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There are so many copywriting courses available online. Most guarantee you mastery of the art and others promise to triple your income overnight. Some free, others paid—it’s easy for an aspiring copywriter to get confused about where to start.

Yet, not all courses are worthwhile. While some are a waste of time and money, others may be resourceful but not what you need for your career goals.

Before enrolling in a course, check if it will add value to your copywriting journey.

To help you get started, we’ve put together the top five online copywriting courses. You’ll find a relevant course, whether you’re a beginner on a tight budget or an expert looking to upskill.

Here’s a quick summary:

Course NameBest ForCourse Price
Small Revolution eCommerce Copywriting CourseBeginner copywriters who want to be masters in eCommerce copywriting$350 one-off payment for the bundled course
AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting CourseLearning direct response copywriting$495 one time payment
Masterclass Malcolm Gladwell’s Writing CourseMastering the art of storytelling$180 renewed yearly
Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Course One-on-one coaching$497 renewed yearly
Hubspot AcademyLearning basic guidelines of all forms of digital marketing, including copywritingFree

1: Small Revolution eCommerce Copywriting Course

Become an eCommerce Copywriter
Become an eCommerce Copywriter

One of the most lucrative fields for copywriters is eCommerce. With close to 24 million online stores, all competing for the fleeting attention of online shoppers, knowing how to create alluring copy will set you apart from the rest.

Our eCommerce copywriting course is a great starting point for beginners looking for a well-organized and extensive self-paced course.

The course instructor, Katrina McKinnon, has over 20 years of experience in managing online stores.

The bundled course includes five units, which you can also take individually, contains:

Introduction to eCommerce blogging

You’ll learn how to craft compelling headlines, content, and call-to-action (CTAs).

Writing eCommerce store web pages

Teaches how to write a welcoming ‘About Us’ page, a helpful FAQ page, and a convincing ‘Why Buy From Us’ page.

eCommerce blog content formats

Teaches how to write blog posts that connect with readers and drive traffic to your store.

Writing store product pages

Shows you how to create high-converting product pages using creative titles, descriptions, and CTAs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting

Teaches you how to create well-formatted and scannable content that ranks highly on search engines by using copywriting tools, such as SurferSEO, adding visuals, and writing with depth.

Duration: No time limits
Price: $350 for bundled course


  • Learn at your own pace—perfect if you prefer flexible courses with no deadlines
  • Useful teaching instruments—interactive videos, screenshots, evaluation tests, and links to resources
  • Value for money—If you don’t like the course, contact us within the first 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund


  • In some units, you’ll need to complete one lesson before moving to the next one. This may inconvenience learners who prefer skimming or jumping through sections.


Testimonial for Darja
Testimonials From Professional Copywriters

2: AWAI Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Course

AWAI has some of the best copywriting courses written by experienced copywriters

American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) Accelerated Program promises to help you join the ranks of highly paid and sought-after copywriters.

Some former students, such as Brian Clark of Copy Bloggers, have gone on to become successful copywriters.

The course is taught by world-class copywriting experts, Mark Ford (pen name Michael Masterson) and Paul Hollingshead. They both have tons of experience and have bagged billions from direct response copy.

The comprehensive online writing program contains:

  • A step-by-step process of how to launch your direct response sales copy career
  • Extra resources, such as webinars, reports, newsletters, and swipe files with sales letters
  • Peer review system where other writers critique your copy for free
  • Opportunities to earn and build your copywriting portfolio through access to DirectResponseJobs

Duration: No deadlines, although there’s a 90-day action plan to guide you
Price: $495


  • Learn from top-notch copywriters
  • Comprehensive material to take you from novice to expert
  • 365-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course
  • Flexible payment terms of five monthly installments each $99.40


  • The material may be overwhelmingly long if you need to cash in your investment quickly


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3: Masterclass Malcolm Gladwell’s Writing Course

best copywriting course for a freelance copywriter to learn storytelling techniques

A copywriter must know how to turn words into a captivating story—even when you’re talking about unexciting statistics.

Malcolm Gladwell, six times New York Times best-selling author and award-winning journalist, shows you how to do this in this MasterClass.

Even though the course isn’t explicitly for copywriters, it teaches you creative writing techniques such as:

  • How to use surprise, suspense, and jargon to grab the reader’s attention
  • How to research and find interesting and unique topics that interest your readers
  • Provoking your readers’ emotions with the right tone and voice

All this and more information is packed in:

  • 24 short and engaging video lessons
  • A 76-page downloadable workbook crammed with assignments, additional resources, and lecture recaps
  • An active community hub to engage with peers

Duration: Self-paced but you’ll need to renew access yearly
Price: $180 yearly


  • Master the art of creative storytelling from a renowned author and journalist
  • Full access to other masterclass courses where you can learn from other talented storytellers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the course content


  • There’s no one-on-one interaction with the instructor
  • The instructor also tends to stray from a point with stories and anecdotes. Some learners feel that they make the video lessons unnecessary long


Marita Teale twitter post

4: Neville Medhora’s Copywriting Course

The Copywriting Course is ideal for a copywriter who’s looking for one-on-one coaching.

The instructor, Neville Medhora, guides you and ensures that you find your own voice as a writer.

The bundled course contains several modules which you can take separately, including:

  • The flagship copywriting course with short, actionable videos to get you started
  • A 25-minute crash course on how to become a copywriter
  • An email writing course that focuses on writing high-converting cold emails
  • Ad platform course that shows you how to leverage and earn from social media ads
  • A content writing course that teaches you how to write SEO articles

You’ll also get access to:

  • A vibrant community of peers to critique your copy
  • Active office hours and scheduled live calls with the instructor

Duration: Self-paced with no deadlines
Price: $97 monthly or $497 yearly


  • Short engaging videos that are easy to follow
  • Learn hands-on copywriting tips from a practicing copywriter with an impressive portfolio
  • Unlimited, interactive sessions through copy critiques, office hours, and peer reviews
  • Recognized certificate on completion to revamp your resume


  • Pricey if you’re just starting because you’ll need to renew either monthly or yearly


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5: HubSpot Academy

Learn how to sell by taking copywriting courses from HubSpot Academy

The free HubSpot Academy is perfect for aspiring copywriters with tight budgets.

It offers a plethora of courses with valuable resources related to:

  • Digital marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

HubSpot Academy’s courses also teach you about the latest trends in website optimization. You’ll learn how to write compelling headlines, emails, and landing pages.

Duration: Lifetime access; learn only when you want to.
Price: Free


  • Free with unlimited access to all the courses on the platform
  • Certificate upon completion of each course
  • Lots of informative resources


  • Some potential employers argue that the tests are easy and don’t reflect competence



Your 6-Point Checklist for the Best Online Copywriting Course

Before enrolling in an online copywriting course, analyze it to make sure it’s fit for you.

Here are some guiding pointers to help you identify the best copywriting courses:

  1. The course meets your learning goals.
  2. The course length is manageable and you can commit a few hours per day to it.
  3. The course structure matches your preferred learning style.
  4. The instructor is qualified with notable credentials and a copywriting portfolio.
  5. You can find unbiased reviews and testimonials for the course.
  6. Your budget meets the cost of the copywriting course.

Kick-Start Your Copywriting Career With Small Revolution Online Courses

Here’s why you should begin your freelance copywriting journey at Small Revolution:

  • We have diverse courses tailored to meet your learning goals
  • Gain practical knowledge which you can use to earn immediately
  • Freshen your training with updated materials because you’ll have lifetime access
  • Train with experienced instructors with hands-on knowledge and proven track record in copywriting
  • Pay reasonable prices and get a recognized certificate

Ready to get started and join the ranks of our successful graduates?

Enroll now for the bundled course and pay a discounted price of $350.

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Katrina McKinnon

I'm Katrina McKinnon, the author behind Small Revolution. With two decades of hands-on experience in online work, running eCommerce stores, web agency and job boards, I'm now on a mission to empower you to work from home and achieve work-life balance. My passion lies in crafting insightful, education content. I have taught thousands of students and employees how to write, do SEO, manage eCommerce stores and work as Virtual Assistants. Join our most popular course: SEO Article Masterclass