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Education of a copywriter never stops. From the moment you dip your toes into copywriting until the moment you decide to stop – you have to learn.

Copywriting for the Internet is a fast-paced job market and rules constantly change. That is why you always need to keep your finger on the pulse of online marketing and implement the latest strategies into your own writing.

One of the best ways to stay afloat all these changes and innovations is to follow blogs of the copywriting masters. Here are some blogs that you definitely need to bookmark and visit frequently.

1. Neil Patel

Neil is one of the most famous digital marketers of today. One of the best things about him is the amount of testing he does. Neil will test any idea that crosses his mind and report on the outcome.

His strategies can make him controversial, and he is always walking that fine line between being a scientist and attention hoarder.

Either way, you should not be missing out on his blog posts. You can benefit from the results of his tests, but also you can analyze the way he writes his winning blog posts and recreate that method.

2. Backlinko

The author of Backlinko is Brian Dean. He is known to be one of the best SEO experts. His blog consists of amazing long pieces on SEO strategies.

It seems like Backlinko has a “Definitive Guide” on anything you may want to learn about SEO and digital marketing.

Even if you are a copywriter and not a digital marketer, you should read Backlinko. You will be a better writer and you will have a better understanding of the effects your copy has.

3. Copyblogger

Brian Clark is one of the most influential copywriters in the world and Copyblogger is his blog. While Patel and Dean are primarily digital marketers, Clark is a copywriter. This blog started as Clark’s attempt to build the audience first.

Now, Copyblogger is one of the best online courses for copywriters. The blog that goes with it helps people all over the world to grow their businesses, write better and earn more. It is a must-read blog for any copywriter.

4. The Content Strategist

This is the blog of the Contently platform. Contently is a big database of copywriters and clients that Contently brings together.

Such a large community of writers, journalists, editors, and content specialists creates a blog that covers all the relevant topics of content writing and copywriting.

Since people from Contently have hands-on experience in writing for different types of clients, their knowledge about the current trends is unmatched. This blog is the melting pot of copywriters, their ideas, experiences and latest trends.

5. Ben Settle

There are two things that set Ben Settle apart from the other copywriters out there: his unapologetic style and his amazing success in email marketing.

Ben doesn’t sugarcoat his truth and he is very outspoken and opinionated. His results testify for themselves and that is why you should follow this mastermind of copywriting.

6. The Domino Project

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This is the blog written by Seth Godin, a famous author, and copywriter. He shares his knowledge on blogging, writing, ebooks, publishing and similar ideas.

Every seasoned copywriter will be in a situation to publish an ebook sooner or later. It may be for a client or for your own blog, but that time is coming. Reading Seth Godin’s blog is a good way to prepare.

7. Make a Living Writing

This is essential reading for any thriving copywriter. Carol Tice made it her mission to help writers earn more money. The blog covers all the topics from how to write better to how to turn that writing into a steady income.

Make a Living Writing covers every aspect of your career no matter if you are only starting, already have some experience or you are a big success already.

8. Amy Harrison

Amy writes for Copyblogger occasionally, but she also has her own blog. Her main topics cover tips and ideas about how to write well for business websites. Even though some of the content is directed toward business owners, it is also precious to all copywriters.

Amy’s blog is a precious resource for all those who want to write for different companies and businesses. Amy is also the host of AmyTV. It is a comedy that consists of sketches about the copywriting industry.

9. The Content Marketing Institute

No matter what you want to learn about content writing, The Content Marketing Institute already has a blog post about it. They have an amazing group of authors that produces both evergreen pieces and covers the latest trends in writing.

This means you will have many amazing “How to” guides to go through, but also your fair share of weekly blog posts on the current topics.

10. Copyhackers

This blog is a must-read for everybody who wants to be a copywriter that can guarantee conversions to their clients. It is not the same as content writing. Joanna Wiebe is the person behind this blog and she teaches conversion copywriting.

Her idea of copywriting is that none of the rules that apply to the content writing really apply to the content writing. If you want to write the words that sell, study Copyhackers blog.

11. AWAI Blog

AWAI stands for American Writers & Artists. AWAI offers some of the best-known training programs and courses for copywriters and content writers.

Their blog is written by many authors, all of them experienced and well-versed in the trade of copywriting. This gives you a chance to see different perspectives on copywriting and learn more from the masters.

12. John Carlton

It is said that John Carlton is the most ripped off copywriter on the Internet. More precisely, he is the one who says that, but everybody else nods in agreement.

There are many successful and world-known copywriters that openly state that they owe most of their skills to Johns copies and training.

When that kind of a copywriting legend decides to write a blog and share the gems of his wisdom for free, it would be crazy not to take that chance a read it.

13. The Well-Fed Writer

Besides crafting your writing skills, you need to craft your business skills, as well. That is the only way you can succeed as a copywriter who earns their living. The Well-Fed Writer is a blog that gives tips about the life and work of freelance writers.

Peter Bowerman is the author of this blog and the book with a similar name. He is famous not so much for writing about writing, but about the business of writing. That is a commonly neglected skill by many copywriters and that is why this blog is so important.

14. MOZ Blog

MOZ is one of the best tools for analytics on the market. They also have an excellent blog that shares tips and ideas about better website performance. While it is not directed toward copywriting and content itself, it covers topics that are of more technical nature.

If you are interested in crafting good copy and utilizing your words for the best results, you should go beyond the skills of writing.

Analytics can be used to interpret your results, give you more ideas about article topics and suggest the best keywords to use. That’s why MOZ is essential for copywriters that want to be able to show results.

All these blogs are amazing tools that will help you improve your skills and stay on top of the copywriting. But, to get there, you have to start from the beginning, and that means training.

You need a good base on which you should build your skills and knowledge. Small Revolution offers just that.

Enroll in Small Revolution Copywriting course and create the best possible starting point for your career. From that point on, all you have to do is build your portfolio, get some experience and enjoy your copywriting career.

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