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How to Write FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions in your article are powerful if done correctly. They are the questions that people have when searching for an answer on Google.

Google answers these queries in a People Also Ask section. Here is a screenshot showing what this section looks like in the search results page.

Google search results

Google is always trying to guess what the questions might be. However, it always provides a snippet of text from an article in the answer area.

So, if we write questions and answers into our articles, there is a chance that our answer will be shown in Google’s People Also Ask section.

Here is a screenshot that shows what this type of content looks like inside an article.

The Frequently Asked Questions section usually appears at the bottom or in the last sections of your article. However, I personally don’t think it matters where the section appears as long as it shows up somewhere.

How Many Questions Should You Include?

Include 3 to 5 questions with answers.

Avoid having more than 8 questions unless you are writing an entire article that is literally just questions and answers.

How Can You Get Ideas for Your Questions?

However, for Frequently Asked Questions to be effective, you need to actually be writing frequently asked questions.

How do you find out what people on the internet are asking?

1: Ask Google

The first and best method to get some questions for your article is to simply search for the topic in Google and see what shows.

Google search result

Google auto-generates all/most of its questions so it’s okay to copy them directly into your article.

However, do NOT copy the answers from Google. The answers are written by competitors and if you copy, then this is plagiarism from a competitor.

To get more suggestions from Google simply click on the dropdown on a question. More questions will then be shown.

2: Get Suggestions From SurferSEO

Some Surfer documents will include “Topics & Questions” in the “Brief” section of Surfer.

Click on the “Brief” button on your Surfer extension to see a list of Topics and Questions.

topics and questions

These should always be used in your frequently asked questions section.

Sometimes, Surfer won’t have suggestions.

3: Answer The Public

AnswerThePublic is a handy website that lets you search keywords and their associated questions. This below video shows how to use it:

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