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Over 100+ pages packed with real store examples and easy techniques.
Ideal for anyone with a standard digital camera who can point and shoot!

Why buy the DIY Photo Studio workbook?

Did you know that your DIY product photos can help you sell more in your store?

Even if you have one-of-a-kind products, without professional-looking photos it can be difficult to convince customers to purchase just by glancing at a few photos in your store. The way to a customer's heart (and wallets) is through an appealing visual presentation of your products. Show your product in such a way that customers will be delighted and encouraged to buy.

While it is easy and simple enough to suggest that you "go ahead and hire a professional photographer", we know how much time and money you can save by taking your own photos.. And when you do the math, one professionally shot product photo can cost more than this workbook.

Instead we encourage you to invest a little money and some time to learn how to setup a home photo studio and take good shots of your product photos. This workbook will step you through exactly how to achieve this.

You will not only get basic photo shoot setup and tips, but we have also included extra information for those of you who would like to take your product photography to the next level to get more customers online.

Here's a glimpse of what you will learn from this eBook:

  • How creating good quality product photos can help you acquire customers and sell more products.
  • The best photo formats to use for your eCommerce store to help you sell more.
  • How to create a photography studio in your home.
  • Types of simple lighting you can use for your product photography shoots.
  • DIY camera setup and shooting methods you can use for your product photo shoots.
  • Photo processing, retouching, and our recommended freelancers who can help you do all of these.
  • How to properly name your photo files to help search engines find your photos (and your eCommerce store's product page).
  • Awesome product photography examples that you can get inspiration from.

We hope that you will take the next step and get started with your own product photography at home.

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Full Chapter Guide

Step-by-step instructions with example photography.
  • Welcome 2
  • Terms of Use 4
  • How Do Photos Help Sell Your Product Online? 6
  • Good vs. Bad Product Photos 8
  • Provide Multiple Photos per Product 10
  • Best Photo Formats to Help You Sell More 11
  • Create A Photography Studio In Your Home 20
  • Building a General Purpose Studio Background 22
  • Building a Studio Background for Photographing Clothes 26
  • Lighting 29
  • Natural Lighting 29
  • Artificial Lighting 29
  • Flash Lighting 30
  • Camera Setup & Shooting Methods 31
  • ISO Setting 31
  • White Balance 31
  • Keeping it Sharp 33
  • Picking Your Spots 33
  • Good and Bad Practice Samples 34
  • Provide Multiple Detailed Photos to Sell More 40
  • Photo Processing & Retouching 43
  • Should You Retouch Your Product Photos 44
  • Find a Retouch & Clipping Path Expert on oDesk 45
  • Get the Best Results From Your oDesk Search 47
  • Create a Good Job Posting to Find the Best Applicants 49
  • Choosing Between a Freelancer vs Agency 50
  • Freelance Retouching Expert Checklist 51
  • Preferred List of Freelance Retouchers on Odesk 54
  • Retouching Service Provider Checklist 58
  • Preferred List of Retouching Businesses 60
  • Should you Watermark Your Products Photos? 69
  • Naming Your Photo Files Correctly for Best Search Engine Results 72
  • Exactly How to Name an Image 73
  • Exceptional Product Photography to Inspire You 83
  • A Final Note 103

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