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As a virtual assistant, you will be given various tasks to carry out.

Your virtual assistant services will mainly depend on the services you are offering and your client’s business nature.

Isn’t it a great idea for you to taste the waters? And have an on-job feel?

We’ll provide you with 3 different examples to help you get an idea of what to expect.

These tasks are not unusual. They cover the main areas of research, data entry, collation, and attention to detail.


Example Virtual Assistant Tasks

Please read all the instructions carefully!

Click on the link below to get to the Google Sheet with all the tasks.


  • Click the yellow button above to access the Google sheets
  • Enter the required information for each task in the relevant tab
  • If you’re not comfortable with a task then just leave it
  • Email the spreadsheet to when you’ve finished

Task 1 – Online Research

Do internet research and add the missing details in the excel sheet:

  • Add store name, the store owner’s name, and their email address on the spreadsheet.
  • Search and add 20 more e-commerce stores to the list including all the details as for the others above.

Task 2 – Sort Data in Spreadsheets

  • Sort the spreadsheet data in alphabetical order by store name
  • Highlight the cell of any jewellery stores in yellow
  • Google ‘how to sort data in Google docs’ if you’re not sure how to do this

Task 3- Proofreading and Images

Have a look at the paragraph below:

“The Shelta LED umbrellas is ideal for use in the evenings or at night. It is designed with low voltage LED lights that gave the umbrella a gloowing look in the night.So, if you are hosting an evenings party or a campout you will find the shelta LED umbrella useful.You can keepp your fun-filled summer the parties going into the latte evening. Just like the traditionall table umbrella, the solar LED umbrella has a pole that goes through the middle of the table.And it can tilt at angles just like the tilting umbrella.”

  • Add a sheet to the Spreadsheet you’ve been working on
  • Rename it “Umbrella”
  • Find the mistakes in the above paragraph
  • Write them down on the tab sheet you’ve created
  • Go to this blog article and choose any image with an umbrella
  • Upload the image to the “Umbrella” sheet
  • Then email the completed spreadsheet to us at
  • Sit back and relax then make a cup of coffee/tea in return for all your hard work

You are a very hardworking virtual assistant.

Don’t do any of the three tasks we’ve given you.

Now click here to find out why we’ve done this.

Why We Tricked You

Apologies for doing that to you. We hope that you’re not angry. Because we really want you to be a good virtual assistant.

Why Did We Set Those Tasks?

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply – Stephen R. Covey

And if you replied to that email, then you know exactly what we mean.

Is This Test Important? – Yes!

And here’s why:

  • It is far much better for you to make a mistake like this here with us than with a real client.
  • As a virtual assistant, it is important that you have the ability to locate information and see the bigger picture.
  • Clients are busy people. Don’t expect them to capitalise or highlight instructions. They will just write them and expect you to read and follow through each instruction.
  • AS a virtual assistant, you are essentially required to solve problems and pay attention to details.

Clients Will Trick You on Purpose

Chances are, a client will trick you. He may improvise a trick to cut out the not-so-keen applicants.

For instance, you may be given a one hour paid tester task. But the client may intentionally fail to provide all the information you need to complete the task.


The client wants you to take initiative, contact him and ask for the missing information. And the sooner you contact the client, the better.

Remember, good administrative skills are not unusual or hard to find. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd, such that someone can entrust you with their business, you need to have the skill to solve problems.

If You Didn’t Pass the Test

Then you only lost an hour of your time instead of a client and now you’re more prepared for when you do work with one.

Why You Got Caught Out

You’ve probably worked in offices for years. And chances are you’re used to taking instructions and immediately jumping into action.

When you’re used to being in “cruise mode”, it is easy to become blind to most of the things you do.

You know what you’re doing, what’s expected of you, what and who the work is for and you may not be giving it your full attention.

We all make mistakes.

But, at the workplace, you have a buffer at work and are protected by your job.

On the other hand, as a freelancer, any mistakes you make will reflect on your perceived competence, abilities and sense.

Mistakes can cost you – clients.

Once you receive instructions from a client, read them read all the way down to the bottom of the page before you begin!

How to Avoid Messing up a Task

  • Seek clarifications with the client on the parameter you’re not sure of
  • Still not sure? Ask them again
  • STILL not sure, give them a phone call

Don’t be embarrassed to do this. It is worse to mess up the task at hand.

If You Passed the Test

Congratulations. You’ve done well for spotting the trick.

But, take the lesson from this exercise. You’re not immune from making this mistake in the future.

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