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Article Quality Checklist

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If you are using our training to apply for a writing position at CopySmiths, please ensure that your article matches the below checklist, before you submit your application.

1 – Does your article truly and deeply keep the promise made in the article title?

2 – Did you stick to the topic, from the very beginning and right through to the very end of the article? And in each individual section? And overall? The article should be on-topic overall and within each section, without wandering off into barely related ideas.

3 – Does your article have a compelling introduction or is it cliched and full of tropes? Is your introduction negative and dull, or does it give your reader something to look forward to?

4 – Do you have paragraphs that reiterate, explain, and have authority for each sub-heading?

5 – Does your article go into sufficient depth and detail with descriptive words and include your own judgements, opinions, experience and original ideas? Or is it a surface-level piece of little value, churned out without any consideration or thought?

6 – Does your article include a subtle call to action in the concluding section, without being overly sales-y or sensational?

7 – Have you proofread your article? No spelling errors. No typos. This includes client and product names. Attention to detail is paramount. (If you worked as a chef, would you send a plate of food to a customer without the plate? Never share your writing without proofreading first. It’s that important!)

9 – Does your article use correct capitalisation and sequencing of sub-headings that are also interesting and useful to the reader?

10 – Is your article scannable and formatted correctly, without extra spaces between words, line breaks or white space gaps?

11 – Have you used layout devices such as bold highlights, testimonials in italic, tables, sequential and unordered lists, images, illustrations, diagrams, videos, tweets etc. to break up the slabs of text?

12 – Is your article full of creative ideas, interesting thoughts and is it readable, valuable and helpful? If not, work on it until it’s the best that it can be.

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