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Do you love stringing words together? Have you ever read an online article and thought, ‘I can write better than that?’ Well, the good news is that you probably can! If you’re good at research and very creative, then you can make money writing online.

With a flair for writing under your belt, all that’s left is to learn how to make money using your talent.

In this digital era, freelance writers are on high demand online, and many opportunities exist to get paid for doing what you love. Our copywriter salary guide says it all.

Either as a full-time job or something you decide to do on the side, freelance writing can create a steady income for you.

Some refreshing perks that come with the job include;

  • The freedom to choose what jobs to do
  • Being your own boss
  • Flexible work hours
  • The ability to work from anywhere in the world
  • Avoiding the mind-numbing routines of conventional employment
  • Getting exciting and diverse jobs regularly
  • Learning from all the research you do
  • Financial independence

The freelance writing marketplace accommodates diverse skill sets and services, so you can always find something you’re good at writing about.

With so many people and companies online these days, the value of quality written content is on the rise. Most people don’t have time to pause their fast-paced routines to write, and so they’re online every day, searching for good writers to work for them.

With the rising demand for writing jobs, there is no shortage of ways you can make money writing online. However, you need a concrete strategy to attract the best clients and make good money. Let’s take a look at a few ways to get you on the road to successful freelance writing.

Start a Blog

One of the best means to market your writing skills is to start a blog where you can show off what you know how to do.

Almost anyone can start a blog these days. It’s that easy! You just need to find the right blogging platform, many of which are free.

Your blog can also be a portfolio that potential clients can examine, but it can serve many more purposes. Making regular blog posts can;

  • Increase your confidence as a writer
  • Help you hone your writing skills
  • Earn you money if you run ads and sponsored posts on it
  • Get the attention of other writers in your niche
  • Serve as a platform to market any other business you’re running

Write for Magazines and Journals

There are always clients online who need to keep publishing content to stay relevant and get traffic. Freelance writers can make money by writing articles for:

  • Magazines: Many magazines publish online, and some of them still need content for traditional print media. These publications often pay well for feature articles.
  • Journals: Well-written content that covers expert niches are always in high demand by journals, both online and offline. Brilliant writers can take advantage of their specialist knowledge to cover these narrow topic areas and make good money while at it.      
  • Other blogs: Sometimes, famous bloggers are too busy to write the content that keeps their audience glued to their platform. So they outsource the job to freelance writers for money or exposure. Guest blogging can also help to attract paid work because potential clients are always out there, searching for good writers. If they like your writing style, they can reach out and pay you to create similar content for them as well.

Content Writing for Specific Audiences

With content marketing becoming such a valuable tool for many brands and companies, they are very willing to pay for quality writing that targets their consumers.

Writers who are good at research can use the right resources and materials to write articles, reviews, and whitepapers that meet these marketing needs.

A flair for creativity and storytelling will give the content the right tone that resonates with the client’s audience. An understanding of SEO and marketing basics will also help create content that will bring you repeat clients, which translates to more money.

Self-publish on Kindle and Other Platforms

With platforms like Amazon’s Kindle now available, writers can venture into full-time writing by whipping up their dream bestsellers and publishing it online themselves.

The self-publishing market is steadily growing, and people are making money from writing books. To succeed as a self-published author, you should;

  • have passion
  • be prolific
  • have a solid marketing strategy
  • pick a niche or genre you are proficient in

You can also get paid for writing fiction on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing. Fans of popular television shows are always eager to read stories based on their favorite characters. So you can have fun writing them and still get paid! It’s a win for everyone!


Businesses and brands who want to market their products/services persuasively, and close sales, are always looking for people to write video scripts, sales letters, product descriptions, etc.

Copywriting is a lucrative niche for writers who can craft compelling and conversational content that makes the reader take a specific action.

Knowing the basics of copywriting, or learning them, is an excellent way to guarantee that you hit the right notes each time, with rewarding results.

Guest Blogging

There are very good writers with a huge audience but do not write as consistently as they would like. These writers are always on the look-out for good writers like you – someone who can give their audience quality reading. Try it out. You will be surprised.

One, you’ll earn some good money. Two, and very importantly, you’ll get other gigs from it.

Having said that, there is a temptation that guest writers often get into. Avoid trying to sound like someone else. Maintain your unique voice. This will allow your readers to appreciate what you are bringing to the table.

Pitch! Pitch!! Pitch!!!

To land writing jobs, you may have to be proactive and go looking for them.

Sufficient writing ability and the desire to work hard is all you need to find good writing jobs online. You can check online blogging job boards such as ProBlogger for writing jobs that fit your skillset. You can also research a few companies who are looking for writers, and submit a few applications to them if you’re interested.

If you apply these strategies listed above, and many more like them, you’re on your way to making good money writing and picking up skills along the way.

Writing online brings you in contact with a broad range of opportunities that span varying personalities, disciplines, professions, and demographics. You learn as you work, do what you love, and cash those checks at the same time!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The time to start building a career that can help you make money writing online is now.

Freelancing is a popular career choice, and there are many freelance professionals making money online every day. So you have to start tapping away now if you want to stand out from the pack. The more often you write, the better you’ll become at it.

The content industry is huge, and will reward you in ways you never imagined.

Let us help you turn that writing dream of yours into reality. At Small Revolution, you can get the training necessary to become a well-paid writer. We specialize in building the best contenders for the competitive online market in several fields.

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