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One thing you need to keep in mind when writing a copywriter CV is that you’re now the product.

Yup. Your copywriting CV is all about selling your skills and abilities so you can earn a high salary.

You must apply all elements of copywriting when crafting your resume.

Merely listing your college education and duties from previous work experience won’t cut it when looking for a copywriting job.

Hapa, hiring manager anataka kujua kitu moja – do you have what it takes kufanya hiyo job?

The perfect resume reflects your skills and abilities instead of listing duties and responsibilities.

A creative and exciting resume lets the HR manager pick up on your writing skills and creativity right off the bat.

Condensing your life story to a page or two demonstrates an ability to craft a punchy copy that’s devoid of fluff and unnecessary details.

Discover how to craft a resume that demonstrates your copywriting abilities from the get-go, much to the delight of the hiring manager.

Make the CV Writing-Centric

Naturally, people with previous copywriting experience will have it easy at this point.

They only need to highlight their achievements and milestones in their previous roles, and they’re off to a flying start.

On the flip side, writing a copywriting CV gets a tad bit challenging when you don’t have real copywriting experience.

Lakini usitense. Ata DJ Kalonje alianza kuhawk mixtapes zake kwa mats. Saa hizi yeye ni highflyer mbaya.

See, most employers are open to working with newbies and often have entry copywriting positions for the right candidates.

In most cases, the entry requirements for beginners are drilled down to whether you’ve got a sound grasp of the copywriting basics.

If you do, then you’re off to an excellent start.

But first, you need an impressive resume to get your foot through the door.

For an added flair, include a portfolio with every application (more on that later).

Flaunt Your Refined Writing Skills

Before you object, you should know that you don’t have to contract an agency to refine your copy skills or even build a portfolio.

That’s right.

There are numerous, dedicated websites out there to help fledgeling copywriters hone and polish their skills.

Numerous books explore the craft, breaking it down to simple, digestible bits to help new writers thrive.

Quantify Your Achievements

Quantifying your achievements is a proven way to grab the attention of any hiring manager.

It lets them gauge your skills and abilities at a single glance.

Numbers quantify the impact of you your copywritten work, which is a valuable metric to anyone looking to hire a copywriter.

“Created landing pages that increased client X’s conversion rates by 30%” is much more potent than “Created landing pages for client X.”

In email marketing, be sure to quote the right numbers:

Initiated an email marketing campaign that achieved a 50% open rate and a 22% click-through rate.”

Highlight Any Relevant Copywriting Courses and Training

Copywriting isn’t part of any Kenyan school curriculum, even when pursuing a journalism course at any level.

As such, most people list their college and university courses, which typically have no bearing on copywriting.

So, if you’ve pursued a copywriting course or certification, be sure to list it on your resume. 

If you don’t have any certification yet, it’s a good idea to go through a copywriting training course.

In addition to looking good on your CV, such a course equips you with this valuable skill as well.

Be sure to list the skills you learned from each course down to the type of content they help you create.

You want your potential employer to pick up on your ability to create killer landing pages, launch an email campaign, or write viral content right off the bat.

Flaunt Your Portfolio

As mentioned earlier, including a portfolio with your application helps to sell your skills and ability as a copywriter.

It affords you a chance to prove that you’re indeed a master salesman behind a computer.

Newbie Without a Portfolio?

In most cases, an employer will ask for a portfolio when they need to evaluate subject authority, as is often the case with seasoned copywriters.

With new entrants, prospective employers will be out to gauge and evaluate your copywriting skills and techniques.

See, a portfolio is merely a collection of a few copywritten samples.

Any pieces that you’ve written in the course of honing your copywriting skills count as your portfolio.

You can’t refine your copywriting skills without actually writing, can you?

For an added flair, post your samples on the internet and send a link to the site with every application.

You can purchase a domain name and year’s worth of web hosting for less than two thousand shillings and set up the website yourself.

 You can then upload your articles using one of the numerous free WordPress themes.

Alternatively, you can create a blog on free platforms such as Blogger, Wix, and Weebly and showcase your writing skills to the world.

Be sure to pepper your portfolio with your best pieces to reap all the advantages that come with it.

If applying for a highly specialised industry, it helps to tailor your work to that sector.  

Use a Sales Letter Approach to Craft the CV

Like a sales letter, your copywriting CV has one primary purpose, and that is to sell your skills as a copywriter.

Recruiters turn to copywriters to help them boost their sales, so they are looking to hire a maestro with a refined touch to convert content into profit.

If you can’t convince them to hire you, how can they trust you to sell their products or services?

Or place the fate of their life’s work in your hands?

Think of your copywriting skills as a product and list all the benefits the recruit stands to reap by having your skillset on their side.

Heap on the Soft Skills

You need hard copywriting abilities to create exceptional copy that converts and generates sales.

However, it’s the soft skills that determine whether you’re an excellent fit for the company.

Soft skills boil down to your personality, ability to communicate and personability.

No one wants to hire a person who can’t get along with other members of the team, regardless of how brilliant they might be.

Copywriters don’t work in isolation. They are but a tiny cog in the wheel that drives the communication or content marketing department.

An employee who will disrupt the smooth flow of business poses a threat to its bottom line.

Difficult employees create a toxic work environment where people are continually bickering instead of working to build a successful business.

Polished communication skills, punctuality, adherence to deadlines, time management, and teamwork are some of the most sought-after soft skills.

Be sure to highlight and demonstrate these skills prominently in your copywriting resume, as they will help you stand a cut above the rest.

Watch out for Typos

It wouldn’t do to neatly package your skills, abilities, certifications, portfolio, and soft skills into a compelling story, only to have a CV riddled with typos.

Aside from using choice adjectives to highlight your achievements and abilities, you want it free from spelling errors.

Typos are unacceptable on resumes. Doubly so for copywriters.

Just think about it: Would you hire a copywriter who presents an error-ridden resume?

Probably not. You’d think such a writer is sloppy, right?

Avoid such a predicament by proofreading your resume at least twice – then have someone else proofread it as well.

Applying all principles of copywriting on your resume sends a powerful message about your skills and capabilities. It grabs the attention of the recruiter and persuades them to read through the rest of it.

Remember, you have only seven seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume when applying for a job.

Congratulations, you now have the perfect copywriting resume.

The Big Question: CV Iko Fine, Halafu?

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