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The business world is gradually shifting to remote teams as an optimization strategy.

That’s why organizations frequently hire data entry workers for their data management and administrative needs. As a home data entry worker, you need to impress your employer to get consistent jobs.

Here’s the interesting part.

A company called CTrip conducted a work from home experiment comprising 16,000 participants. The workforce recorded a 13% increase in productivity. This experiment clearly shows the potential of remote gigs like full-time home data entry jobs.

But despite this success, workers are vulnerable to distractions like pets, kids, and other home comforts while doing jobs from home.

As you take up home data entry jobs, it’s necessary to keep out distractions and create a productive work environment. In return, you’ll enjoy consistent home data entry jobs and a fruitful career.

Additionally, customers will reward you with 5-star online reviews, repeat jobs, pay hikes, money for a dream holiday, and an enjoyable work experience all around.

How Can You Improve Your Performance of Data Entry Work?

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To achieve the desired workload per hour, speed, and Turn-Around-Time (TAT), you’ll need to put in time and resources to improve your craft. The outcome of meticulous planning and investment is successful in-home data entry jobs and financial independence. 

Also, equipped with the right preparation, if you’re only working a part-time gig, you can turn it into a full-time work-at-home job.

Some of the tips you should apply to improve your performance include:

1. Improve Your Data Entry Skills

All jobs require a certain level of competence, which is only achievable through training and practice. 

To perfect your data entry skills, below are some of the aspects you can work on.

Typing Skills

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Your typing skills determine your pay for data entry jobs paid per hour. The faster your typing speed, the more money you’ll make. And the more work you’ll get done. That’s the reason some employers prefer data entry workers with a typing speed of 30-40 words per minute.

It’s therefore prudent to invest time into perfecting your typing skills.

Below are some of the hacks you can utilize to improve your typing skills:

  •  Acquire a comfortable or sizeable keyboard
  •  Practice regularly with online typing software
  •  Always place your fingers on a central row while typing
  •  Take regular breaks

To get you started, settle on a few lines of words and practice until you perfect them. At the onset, focus on accuracy, correct spacing, finger positioning, and punctuation.

After obtaining an initial degree of confidence, aim to improve your speed so you can type more words per hour.

Enroll in a Complementary Course

A successful data entry professional applies both hard and soft skills in their work. Such courses will equip you with knowledge, customer service skills, communication, and the ability to thrive in your home data entry jobs.

Some of the courses to try out include basic English language training, virtual assistance, customer service, and online work tools, among others. 

The knowledge you’ll acquire in courses like these will give you an upper hand in managing clients and improving your work skills.

Pick Up a Few Computer Data Entry Hacks

A computer has a wealth of shortcuts and software you can utilize to make data entry jobs easier. 

For instance, while proofreading, you can utilize text to speech software for improved error detection. Additionally, tools like snippets and clipboard help home data entry workers to copy and paste easily.

For example, a clipboard tool allows users to copy multiple text strings, minimizing the time wasted on replicating information.

2. Set Up a Professional Home Office

Office home station
Source: Pixabay by ErikaWittlieb

If you work on data entry jobs on a full-time basis, a professional office set-up is crucial. The office should comprise suitable furniture, a productive environment, and other tools that support home data entry work.

Let’s review some basic components of a professional home office.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Most of your work will require an internet connection, virtual communication, and electronic exchange of bulk files. Your laptop or desktop should therefore have good speed, the right image resolution, and must support video conferencing.

Before settling on a machine, look at the system properties and preferably request a demo.

It’s also important to secure power cords safely to reduce the chance of accidents. You could also opt for cordless devices to eliminate the need for cord management.

Good Lighting Is Key

Good lighting is a strong success factor in the performance of full-time data entry jobs. Poor lighting results in eye strain which is associated with headaches and lost productivity over time.

To solve this problem, use clear windows for natural light or paint your room bright colors that reflect light back into the room. Additionally, install a desk lamp to improve brightness during cloudy days, early mornings, or at night.

Buy Ergonomic Office Furniture

Your desk and chair’s quality improves your comfort and consequential success in data entry jobs. Invest in an ergonomic desk with the right height, legroom, ample tabletop, and comfortable material. The recommended chair has a swivel base, correct seat depth, lumbar support, and adjustable height.

A comfortable table and chair improves your endurance levels, reduces the need for breaks, and ultimately improves productivity.

3. Plan Your Day Well

Your performance in data entry is directly proportional to how effectively you manage your day or time. Poor planning or lack of a set timetable results in delayed orders, poor customer service, and reduced productivity.

Below are ideas to optimize your performance in full-time data entry jobs.

Create a Task List

You already have more than enough jobs for the week. How can you deliver on time as part of your excellent customer service promise?

Here’s what you do.

Create a daily work target to-do list and frequently monitor your progress. This technique will help you complete jobs for data entry much faster.

Fixed Working Hours

Unlike the normal 9 to 5 full-time jobs, the success of working from home entirely relies on your decisions. The freedom may tempt you to start late, take unnecessary breaks, or abscond from work altogether. It would therefore help if you implemented strict working hours to improve discipline and productivity.

Take Breaks

When working on an urgent data-entry job, it’s tempting to forego breaks. The absence of colleagues also leaves no room for break cues. 

Failure to take breaks results in burn-outs, which is bad for your health and sustained performance.

Some of the activities to do between jobs include walking your dog, stretching, making lunch, or tending your home garden. Short breaks improve your focus, help you recharge, and clear your mind for better performance.

4. Eliminate Distractions

When working full time from home, there are plenty of factors that easily tarnish your concentration. You can get distracted by your kid, your dog, an upcoming football match, devices, or a meal in the fridge. 

However, acknowledging these distractors is the first step towards keeping them at bay.

Below are ideas to help you manage distractions as you work at home either full time or part time.

Manage Mobile Devices

Friends, business acquaintances, and other clients can still contact you in the middle of a project. An e-mail notification or a text message can affect your attention to detail.

It’s therefore advisable to keep your mobile devices away, only to check them during breaks. 

Utilize Timers

Discipline is a key factor in improving your performance in data entry jobs. Without restrictions, it’s easy to constantly check social media accounts or browse video channels in the middle of work.

To mitigate distractions, devise periods that you must observe before taking a break or moving away from your desk. This strategy trains your mind through endurance to achieve the desired goals.

Collaborate With Your Family

Family members and pets can inspire us to work harder. On the other hand, they can also be a source of distraction. Enlist their help in creating a conducive environment while you work.

Use breaks to give them attention or to attend to their needs. Or take your kids to a daycare center to improve your productivity.

Dress Up for Work

Remote workers often find it appealing to stay in their pajamas or other lounging clothes all day. Such casual attire creates a level of comfort that is likely to affect your concentration.

It’s advisable to take a shower and dress up for work. The result is improved focus and mental alertness.

We’ll Help You Improve Your Performance

Data entry professionals have a low entry barrier, making it easy for professionals who fail to improve to fall through the cracks.

However, you can easily avoid failure by taking a course to improve your knowledge, skills, and ability to handle clients.

Small Revolution is the perfect partner to work with on your journey of self-improvement. With a variety of courses to choose from, your data-entry skills will surely improve. 

Enroll today for a chance to grow your career. 

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