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Success isn’t about money; it’s about freedom.

Whether you’re a university student or an employee down on your luck, your goal is to gain enough experience to have financial freedom. 

And with the right combination of skills, you can make a lucrative income.

Some of the incomes you can make are shown in the table below:

JobAverage Annual Salary ($)
Copywriter I (0-2 years experience)52,815
Copywriter II (2-4 years experience)67,828
Freelance Content Writer54,144

If you’re serious about earning this kind of income, develop your skills using Udemy. 

Why choose Udemy?

  • Udemy courses are flexible, allowing you to learn at your own pace. 
  • Aspiring students can preview some introductory videos before making payments. 
  • Students post reviews and ratings, which increases credibility and transparency.
  • If you’re unhappy with the course, you can get a refund.

These courses will also give you insight into the quality of material and instructors on this platform. Let’s start with the foundation courses.

General Writing Courses for Beginners

Course 1: Complete Creative Writing – All Genres – The Full Course

Source: Udemy

Complete Creative Writing introduces you to writing poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and screenplays. 

Each topic has an assignment you complete during the module that helps you explore that genre and see if it matches your goals. 

The course outline includes:

  • Fiction
    • Creating a plot
    • Developing characters
    • Creating descriptions and outlines
    • Drafting the story
  • Poetry
    • Abstract poetry
    • Narrative poetry
    • Satirical poetry
    • How to write an ode
  • Drama
    • How to think visually
    • How to write a captivating dialogue
    • How to write a moving monologue
  • Creative Nonfiction
    • Writing a vignette
    • Using sensory language
    • Personal storytelling

The instructor is Trace Crawford, a member of the dramatist guild.  

About the Instructor

Trace Crawford is an author, playwright, and educator with 24 years of experience. His screenplay, Dead (Re)Tired, has been honored in 25 film festivals in and out of the U.S. 

Furthermore, high school educators use his book, Absolutely Everything** You Need to Know About Teaching and Performing Improv, to teach their students, calling it practical and insightful.

Crawford similarly enjoys great reviews from his own students taking his course. 

Student Reviews

4.4 star rating with over 16,000 students enrolled to date.

There is a lot I can implement in my work as a content writer. Writing is all about being creative, right?

Glennie S. Udemy Student

Course 2: Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion

Source: Udemy

Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion helps you understand the basics of communication across all forms of writing.

In the introductory video, the instructor links the document’s length to the time allocated in each stage of its production. For example, the instructor teaches that if you have 5 days to create a document, you must allocate 2 days to edit it.

In other words, when time is limited, his breakdown will guide you on what points to focus on to communicate effectively with your reader.

These tips will help you write clear and concise articles, documents, emails, reports and even business proposals.

The course outline includes:

  • Analyzing your purpose and audience
  • Writing a purpose statement
  • Developing a draft
  • Editing for clarity, coherence, economy and readability

It’s taught by Starweaver Team, an education platform led by Paul Siegel that provides on-demand immersive education.

About the Instructor

Paul Siegel is an entrepreneur who is passionate about learning and has been working with e-learning platforms since 2002. He has since built his aforementioned business, Starweaver, to provide online education solutions for organizations and universities.

Similar to Trace Crawford, Siegel enjoys high student ratings.

Student Reviews

4.5 star rating with over 27,000 students enrolled to date.

The lectures in this class are very informative yet concise. I learned information I hadn’t seen in other technical writing classes.

Dave S. Udemy student

Copywriting Courses for All Levels

Course 3: Copywriting – Become a Freelance Copywriter, Your Own Boss

Source: Udemy

Copywriting – Become a Freelance Copywriter, Your Own Boss’ instructional videos will help you evolve your business mindset, turning copywriting into a sustainable source of income.

The course outline includes:

  • How to build a portfolio
  • Developing work rates — how much should you charge for your services
  • Types of copywriting projects — for example, white papers
  • Tips to boost your copywriting income

The course is taught by Len Smith and Sean Kaye, both experienced writers in different niches. 

About the Instructors

Len Smith has over 40 years of experience in marketing and 20 years of experience in copywriting. He also provides his own copywriting services via his website.

Sean Kaye has 20 years of experience in technological services, designing various eCommerce platforms.

Their shared course enjoys decent student feedback.

Student Reviews

4.4 star rating with over 31,800 students enrolled to date.

A great start for beginners. (It) provides (intermediate copywriters) more ideas on how to reach out to clients.

Karam I. Udemy student

Course 4: The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro

Source: Udemy

In The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro, learn the fundamentals of copywriting and business building tips from Tamsin Henderson, an experienced and practicing copywriter.

No prior writing experience is required to benefit from this class. The content is concise, insightful, and comprehensive, providing value to every student.

The course outline includes how to write:

  • Irresistible call to actions
  • Eye-catching headlines
  • Press releases
  • Pase studies
  • Emails that convert and lead to action

Henderson works with Percival to create a course that’s both successful and helpful to its 16,000 students.

About the Instructors

As said, Tamsin Henderson and Rob Percival have amassed decades of experience in copywriting and website building. Tamsin has run a successful copywriting business for six years, while Rob has a Mathematics degree from Cambridge and builds websites both as a business and for pleasure.

They’re both well-reviewed for their individual writing and development services, and enjoy good feedback on their course. 

Student Reviews

4.6 star rating with over 16,000 students enrolled to date.

Can’t compare to anything else. Everything’s explained simply and comprehensively, with excellent examples.

Patrick M. Udemy student

Specialized Courses for Experienced Writers

Course 5: Freelance Copywriting: How to Succeed as an Elite Copywriter

Source: Udemy

If you have experience writing quality articles but are struggling to get higher-paying clients, Clare Lynch has the solution in Freelance Copywriting: How to Succeed as an Elite Copywriter, and will help you take your writing business to the next level — the course assumes that you already know the basics of copywriting.

The course outline includes:

  • How to calculate your rate
  • How to find your niche
  • How and where to find high paying jobs 
  • Freelance templates to present you as a professional copywriter

Clare Lynch is an active blogger and owner of several popular websites, such as Good Copy, Bad Copy. 

About the Instructor

Clare Lynch has a Doctorate in English literature and teaches writing at the University of Cambridge, as well as over 20 years of experience as a high-income copywriter. Her client list includes Microsoft, The Financial Times, and Sainsbury’s. 

Similar to our other courses, Lynch enjoys favourable student reviews.

Student Reviews

4.8 star rating with over 1,600 students enrolled to date.

Good, worth the money. It laid out a foundation for how to make your business appear more professional.

Sebastian H. Udemy student

Course 6: How to Find and Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide

How to Find and Correct Writing Errors - Proofreading course screenshot
Source: Udemy

The writing process is incomplete without proofreading. From resumes to business reports, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors give readers the impression that the author is inattentive to detail. 

Fortunately, Dr. Duncan Koerber provides helpful tips in How to Find and Correct Writing Errors: The Proofreading Guide. This course will help you identify writing problems quickly, ensuring you submit clean, error-free material.

The course outline includes:

  • Developing good proofreading habits
  • Tips to adequately proofread words and punctuation
  • How to effectively proofread format, design and graphics

About the Instructor

Dr. Duncan Koerber is an accomplished author and professor at Brock University. He has taught writing and communications for 12 years and published various academic papers and a textbook titled, Clear, Precise, Direct: Strategies for Writing

He enjoys favorable reviews from his many students. 

Student Reviews

4.2 star rating with over 4,000 students enrolled to date.

I love Dr. Koerber’s brevity. He cuts right to the point, equipping the student with key proofreading tools!

Earl Roger S. Udemy student

There’s a Course for Everyone at Any Level

As you begin your journey to financial freedom, Udemy will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Enroll today.

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