que sera, sera’.

Remember what you’ve just learned about taking control?

Start applying that knowledge.

Get Rid of Frustration for Good

It’s fine to feel frustrated from time to time.

Everyone can be crippled by frustration but you can fight back and win only when you determine its original source.

So, where does your frustration come from?

The reasons behind feeling frustrated can be quite complex, but once you discover them, you’ll be able to get right back on track with the techniques you’ve just learned.

Pull yourself together and pluck up enough courage to face your frustrations because you won’t be able to live your life to the fullest unless you leave your comfort zone.

The sooner, the better!

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