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Article Titles & Promises

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Every article title offers a promise to the readers.

That’s how you create a catchy title; by promising something.

For example, here’s an article title: How to Run a Mile in 4 Minutes

The promise being made to the reader is that after reading this article you’ll know how to run a mile.

Yes, that’s one thing!

But, the BIG promise is that you’ll know how to do it in 4 minutes! That’s the catch!

Each article title has a promise for the reader. We’ve hooked them in with a catchy title, and the ‘catch’ is the promise. Will you deliver on the promise? Truly deliver? Do you know how to read the title so you can dissect the themes and promises? Will you forget the promise?

Watch this screencast:

Excellent Writing Sometimes Hides Problems

In the below screencast, you’ll see a trial article by Ginger. She’s an excellent writer.

Ginger has clearly taken a great deal of care with her article. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence flow; it’s all there. Beautifully presented, high quality work that will always be noticed by employers.

The problem is that excellent writing can sometimes hide the fact that the brief hasn’t been met.

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