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Do you ever dream of working from anywhere in the world?

Well, venturing into copywriting is the way to go.

However, the big question that troubles most people who have decided to leap into copywriting is, “How do I land my first copywriting job?”

Unfortunately, there is no specific way of doing it. What might prove useful for one copywriter might be impossible for another.

Luckily, there are a few reliable ways that can prove helpful in landing copywriting jobs.

Check it out!

1. Network with Other Copywriters

One of the simplest ways to land copywriting jobs is by networking with other copywriters.

Networking involves interacting with others either online or offline to share and exchange information and develop professional contacts.

Keep in mind that all freelancers are in this together and it is not about competition.

So, how do you network with other copywriters? This is a question that might be causing mayhem in your mind.

Consider starting a blog, commenting on other writer’s blogs, guest posting, featuring brands and bloggers in your post and following networking prospects on social media.

As a writer, how does networking prove effective?


  • You get access to job opportunities by being referred to clients.
  • You learn more from experienced copywriters through advice.
  • You develop long-lasting personal relationships.


  • It may be challenging to find trustworthy copywriters who won’t lead you astray.
  • There is a lack of independence.

By taking advantage of networking, you can rest assured you will land copywriting gigs.

2. Follow Tweets on Job Boards

Are you aware that social media can be a goldmine for landing copywriting jobs?

Twitter is one of the great platforms to land copywriting jobs. Other than this, it is also one of the social media platforms that can help you build standing relationships with your potential clients.

The beauty of following tweets on job boards is that you will be among the first copywriters to view the jobs immediately when they are posted.

For instance, below is a tweet posted recently on one of the job boards.

write jobs retweeted

Some of the job boards you can follow are:


Here are a few compelling reasons why you need to follow tweets on job boards:


  • Updates on jobs when available
  • Cultivation of standing relationships with your clients
  • Access to better paying copywriting jobs


  • You will be required to bid for the job because there are hundreds of copywriters out there that are interested in the same job.

3. Ask Around For New Job Opportunities

This is probably a no-brainer, but you will never know about new opportunities until you take the initiative to inquire.

Before you venture into copywriting, let your friends, coworkers and family know about your new career path.

Informing these people of your interests can help you secure your first copywriting job. This is because friends and relatives may link you up with a client or may need help editing their resume or writing a post about their business.

Do not limit yourself only to friends, relatives and coworkers. Reach out to other freelance writers, and you are sure to increase your chances of landing your first gig.

Here are some of the merits of reaching out:


  • It is an easy and straightforward process.
  • This provides you with the opportunity to land more copywriting jobs.
  • You gain more trust from the client when you are recommended to them.

4. Consider Cold Pitching or Finding Clients

Did you know most copywriters are not aware cold pitching is one of the best ways to land recurring jobs?

As a newbie in copywriting, you will have a higher chance of landing jobs if you contact clients directly.

This sounds scary and impossible, doesn’t it? Especially if you are new to copywriting. But, you know what? This should not scare you at all because the process is as simple as ABC.

How do you cold pitch?

First and foremost, you need to find a business or a client to cold pitch to. For instance, you might notice a business does not have a blog, and maybe it is mandatory for them to have one.

Or, you might come across a post on social media of a business trying to grow its online presence, and you think you can help them achieve that.

Secondly, you need to draft a cold pitch and present it to the client. However, in your pitch, it is essential to include:

  • How you found the client or the business
  • How you can be of help
  • Who you are

Finally, you need to follow up. As a copywriter, showing determination is another crucial element when cold pitching a potential client.

Here are some of the reasons why it is wise to get out of your comfort zone and find clients.


  • There is minimal competition. You will have a better chance to land a gig.
  • It is a direct method to reach your client.
  • Cold pitching nurtures your network.
  • It demonstrates personalization.


  • It can be disappointing when you don’t get any responses.

Take your chances on cold pitching, and you are sure to land copywriting jobs.

5. Practice Copywriting Every Day

As a copywriter, you probably want to be the best. 

Do you want to retain your client and have a constant flow of copywriting jobs?

If the answer is yes, then you must practice copywriting every day.

Copywriting is not about writing alone. Read other writers’ posts, enroll in copywriting courses, write compelling and captivating posts for your blog and finally make a habit of reading your work aloud to ensure it relays the intended message.


  • Practicing copywriting will help you retain your clients, as you will be producing quality work, thus landing you more copywriting jobs.
  • Regular practice also helps you to develop a great professional working relationship with your clients.


  • It is challenging to stick on a daily routine.

6. Invest in the Best Copywriting Books and Courses

You might be contemplating how investing in the best copywriting books and courses can help you land copywriting gigs.

Hold your horses, and pay more attention!

Books are a rich source of information, and investing in the right one can make a whole difference in your career as a copywriter.

Find books written by successful copywriters, and you are sure to learn some tips and tricks on how to become a successful copywriter.

Apart from investing in copywriting books, you can also enroll yourself in copywriting courses. Try out these online courses, and you will benefit greatly.

No one should tell you otherwise about investing in the best copywriting books and courses because:


  • You will improve your writing skills, widening your scope, thus landing copywriting jobs.
  • Copywriting books and courses will keep you updated with the changes within the writing industry.


  • Investing in copywriting books and courses is expensive.

These six reliable tips will help you land copywriting jobs. Try them out, and you are sure to have an unending flow of copywriting work. 

And here’s our definitive copywriter salary guide to get you on the right track.

Are you now ready to venture into copywriting? Online courses provide the perfect introduction to the skills and assets to help you thrive as a freelance copywriter.

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